Temperature Gloves

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Temperature Gloves
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  • Temp-Gard Extreme Temperature Gloves, Mid-Arm Style

    Protective Industrial Products

  • Temp-Gard™ Liquid-Proof Silicone Extreme Temperature Glove - Shoulder Style

    Protective Industrial Products

    If you research gloves for extreme temperatures, you'll find three different styles – water resistant, water proof and industrial. Temp-Gard™ Gloves are all three! Ideal for use in work environments to protect from extreme temperatures of -321°F (-196°C) to +500°F…

  • 43-216 ActivArmr® WorkGuard™ Heavy-Duty Special Purpose Gloves


    …of applications The ActivArmr ® WorkGuard™ 43-216 glove is certified as a Category III glove for protection against high temperatures and is rated with the EN 407 performance levels 413X4X. This makes the glove suitable for a large number of applications requiring heat resistance,…

  • Temp-Gard Extreme Temperature Gloves, Elbow Style

    Protective Industrial Products

  • 11-318 HyFlex® 18 Gauge Cut Resistance ESD Knitted Gloves


    …and performance with unmatched comfort A new ultra light design with medium cut performance from this new to the world cut resistant glove. Based on 18 gauge knit with Dyneema® Diamond, Spandex, Nylon and Carbon to provide ultimate tactility and flexibility. Ensuring safety by providing…

  • 100% Kevlar Seamless Knit Gloves


    100% Kevlar seamless knit glove offers excellent cut and abrasion protection. Full PVC safety dot coating, reversible. Feature 100% Kevlar Benefit Kevlar is 5x stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, and can withstand temperatures up to 900°F (480°C)…

  • 300 Series Z-Flex® Aluminized Gloves

    Newtex Industries

    …(1650°C) The 300 Series gloves and mitts are constructed from Z-Flex® Multilayer Aluminized Fabric. Z-Flex® provides superior protection from extreme radiant temperatures, sparks, and molten metal splash. It can withstand radiant temperatures up to 3000°F (1650°C) and…

  • 09-430 Scorpio® Neoprene Chemical Protection Gloves


    …Hi-Lo insulated gauntlet option with quilted cotton liner, for use in both hot and cold temperatures. Permits intermittent handling in hot liquids up to 180°C and handling in cold temperatures down to -25°C Improves dexterity and reduces hand fatigue Certified FDA21 CFR 177-2600

  • Heat Resistant Kevlar Gloves


    General purpose (5760N10 and N15) Asbestos-free Of Kevlar fabric, lined with fleece Effective insulation at temperatures up to 650°C Pliable gloves are excellent for handling hot objects out of an autoclave or oven, as well as for other heat protection in the lab, school…

  • Nitri-Knit™ Supported Nitrile Gloves

    North Safety

    High performance, supported nitrile gloves offer superior resistance to cuts, snags, abrasions and punctures. Nitrile has a high resistance to solvents caustics and animal fats. Interlock knit liner is soft and comfortable. Complies with USDA and FDA regulations, 21 CFR, for use in food processing. …

  • Series 5503 Mini Glove Boxes / Benchtop Humidity & Temperature Chambers

    Electro-Tech Systems

    …and cooling systems. Features: 3.75 cu. ft. (106 L) work space Door with 12 x 12" access opening PS30 welded seams Available with or without 6" (150mm) glove ports Humidity & temperature control packages Portable and stackable

  • Temp-Tec Insulated Neoprene Gloves


    …thin spots and pinholes common to single-dipped supported gloves Durable 100% neoprene for excellent dexterity, mechanical and chemical protection " Soft absorbent interlock knit liner adds comfort, easy on/off, high and low temperature Roughed-grip non-abrasive overdip provides a positive…

  • Butyl Gloves


    …butyl gloves offer the highest impermeability to water vapors, gases and toxic chemicals including most missile fuels. Resistant to oxygenated solvents and most oxidizing chemicals, these gloves will remain flexible and sensitive, even at low temperatures. Ideal for use in ketones and esters. Gloves

  • Butyl Glovebox Gloves


    …has a soft and flexible feel, even at low temperatures, which reduces hand fatigue and enhances worker comfort Solvent based, multi-dip manufacturing process provides multiple layers of polymer (like a glove within a glove) which results in a glove of superior quality Ambidextrous and hand…

  • ZorbIT® Black Ice 3/4 Nitrile Dip Over Knuckle Gloves


    Zorbit Black Ice 3/4 nitrile dip over knuckle, 15 gauge seamless nylon knit with 7 gauge brushed inner acrylic fleece liner. Recommended for temperatures -15°F (-26°C). Sold in cases of 72 pairs, pack of 12 pairs.

  • The Original Hot Hand® Protector

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    … Remains flexible at temperatures as low as -57°C (-70°F) Soft, compliant silicone rubber naturally conforms to hand and object and resists tearing Gripping surfaces have concave tipped studs for a non-slip grip Easier and faster to use than gloves or tongs for many applications…

  • Temperature & Humidity Controlled Glove Boxes


    …chamber formed of one piece clear acrylic material This glove box accurately maintains temperature and humidity (Rh) inside a roomy, single station glove box.  Unit includes: vacuum capable transfer chamber, one-piece Hypalon gloves, large color touch screen operator display, inert gas…

  • Model 5518 Controlled Humidity and Temperature Chambers

    Electro-Tech Systems

    …can independently maintain humidity levels from <10 to >98% RH and temperature from <40-135°F (0-55°C). The chamber has a working volume of 13 cu. ft. (368 L) and features built in humidity and temperature control systems. Designed for storage, conditioning, testing, weighing and…

  • Esy-Pik Tube Picker

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    …whilst avoiding contact with the tube. This minimises the risk of heating a frozen sample and possible cross contamination. Key Features: Single-handed operation Low cost Temperature and chemically resistant tube contact area Tube selection from anywhere in the rack

  • Grabbit™ Temp Mitt


    …hot/cold labware These silicone rubber mitts are designed to comfortably fit your hand. The full-hand version has internal ribs in the pocket for added dexterity. Both mitts have studded, oversized surfaces for secure grip. Mitts withstand temperatures from –70 to 500°F (–57 to 260°C).

  • Accessories for UV F Series Ultra Low Temperature Freezers


    …of water-repellent cardboard, white Defrosting Kit The de-icing kit consists of a scraper, a wiper and a deicing tray that is easy to install and that guarantees controlled water runoff – ideal for clean and easy de-icing. Freezer Gloves For safe handling of freezer racks, medium size.

  • SilverShield Chemical Resistant Gloves

    North by Honeywell

    …different chemicals including alchohols, aliphatics, aromatice, chlorines, ketones and esters. Economical, most commonly used as a liner glove for added protection. Gloves are ambidextrous, 14.5 in long, 2.7 mil. Regulations ANSI/ISEA 105 - ASTM D3389-05 Abrasion Test ANSI/ISEA 105 -…

  • Nitrile Powder-Free, Fingertip-Textured Exam Gloves


    …of fit, reduced hand fatigue, and excellent barrier protection. Offers exceptional resistance to chemicals, oils, and temperature extremes when compared to latex or vinyl gloves. Features & Benefits: 100% latex and powder-free; non-sterile Fingertip textured for an improved…

  • Butyl™ Unsupported Smooth Grip Gloves

    North by Honeywell

    Unsupported Butyl gloves. Butyl has the highest permeation resistance to gas and water vapor, highly resistant to ketones (MEK, MIBL, acetone) and esters (tricresyl phosphate, amyl acetate, ethyl acetate). Recommended Industries/Use Chemical Manufacturing Military Municipal…

  • NitriGuard Plus™ Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves

    North by Honeywell

    Unsupported nitrile, chemical resistant gloves. Nitrile formulation contains no latex proteins which could cause allergic reactions. Nitrile offers superior resistance to cuts, snags, abrasions and punctures. Nitrile will not swell, sag or weaken from fat absorption. Complies with USDA and FDA…

  • Model 5532 Environmental Chambers for Humidity and Temperature Precision and…

    Electro-Tech Systems

    …visibility, precision, stability and a large internal work area (13 cu. ft., 368 L). Independently maintain humidity from <10 to >98% RH and temperature from 64-135°F (18-55°C). Uses include weighing, testing, storage, fabrication and aging in biomedical, pharmaceutical, automotive,…

  • Series 5506 Humidity Control Chambers, Glove Boxes, Dry Boxes & Environmental…

    Electro-Tech Systems

    …and other items while fitting onto a standard workbench. Uses can vary from a basic uncontrolled box to full range precision humidity and temperature control. Clear and white acrylic construction provides excellent internal visibility. Accessories may include PID and On/Off Controllers along…

  • Thomas Transfer Pipets


    … Can be heat sealed to use for liquid storage or transport Pipets can be frozen in liquid nitrogen Non-slippery - easy to grip with gloves Temperature range: -196°C to 90°C Can be gas (EtO) sterilized Produced from a custom grade of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), these…

  • 856 Series Hypoxia Chambers


    This new Hypoxia Chamber Glove Box is ideal for tissue culture work, including tumor cell and stem cell research. It features a color operated “touch screen” for automatically controlling oxygen levels, temperature levels, and carbon dioxide levels. Features include: 8" Color Panel Touch…

  • Heraeus Multifuge X3, X3R, X3F, X3RF

    Thermo Scientific

    …for Temperature Sensitive Samples For high-performance applications with temperature-sensitive samples, the chamber and sample control is available between -10° and +40°C. With our double temperature management system, display the air temperature in the chamber as well as the sample temperature,

  • Palladium Catalyzed Amination Kits


    …and catalysts Temperature from 0°C to 120°C Pre-designed or custom arrays available Available Kits: Palladium Weak Base kits -  High temperature reaction, compatibility with functional group Palladium Strong Base kits - Low temperature reaction, low catalyst…

  • Heraeus Megafuge 40 & 40R Centrifuge

    Thermo Scientific

    Ideal for everyday sample processing, the new Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 40 centrifuge series offers industry-leading capabilities including unmatched capacity, exceptional ergonomics and outstanding value. Unparalleled Productivity: Process over 40% more 50 ml conical tubes or 100% more…

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