Test Tube Peg Rack

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Test Tube Peg Rack
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  • Test Tube Peg Racks

    Globe Scientific

    Fully autoclavable Manufactured from durable reinforced polypropylene (PP) Peg design allows easy viewing of tube contents Can be used to dry inverted tubes while minimizing collection of airborne contaminants Dimensions (L x W x H): 13mm: 179 x 127 x 64mm (7" x 5" x…

  • Test Tube Drying Racks

    United Scientific Supplies

    …polyproylene racks can conveniently hold inverted tubes for drying and minimize collection or airborne contaminants. Racks can also be used to hold and dry electrophoresis and chromatography plates. Autoclavable. The 96 place rack features an 8 x 12 array of pegs that hold test tubes up to 13mm in…

  • Drying and Draining Rack

    Globe Scientific

    …structure for draining plastic and glass labware. The pegs can accommodate items with a neck bore in excess of 15mm. Optional smaller pegs are available for small diameter items such as test tubes. This system will not rust or stain. The peg holes are closed eliminating the potential for leakage…

  • Unwire Polypropylene Test Tube Peg Racks

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …array of pegs spaced to hold tubes while allowing full view of contents Pegs convenient for holding inverted tubes for drying When racks are inverted, ribs keep tubes off base to allow drainage through holes 9260B01 and B13 are 13 mm with an array of 8 x 12. 9260B25 and B37 racks are…

  • …flow can be redirected to only the pegs in use by replacing the unused pegs with plugs (6 plugs included). Select from single and double-sided models with up to 76 peg locations to hold glass or plastic labware such as beakers, flasks, bottles, test tubes and cylinders. Two removable polyprobylene…

  • Fiberglass-Reinforced Peg Racks

    Heathrow Scientific

    …fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene racks are ideal for bench work or storage of test tubes. Spacious peg design allows easy viewing of tube contents. User can also turn tubes upside-down and use as a drying rack! Fiberglass reinforcement keeps pegs stiff and straight through repeated…

  • Draining Rack

    Accurate Wirecraft

    …coated with Neoprene, with removable, galvanized iron drain pan Has 18 nylon-coated pegs 127 mm long x 11 mm o.d., spaced 76 mm apart and 72 pegs 76 mm long x 9.5 mm o.d., spaced 38 mm apart. Pegs provide a suitable drainage angle regardless of position. Overall dimensions in upright…

  • …II Drying Racks a practical solution for drying and storing labware. All models come with three size and length rugged V-channel pegs that can be moved and repositioned to hold a variety of labware, including beakers, flasks, bottles, test tubes and cylinders. Additional accessory pegs, (19 per bag,…

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