Tefzel Tubing

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Tefzel Tubing
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  • Requires Tip Kit P/N N0690676 for ICP-OES and P/N N8120515 for ICP-MS

  • TEFZEL TUBING .062 OD X .011 I

  • Requires Tip Kit P/N N0690676 for ICP-OES and P/N N8120515 for ICP-MS

  • Tefzel Tubing, Outer Diameter: 1/16in, Inner Diameter: 0.030in, 10ft

  • Burr-free, perpendicular cuts that will not distort the tubing OD or close the ID Use on PEEK, PTFE, Tefzel, and other polymeric tubing

  • Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene Quick-Action Tefzel Spigots are chemically resistant to selected solvents and other chemicals. Body and plug are made of Tefzel ETFE Accepts tubing with 5/8'' I.D. Autoclavable

  • …two holes to accomodate 1/8" tubing and one hole that accepts a standard luer inner joint. Caps are made from polypropylene and the inserts are made from Tefzel. Complete cap assemblies consists of the cap, tefzel insert, (2) plugs for the 1/8" tubing openings and a plug for the opening.

  • A 316 stainless steel knurled cap and Tefzel CPI ferrule seal to 1/8" OD PTFE tubing when finger-tightened onto the precision-machined filter holder. The filter element is replaceable. Standard 10 µm porosity protects delicate pump components from particles but introduces very little…

  • … Change filter without disconnecting tubing with Tefzel® ETFE clamp nut. Prefiltering reservoir creates fluid turbulence to slow membrane clogging. PFA support grid snaps out easily for cleaning. Ferruled nuts accept 1/4'' OD PTFE or PFA tubing. Order filter membranes separately.

  • … 1 each 3-Hole Cap Assembly 1 each Combination Inlet/Sparger Filter, 2um 2 each CG-1164-N-02 Flangeless Nuts for 1/8” Tubing 2 each CG-1164-F-02 Flangeless Ferrule for 1/8” Tubing 1 each CG-1166-10 Tefzel Plug 1 each CG-1164-02 1/8” PTFE Tubing x 10’ long

  • 14 psi rated, graduated, netted clear or plastic coated solvent reservoir bottles featuring an Omnifit, 3-valve cap. Only PTFE & Tefzel wetted surfaces. Individually controlled valves permit the application of gas under pressure for venting, flushing,

  • …threads or fittings, just insert the 1/8in O.D. tubing through the specially designed holes in the Tefzel®; bulkhead. The solvent and sparging filters have a 2µm stainless steel replaceable filter cup with a ferrule and nut for 1/8in O.D. tubing. A 10µm filter assembly is offered as…

  • A 316 stainless steel tip with a Tefzel collar seals to a corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel filter element. The slip-on filter easily attaches to the pump inlet line, without the use of wrenches. The universal 1/8" OD tip accommodates standard PTFE tubing inner diameters. The cylindrical…

  • Sealing Cap Assemblies

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …hazardous materials compatible with centrifuge tube material. Features: Top fits securely for use at maximum speeds without leakage Autoclavable/Biohazard/Leakproof Includes: Polypropylene screw closure Tefzel™ ETFE plug Viton™ fluoroelastomer…

  • …compression fittings. The compression fittings, sold in sets of six, accommodate tubing sizes of either 1/16" and 1/8" OD. The fittings are approximately 1" long and made of Tefzel™. They include ferrules for a compression fit to the waste line. Manifold #28179 has…

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