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Tedlar Bag
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  • Sampling bags are a low-cost, whole-air sampling device for high-level VOCs and permanent gases. Several EPA, NIOSH, and OSHA methods exist for bag sampling for a variety of applications: stationary sources emissions; workplace atmospheres; ambient, indoor air quality; and breath analysis. Choose…

  • … These bags are fabricated from 2 mil thick PVF (Tedlar) film, a material that is inert to a wide range of chemicals. Tedlar is manufactured without plasticizers. Can be used for collecting air containing all common solvents and many other classes of chemicals. Bags with dual stainless…

  • Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bag


    Tedlar is recommended in several US EPA methods for sampling VOCs and sulfur compounds. Our Tedlar is made from a high-quality 2 mil Tedlar film for superior inertness, impermeability, sample integrity and good recovery data. Our Push Lock Valve (PLV) and seam-sealing process ensure that these bags

  • Sampling bag, Tedlar, 4 L, 1/pk

    Agilent Technologies

  • Tedlar® T.O. Plus Air/Gas Sampling Bags

    Environmental Sampling Supply

    The ESS Air Sampling Bag incorporates a two opening system for sampling and extraction. The side port/stem (3/16" OD) allows filling with a pneumatic pump and tubing, and for rapid emptying of the bag. The top of the valve is

  • …septum. A single eyelet provides handling convenience. Excellent low-cost alternative to Tedlar bags for collection of most VOCs Very low VOC and sulfur background compared to Tedlar bags Not recommended for ketones, acetates, hydrogen sulfide, or permanent gases Durable PVDF film…

  • …shipment. Whether you are sampling for TO-14A, TO-15, or reactive sulfur compounds, SilcoCan canisters are your best choice for inertness. In Tedlar bags, the stability of low-level (100 ppbv) sulfur volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is poor, even within 24 hours of sampling. Sulfur compounds…

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