Temperature Controlled Water Bath

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Temperature Controlled Water Bath
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  • CT-2000 Constant Temperature Bath

    Cannon Instrument

    …permits temperature selection to two decimal places. Thermometer continuously monitors bath temperature and displays it digitally on a four line by twenty character back-lit liquid-crystal screen. Temperature may be displayed in °C or °F. Unit is capable of maintaining temperatures of 10…

  • 12-Place Constant Temperature Hydrometer Bath


    …hydrometer cylinders (without base) or Reid Vapor Pressure one-opening type bombs. Temperature range: ambient to 121°C. Temperature control stability: ±0.17°C. Heater range: 0-2500 W. Bath medium 71.9 L water. Electrical requirements: 115 V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase. 220-240 V 50/60…

  • Water Bath Thermostats


    … Precise and user-friendly temperature control in the bath Automatic water level detection system Variable water circulation speed External water circulation pump to accurately heat other items Thorough water mixing to maintain consistent temperature Slim, simplified design for…

  • CT-1000 Constant Temperature Baths

    Cannon Instrument

    …elements inside the bath rapidly heat the medium to any desired temperature within the range. A cooling coil, when connected to tap water or a cooling system, permits operation below or slightly above ambient temperature. A selector switch facilitates rapid setting of ten temperatures for kinematic…

  • BH Series Precision Constant Temperature Water Baths


    temperature bath equipped with high performance controller for higher precision and wider temperature range. Performance and functions Precision controller enables temperature adjustment accuracy of ±0.01°C (at 20°C) BH501 can be used as precision water or oil bath

  • SB-12L Shaking Water Bath


    This compact shaking water bath utilizes the well proven, belt-less motor drive system from our popular Orbi-Shaker™ Series, with the addition of precision temperature control up to 80°C. The seamless, stainless steel chamber has a 12 liter capacity and includes a universal…

  • Orbital/Reciprocal Shaking Water Bath


    …programmed temperature calibration throughout temperature range PID Controller for easy temperature selection, rapid heat up and excellent stability + 0.1°C Programmable timer up to 99 hrs, 59 min – Bath stops heating when timed operation is completed Adjustable speed control from…

  • C76 High-Temperature Water Bath Shakers


    …orbital shaker for applications up to 80°C. High capacity shaking water bath for all your critical incubations 1 piece seamless bath with rounded corners ensures even heating and easy cleaning Feedback control of temperature and agitation rate for reproducible results Holds up to two 2 L flasks

  • PRESTO® Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems


    …SD-card slot, RS232 port, stand-by input and Pt100 external temperature sensor port. The graphite bearing centrifugal pressure pump is lubricated by the bath fluid. All models (except for A30) can operate under pressure control to safeguard pressure sensitive applications (such as jacketed…

  • Thermo Scientific Temperature Control Equipment — FREE No-Charge Evaluation

    Thermo Scientific

    FREE No-Charge Evaulation on Thermo Scientific Temperature Control Equipment Includes Thermo Scientific: General Purpose Water Baths Circulating Water Baths Shaking Water Baths Coliform Baths Refrigerated/Heated Circulating Baths Recirculating Chillers Legacy Product…

  • Water Baths


    control throughout their temperature range of ambient to 180°F (82°C) at an accuracy of +/-0.1% of input span. The dual digital display simultaneously shows the set point and the process temperature at a glance. Humboldt Water Baths are fully insulated to help maintain constant temperatures

  • MyBath™ 4L Digital Water Bath


    water bath features easy to use controls that allow the user to digitally select and monitor temperature. Its hinged lid provides a secure, covered environment and can be flipped open (to the rear) or completely and instantly removed at the user's option. The MyBath is also the only water bath that…

  • Cover Heating Bath B-491


    …differences between the bath B-491 and B-495 are the bath size and temperature range. The B-491 can be used as a water and oil bath up to 180°C. The B-495 is additionally equipped with a automatic water level control (bath replenisment). Both heating baths are using the power supporting…

  • Standard Lighted Tissue Floatation Bath


    Features: Precision temperature controlled water bath eliminates wrinkles and distortion during preparation of paraffin embedded tissue sections Digital Microprocessor Control with advanced safety over temperature protection L.E.D. illuminated black background with transparent…

  • CT-500 And CT-518 Constant Temperature Baths

    Cannon Instrument

    …to tap water or a cooling system, permits operation below or slightly above ambient temperature. Temperature selections include: 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100°C. A solid-state control circuit provides proportional control of temperature. The sensing element for the control circuit…

  • Penetrometer Bath


    …overhang bath. Microprocessor digital temperature control maintains bath liquid temperature with ±0.05°C stability throughout the operating range. Large LED provides bath temperature readout in switchable °C/°F format and a dual-speed circulating pump assures temperature uniformity. Bath is…

  • Digital Water Baths

    Walter Products

    The Walter digital water bath has high precision PID temperature controls that are easy to operate. The LCD display allows the user to select and monitor the temperature setting and the over temperature alarm provides reliable protection for samples. This product has a high quality steel exterior…

  • Digital Water Baths

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …reliable water baths, each with easy to clean stainless steel tank and sturdy metal outer casing. Digital water baths with easy to use temperature control and clear to read LED water temperature. Incorporated over temperature protection system that tracks the set temperature and controls the…

  • Dual Poly Pro Bath

    Revolutionary Science

    …literally half the cost of other same-sized water baths, the Poly Pro bath has a unique polypropylene chamber. Whether the Poly Pro bath is used to simply keep media warm, or for an experiment that requires precise temperature control this water bath is ideal for all general-purpose laboratory…

  • Deluxe Water Baths


    control throughout their temperature range of ambient to 180°F (82°C) at an accuracy of +/-0.1% of input span. The dual digital display simultaneously shows the set point and the process temperature at a glance. Humboldt Water Baths are fully insulated to help maintain constant temperatures

  • Large Deluxe Water Baths


    water baths feature a microprocessor-based digital controller for precise temperature control throughout their temperature range of ambient to 180°F (82°C) at an accuracy of +/-0.1% of input span. The dual digital display simultaneously shows the set point and the process temperature at a…

  • Forte HT High Temperature Circulators


    JULABO Forte HT Highly Dynamic Heating Temperature Control Systems for external applications with working temperatures up to +400 °C. A small internal bath volume enables rapid heat up times and fast compensation for external events, such as endotherms or exotherms. Hydaulically sealed…

  • Digital Water Baths

    LW Scientific

    …liter Water Baths create a constant temperature with an open reservoir and immersion circulator, ideal for heating temperature-sensitive samples. The stainless steel reservoir is seamless, eliminating the possibility of rust and leaks, and the rounded corners are easy to clean. The control unit…

  • Precision™ Circulating Water Baths

    Thermo Scientific

    water baths are an ideal choice when temperature uniformity and control are particularly critical, as when working with enzymes or in serological applications. Available in three different models, these high performance baths range in capacity 19 L, 35 L, and 89 L. The advanced temperature

  • Precision™ Shaking Water Baths

    Thermo Scientific

    bath has a capacity of 15 L with a removable tray that provides a depth of 3.5 in (8.9 cm) for use with smaller sample containers. Precision Dubnoff shaking water baths are designed specifically for applications that require your samples to be incubated in a controlled atmosphere. This bath has…

  • Aqualine Water Baths


    …biochemical laboratories. Thanks to the patented heating concept, the baths also achieve a high level of temperature homogeneity. Applications include: Preparation of medical samples for analysis Temperature control of cytological samples Pre-thermostating of samples for…

  • The Belly Bath

    IBI Scientific

    …point control pad and digital display of actual water temperature. The control panel on the Belly Dancer contains a dedicated, illuminated ON/OFF switch for the water bath. The water bath incorporates thermal run-away safety switch, which operates independently of the main temperature controller.

  • Precision™ Coliform Water Baths

    Thermo Scientific

    Precision coliform water baths are designed specifically for fecal coliform determination. Advanced controller, featuring LCD readout for easy operation and monitoring, is factory preset to 35.0, 41.5, 44.5 and 45.5°C. Each water bath is factory calibrated, with later field calibration enabled…

  • myBath Series Water Baths


    …use controls allow the user to digitaly select and monitor settings. Adjustable in 0.1ºC increments, the temperature is shown on a large, 3-digit display. The proprietary Quik-CAL™ feature allows for simple, in-lab calibration.* High efficiency insulation maintains temperature stability…

  • Digital General Purpose Water Baths


    Excellent temperature control, range, and uniformity These General Purpose Water Baths are designed to be the lowest cost premium digital unstirred water baths on the market. Reservoir sizes include 2, 5, 10, 20 and 28 liters. Features include: Calibration offset feature …

  • SWB Series Shaking Water Baths

    Shel Lab

    SHEL LAB Reciprocating Water Baths deliver precise temperature control and a smooth reciprocal shaking motion. Temperature and oscillation controls feature an easy to read P.I.D. microprocessor temperature controller and an independent safety thermostat. The bath may be used with or without…

  • Saybolt Viscometer Bath


    … Constant temperature bath has an available automatic timing feature for viscosity determinations. Microprocessor PID circuitry assures precise temperature control within ASTM specified tolerances throughout the operating range of the bath. Simple push-button controls and dual digital…

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