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Temperature Control Shaker
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  • New Brunswick™ Innova® 40/40R Shakers


    …refrigerated benchtop shakers provide years of dependable operation. The cast iron Eppendorf triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive is specifically designed to support high-speed applications and heavy workloads. Innova 40 incubated shakers provide very broad temperature capabilities for culturing…

  • KS 3000 i & ic Control Incubator Shakers

    IKA Works

    …incubator shaker to safely allow unattended operation in a temperature- controlled environment. The unit has a large LED display for speed, temperature and timer. An integrated PID temperature control allows the use of PT 1000 temperature sensors to assure highly accurate temperature control. The…

  • KS 130 Control Orbital Shaker

    IKA Works

    … The KS 130 Control is a small, quiet orbital shaker with a swivel motion. Unit features electronic adjustment of speed and timer and its digital display allows users to read the speed, timer function and operating modes. Speed range is 0 to 800 rpm. Ambient temperature range is 5° to…

  • MaxQ Orbital Shaker Promotion

    Thermo Scientific

    …Orbital Shakers – increase your product yields. Reliability: Our triple eccentric drive mechanism gives you continuous 24-hour operation and allows you to stir large and uneven loads, smoothly and uniformly. Simplicity: Precisely adjust individual displays for temperature, speed…

  • Orbit™ LS Low Speed Laboratory Shaker


    …blots and general mixing. The shaker is supplied with a 30 x 30 cm stainless steel flat platform and non-slip rubber mat to keep plates, dishes and other sample containers in place. Safe for use in temperature controlled environments, the small profile of this shaker makes it ideal for use in…

  • New Brunswick™ Innova® 42/42R Shakers


    …Features Cast iron triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive provides years of dependable operation Programmable Innova controls automatically changes temperature, speed, and optional photosynthetic and UV germicidal lights at timed intervals Large viewing window and internal light…

  • Excella® E24 Benchtop Incubator Shakers


    …E24 and E24R offer field calibration of temperature and speed through the microprocessor-controlled touch pad. Excella 24 and Excella 24R are simply the best performing biological shakers in their price class. Excella E24 benchtop incubator shakers and E24R with added refrigeration Heavy-duty…

  • Compact Digital Microplate Shaker

    Thermo Scientific

    Compact Digital Microplate Shaker Harness the efficiency of our microplate shaker, capable of shaking up to four microplates in one run. FEATURES PID control ensures consistent shaking results and precise temperature control Digital display for easy viewing Compact design is…

  • Shaker II-Incubator


    …from 2.5 to 7.6 cm (1” to 3”) Microprocessor-controlled, digital temperature selector, analog safety thermostat. Temperature range of ambient plus 5°C to 70°C and an LCD temperature display. Outside dimensions (cm): 31.8 W x 36.8 D x 40.6 H; chamber dimensions (cm):…

  • Microtitre Plate Shaker Incubator

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …adequately mix, be it well plates or microtubes. The SI505 has independent control of speed and temperature to avoid accidental temperature adjustment. Speed is microprocessor controller and set via the digital LED control panel. The unit also incorporates a versatile timer, which can be set from 1…

  • SI6/SI6R Floor Model Shaking Incubators

    Shel Lab

    controller to a reference thermometer. To better support the load over years of constant use, we utilize four load bearing positions for optimal weight distribution. Microprocessor Control Load Flexibility Shaking Platform Included Independent Controls for Temperature, Timer, and Shaker Full…

  • Reciprocating Shaker


    Versatile, user-friendly shakers that offer reciprocating shaking and mixing for many hours with bench top convenience. Variable speed motor controller - mixing action from gentle, low speed shaking to vigorous, high speed shaking Compact - can fit inside a fume hood for added safety …

  • Waving Shakers

    Lab Companion

    …profiling, etc. Operating Features Microprocessor PID control Digital speed control providing gentle to vigorous motion - Waving shaker: 8 to 100 rpm Easy to adjust tilt angle - Waving shaker: 0 ~ 13° One-touch timer range: 1 min to 99 hr 59 min Constructional…

  • New Brunswick™ S41i Incubator Shakers


    Benchtop CO2 incubator with built in shaker The New Brunswick S41i is the only CO2 incubator with an Eppendorf shaker inside. The S41i precisely controls temperature, shaking speed, and CO2, providing the ideal environment for growing mammalian and stem cells…

  • IN Series Low Temperature Forced Convection Incubators


    Standard low temperature forced convection incubators applicable for low temperature tests and environmental tests. Operation and Functions High accuracy temperature control and temperature distribution Inner glass door keeps temperature stable during sample observation Designed…

  • PSU-20i Orbital Multi-Platform Shaker

    Grant Instruments

    …of 0 to 5 seconds S old exclusive of platform The Grant bio PSU-20i is a powerful and efficient microprocessor controlled multi-functional orbital shaker providing all that is required – rotation, reciprocation and vibration – for thorough mixing in flasks, beakers, Petri…

  • Stuart Reciprocating Shaker

    Stuart (Bibby Scientific US)

    … accommodate different sizes of vessel, a common requirement where shakers are used by different people in the laboratory. Speed is fully variable and is set digitally for consistency. The speed is microprocessor controlled and accurately maintained even over long runs. A digital built-in timer…

  • Model 6360 Hotplate Shaker


    …Hotplate Shaker #6360 is powered by a 1/30 hp Bodine DC motor which drives the platform through a filtered SCR controller. The speed is continuously variable between a range of 20-240 osc/min. and incorporates a 10”x16” aluminum hotplate within the box carrier. The heater is controlled

  • Talboys Advanced Rocking Shaker


    …durability and added stability. Microprocessor Control: The microprocessor control provides electronic tilt angle adjustment which allows user to easily adjust rocking angle from 0 to 15° while unit is operating. Precise speed control provides smooth low-speed rocking motion down to 1rpm.…

  • Platform Shakers


    …Dials control shaking frequency and time (0-120 minutes). RPM display is linear scale. Platform dimensions: 9" x 9". Unimax 1010 (8293X20) Orbital, swirling action Digital timer and speed adjustment Speed: 30 to 500 rpm Total orbit: 10 mm Membrane keypad controls speed and…

  • Orbi-Shaker™ Orbital Shakers


    High capacity, 24x125, 14x250, 9x500, 5x1L or 2x2L Digital control and accuracy Change and attach flask clamps is as little as one second with the unique MAGic Clamp platform The Orbi-Shaker ™ is the a compact orbital shaker with a powerful motor drive that can mix as many as five 1L…

  • MultiTherm™ Shaker


    The MultiTherm shaker is a temperature controlled vortexer, useful for a variety of molecular biology applications including: Denaturation of DNA, RNA and proteins Reverse Transcription Lipid extractions DNA/Plasmid Isolation Yeast and bacteria cultivation Restriction digests Gentle thawing…

  • Microprocessor Controlled Orbital Shaker


    Small foot print, reciprocating/orbital shaker Smooth horizontal orbital motion for mixing in bottles, flasks, and beakers Soft start and noise-free operation Platform not included. See interchangeable platforms listed below Power Pack is CSA, UL, CE approved Can be used in an incubator 4°C to…

  • Shaker Accessories


    …position with minimum effort Cord-attached speed control allows placement at convenient location and avoids danger of reaching around or behind to start or stop rotation Permits operation in constant temperature oven or hood while control is outside Overall dimensions: 10 1/8” W…

  • Orbi-Shaker™ MP Orbital Microplate Shaker


    3mm orbit, optimized for thorough mixing in microplates Digital speed control up to 1500rpm Holds up to four microplates The Orbi-Shaker MP.™ is designed with a 3mm mixing orbit, optimized for thorough mixing of microplates and/or PCR plates. The Orbi-Shaker MP.™ is designed with a…

  • Reciprocal Shaker, Reciprocal Linear Shaker without platform


    …The Reciprocal has electronic controls for setting speed and time. Safe for cold room or incubator use, it is designed for a long, trouble-free service life. A left to right linear motion provides gentle to vigorous shaking and mixing with the Reciprocal 30 shaker. The four available platforms…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Linear Shaker


    Features: Compact space saving design Analog speed control Economically priced Cold room and incubator compatible Maximum load 3Kg/6.6Lbs Comes with an anti-slip Tissue Culture Flask Platform for culture flasks, flasks etc 0-200RPM shaking speed range 20mm linear action…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Orbital Shaker


    Features: Compact space saving design Analog speed control Economically priced Maximum load 3Kg/6.6Lbs Comes with an anti-slip Tissue Culture Flask Platform for culture flasks, flasks etc 0-200RPM shaking speed range 20mm orbital action Stable operation, low vibration …

  • TOS Orbital Shaker

    Walter Products

    Walter TOS Orbital Shaker is a high speed shaker with a direct brushless DC motor and a microprocessor-controlled technique. It is easy to operate with the one-touch knob, and versatile in that the different holders can be used in different settings in laboratories such as: in microbiology,…

  • Talboys Advanced Waving Shaker


    …motion Displays for speed/tilt angle and time Timer with audible alarm 2 year warranty The Talboys 1000WS Waving Shaker provides precise speed control and a smooth, low foaming, three dimensional, "wave" motion. Ideal for use in a wide range of laboratory applications and…

  • Scienceware® Orbital Shaker Attachments

    Bel-Art Products

    …Driven by your magnetic stirrer Two types available: orbital shaker and vibrating platform 0.856” orbiting diameter 15 lb. weight holding capacity Top and bottom plates have a full width rubber pad to keep shaker from “crawling”. Top is designed to prevent any…

  • GyroTwister™ 3-D Laboratory Shaker


    …standard platform configuration are available to increase shaker capacity. Gyratory action provides gentle yet thorough mixing Hybridization, staining gels, immuno-staining and general mixing Safe for use in temperature controlled environments Double platform and larger platforms…

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