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Tclp Filters
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  • Reservoir elliminates the need for a pressure vessel Filter small batches of liquid Available in type 304ss or 316ss These quality stainless steel holders are designed for filtering small batches of liquid without having to use a separate pressure vessel. There are separate ports for…

  • Standard TCLP Filters

    Environmental Express

    Binder-free borosilicate glass fiber filters have porosity limits of 0.7µm +/- 0.1µm and exhibit a 98% particle retention rate at that particle size.

  • …efficiency rating of the filter is characteristic of the complex pore structure that develops as the fibers overlap. The fibrous material within the filter is commonly glass micro fiber or polypropylene. In depth filters such as glass micro fiber, the purity of the filter is dictated by the presence…

  • FilterMate™ Filtration System

    Environmental Express

    filter. SC0407 FilterMate utilizes a PTFE prefilter in addition to a 0.45µm final filter. This model is not recommended for particulate laden samples. For filtering small volumes of TCLP extract, we offer the SC0404 FilterMate with prewashed glass fiber filter material suitable for TCLP

  • …microfiber filters offered in this product range are produced from 100% borosilicate glass microfiber without the use of binders or strengthening agents. These filters offer many advantages in a wide range of analytical applications. The fibers used to manufacture these depth filters are smooth…

  • …removal than type APFA filters  Use for determining total suspended solids in drinking water  Use for filtering proteins or nucleic acid TCA precipitates and for collecting cells and microorganisms Type APFD Thick filter with high flow and low retention …

  • …protein precipitates. Use for TCLP EPA 1311. Nominal Rating 0.3µm(0.7µm) Grade GB140 is a thick filter with a high loading capacity. Used in industrial waste analysis and for suspended solids. Nominal Rating 0.4µm Grade GC50 is a thin filter recommended as a prefilter…

  • Presep Glass Prefilters

    GVS Filter Technology

    …industrial effluents TCLP Glass Fiber Filters WITHOUT Binders, 0.7 µm Pore Size (4749A72) Borosilicate glass fiber filters designed for use in U.S. EPA Method 1311 Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP). Federal regulations require the filters for this application be…

  • … Acid-treated, low metal Whatman TCLP test filters from Cytiva business can help to determine what steps, if any, must be taken to mitigate landfill leachate risk. Whatman TCLP test filters TCLP-compliant test filters fromCytiva come in six filter sizes for accurate landfill leachate…

  • …into groundwater and drinking water sources. Particle retention rating of 0.6 to 0.8 µm, as specified by EPA Method 1311 90 mm filter is required for volatile samples and use with a Zero Headspace Extractor 142 mm filter is used with a nonvolatile samples in an approved jar

  • …of membrane filters. Grade 151 is recommended for use in TCLP procedure as described in test methods for evaluating solid wastes, EPA method 1311. Environmental Laboratory Applications: 40CFR SW-846 Method 1311 – Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP), Sludge …

  • Filter Papers for TCLP


    …Metal TCLP Filter This grade has similar performance properties to Grade 151 and is made with acid-treated borosilicate glass microfibers with inherently low levels of barium and zinc. The filter media contains no binders or other additives that may cause interference with samples. The filters

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