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Temperature Monitor
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  • Traditional Digital Dry Baths

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …digital temperature selection, eliminating the need for external thermometers and repetitive “fine tuning” of a temperature control knob. Simply enter the desired temperature on the digital touchpad and the Dry Bath provides accurate temperature with real time monitoring that…

  • Mini Digital Incubators

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …of an analog control knob. Simply choose the desired temperature and the incubator immediately begins to heat up (or cool down, -HC model only) while accurately monitoring the chamber temperature and conveniently displaying the temperature in real time on the large LED control panel. Despite…

  • IncuBlock™ Plus Digital Dry Baths

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …an optional external temperature feedback probe can be positioned directly inside a sample tube, providing real-time control and monitoring of actual sample temperature. The IncuBlock’s transparent lid helps to promote better uniformity and minimize temperature stratification in the…

  • Temperature Alarm


    …low temperatures Min/Max memory feature permits monitoring of conditions for any time period. Unit reads ambient or probe temperature. Alarm sounds when temperature rises above or falls below programmable set points. Alarm continues to sound for up to 12 hours, even if temperature returns…

  • Extreme Temperature Sensor (ETS)


    … The Coris ETS continuously monitors the temperature inside cryogenic freezers, centrally logs the temperature data on Coris servers, and automatically distributes alerts (emails, text messages and/or phone calls) to alert appropriate personnel if the temperature goes outside of acceptable limits.…

  • Nor-Lake® Scientific Select™ Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer -86C

    Nor-Lake Scientific

    …engineered design incorporates the latest in cabinet, refrigeration, temperature control and monitoring features. Provides energy efficient, convenient, safe and reliable performance for optimal storage temperature environments necessary for a wide range of life science, pharmacy, biological,…

  • TraceableLIVE™ WiFi Datalogging Thermometers


    …magnets, Velcro, wall mount, and Traceable® Certificate. LN2 Monitoring TraceableLIVE® Thermometers Storing and monitoring cryo-needs has never been simpler. LN2 digital liquid nitrogen temperature monitors consistently ensure the vitality of stored sensitive biologicals such as…

  • CoolProbe™ Temperature Monitor


    Measure sample temperature with traceable temperature monitors. The CoolProbe U monitor is for use with sample tubes and plates. LCD digital display with minimum, maximum and current temperature display. Min/Max memory, high/low alarm. Certified NIST traceable.

  • USB Temperature/Humidity Data Logger with Display


    …tool for stand alone or cold-chain monitoring and documentation of temperature and relative humidity conditions that are critical in laboratories, pharmaceutical, medical, storage, freezers, coolers, shipping containers, warehouses, environmental monitoring and food storage applications. …

  • MICRO-THERM Datalogger with LCD Display


    …Display and built-in USB 2.0 connector for monitoring and recording temperature. Manufactured to IP66 standards, the MICRO-THERM logger is 4.3” long and 1” thick. The data logger features a three digit LCD display, direct usb connection, wide temperature range, high accuracy and large 8K sampling…

  • PicoLite USB Temperature Cold Chain Data-Logger


    This compact and easy-to-use disposable PicoLite USB data logger provides a simple solution for temperature monitoring, throughout mass transportation cold chain processes.

  • Traceable® Remote Alarm Rh/Temperature Monitor


    …and current humidity, or minimum/maximum and current temperature. Minimum and maximum memory feature for both temperature and humidity permits monitoring conditions overnight, on weekends, or any time period. Internal Ambient sensor reads temperature and humidity. Humidity range is 5.0 to 95.0% with…

  • TraceableLIVE™ Ultra-Low Temperature WiFi Datalogging Thermometers


    …any time through TraceableLIVE™. Features Monitor remotely temperature and more—connect to existing WiFi Ideal for monitoring ultra-low temperature freezers and include a FEP cable Alerts: temperature alarm, connectivity interruption, low battery Cloud-based data…

  • Traceable Logger-Trac™ Temperature


    … Features: Duration of Temperature excursion User selectable Quarantine notification Data-logger with user-defined recording intervals Active LCD Display shows the following important data Current temperature Minimum/Maximum temperatures Recording status Run Time …

  • Traceable® Jumbo Humidity/Temperature Meter


    …memories may be shown or cleared at any time with the touch of a button. Unit meets federal requirements for CLIA specification 493.1207 for monitoring temperature and humidity. Case is chemical- and shock-resistant ABS plastic. Thermometer probe has a 10’ cable. Includes flip-open stand and…

  • CT-2000 Constant Temperature Bath

    Cannon Instrument

    …permits temperature selection to two decimal places. Thermometer continuously monitors bath temperature and displays it digitally on a four line by twenty character back-lit liquid-crystal screen. Temperature may be displayed in °C or °F. Unit is capable of maintaining temperatures of 10…

  • Wireless Humidity/Temperature Monitor Set

    Sper Scientific

    …places and continuously monitor ambient RH and temperature from a remote location. The wireless sensors broadcast to the monitor from up to 100’ (30M) away without obstructions, using a wireless RF signal. The monitor displays the local and remote temperatures in ºC or ºF, recalls…

  • Mini Hygro-Thermometer Monitor


    …displays Temperature (14° to 140°F) and Humidity (10 to 99%RH). The unit’s compact size enables its use in confined spaces including guitar cases, humidors, display cases, and sports memorabilia displays as well as in factories, greenhouses and offices to monitor temperature and humidity…

  • Remote Relative Humidity (RH) Monitor and Digital Thermometer

    Sper Scientific

    The remote ambient temperature / relative humidity sensor is mounted on a cord over 7’ long. Place the highly accurate sensor inside a desiccator, refrigerator, drying or other environmental chamber and view simultaneous displays of temperature and RH outside on the large LCD. Recalls min/max…

  • Stafreez Temperature Indicators


    …liquid crystal freeze-thaw indicators Simplifies monitoring the condition of frozen items Indicates if frozen items have thawed during transport or if frozen items have been thawed and refrozen. Indicators monitor the surface temperature of frozen item. Provides a history of a frozen item over…

  • Locator™ Cryogenic Rack and Box Systems

    Thermo Scientific

    …and Box Systems, which feature a unique hanging rack and gridded box design, advanced vacuum insulation, unmatched temperature uniformity and an innovative liquid nitrogen monitor. Features: Compact design minimizes space requirements while maximizing storage capacity System is…

  • DURAC® Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometers with 30-Day Data Logging

    H-B Instrument

    Monitor critical environments without a physical connection; maximum signal distance is approximately 40 meters Record temperature (1181Y18) or temperature and humidity (1181Y19) data for 30 days Hourly data recorded for current seven days, then maximum and minimum temperatures (1181Y18)…

  • Temperature Monitoring System, Thermometer

    Ace Glass

    Monitoring system is a complete package to enable the user to monitor the temperature of jacketed 10L, 30L, and 50L cylindrical Pilot Plant Reactors. Complete with input digital thermometer with LED display and recorder output, PTFE covered Type J Temp

  • Humidity/Temperature Monitor

    Sper Scientific

    … Recall min/max temperature and humidity readings Stand or wall mount Monitor can be used in labs, chemical storage areas, clean rooms, stock rooms, factories or outdoors. Unit can be used to monitor desiccators, incubators, refrigerators and fume hoods. Monitor can recall min/max…

  • Personal-Size Low Temperature Incubators

    Lab Companion

    …(0.1°C resolution) and touch-sensitive keypad RS-232 interface Constructional Features Convenient sample monitoring without affecting chamber temperature via the inner tempered-glass door Environment-friendly insulation material (EPDM) used for safety and convenience…

  • 2-Chamber Low Temperature Incubator

    Lab Companion

    …keypad *Temperature change may occur during automatic defrost Constructional Features Two independently controlled 150L chambers (Model IL-11) merged into a single unit for space saving Convenient sample monitoring without affecting chamber temperature via the inner…

  • 4-Chamber Low Temperature Incubator

    Lab Companion

    …keypad *Temperature change may occur during automatic defrost Constructional Features Four independently controlled 150L chambers (Model IL-11) merged into a single unit for space saving Convenient sample monitoring without affecting chamber temperature via the inner…

  • Air-Jacketed Low Temperature Incubators

    Lab Companion

    …Large chamber volume: maximum 244L (8.6 cu ft) Built-in electrical outlet with a safety cover inside the chamber Convenient sample monitoring without affecting chamber temperature via the inner tempered-glass door Detachable shelves and round-cornered chamber interior allowing easy cleaning

  • TE-3000 Constant (Low) Temperature Bath

    Cannon Instrument

    monitoring of bath temperature through built-in platinum resistance thermometer Meets ASTM D 445 requirements for measurements of kinematic viscosity at low temperatures Bath and calibration temperatures can be entered digitally on keypad. Non-volatile memory protects temperature data…

  • Forced Convection Low Temperature Incubators

    Lab Companion

    …an optimal cross flow fan for chamber temperature uniformity Large chamber volume: maximum 244L (8.6 cu ft) Built-in electrical outlet with a safety cover inside the chamber Convenient sample monitoring without affecting chamber temperature via the inner tempered-glass door …

  • LogTag® Vaccine Temperature Data Logger


    …Government Vaccine Monitoring Guidelines CDC / VFC The LogTag® Temperature Data Logger measures and stores up to 7,770 temperature readings over -40°C to +99°C (-40°F to +210°F) measurement range from a remote temperature probe. Statistical temperature and duration readings…

  • CRYO TEMP -80 Temperature Data-Logger


    Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger, records temperatures as low as –86°C. Stand-alone device does not require any additional probes.

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