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Syringe Slip Tip
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  • Perfektum Glass Luer Slip Tip Syringes

    Cadence Science

    … Similar to Micro-Mate except for interchangeability Conform to Federal Specifications GG-S-921B and GG-S-935 1/4 cc, 1/2 cc and 1 cc syringes graduated in minims as well as cubic centimeters. Capacity and graduation interval given in listing. * Sale price valid only on current…

  • BD General Purpose Syringe 5 mL Luer Slip Tip. 100/PK.

    McKesson Medical-Surgical

  • 1mL BD Syringe/Needle Combination, Slip Tip


    1 mL BD™ slip-tip syringe 26 G x 5/8 in. BD PrecisionGlide™ subcutaneous needle (100/sp, 800/ca) Regular bevel, regular wall Detachable needle

  • Syringe Tip Cap 00


    The BD™ Tip Cap preserves sterility, enhances productivity and reduces waste. Latex-free caps are packaged for ease of application and minimized risk of touch contamination. Cover peels back to access tip caps as needed, preserving sterility for remaining caps. Slip-on design allows…

  • Syringe Type Membrane Filters

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Membrane filters enclosed in plastic housing with female Luer-Lok fitting on inlet for attachment to standard Luer-Lok-tip syringes. Male Luer-slip tip on outlet accepts standard needles. Usable for pressure or vacuum applications. Effective filtration area is 3.8 cm 2 . Offered in a choice of…

  • Disposable BD Plastipak Syringes Without Needles


    Plastic syringes without needles Sterile, designed for single use Non-toxic; non-pyrogenic Clear barrel with bold scale markings Offered in three luer tip styles, all of which take 8956A48 series disposable needles. Syringe capacity is plainly marked on wrapper. 1195R79,…

  • Norm-Ject Luer Slip Laboratory Convenience Packs


    syringes are the choice for any situation needing an inert, non-reactive syringe. Because of their composition they are indicated for Nuclear Medicine, Amniocentisis, IVF, embryo-transfer, chromatography and many laboratory procedures. They are more chemically resistant than rubber tipped syringes.

  • Polypropylene Non-Sterile Syringe Dispenser Packs


    …prevent accidental spills. Choose from luer slip and luer lock styles in various sizes. Luer Slip Style The luer tip for the 1, 3 and 5mL sizes is centric to the barrel. The 10 thru 50mL sizes have a luer tip which is offset from the barrel. The 1mL syringe is a long, thin tuberculin style.

  • Syringes Without Needles 5 mL


    …for increased secure connection. Packaging is clearly labeled latex free. Slip Tip Syringe (1222C85) BD™ Luer Slip Tip. General purpose disposable plastic syringe, without needle. Individually wrapped. These sterile syringes incorporate a BD Luer Slip Tip. Has 1/5 mL graduation.

  • All-Plastic Syringes


    …barrel with polyethylene plunger, medical grade plastic. Perfect substitute for glass syringes. Disposable, gas sterilized, pyrogen-free, economical. Clear accurate graduations. Special syringe caps allow samples to be temporarily stored. Syringes 8939N01 through 8939N37 have Luer slip tip.

  • Yale Reusable Glass Syringes


    …Numbered, Luer Slip Luer slip tip Barrel and plunger individually ground for precise fit and serially numbered Syringes are individually calibrated and have glass Luer slip tip. 1/4 cc, 1/2 cc, 1 cc and 2 cc syringes graduated in minims as well as cc. 1 cc syringe has unground barrel…

  • Plastipak Disposable Syringes with Needles


    …Luer-Lok™ tip to secure the needle. Capacity of syringe and needle gauge x length in inches are shown in listings. 1 mL Tuberculin Syringes with Detachable Needle, Luer Slip tip - 8935L75 – 8935M310 3 mL Syringe/Needle Combination with Luer-Lok™ Tip - 8936F70 –…

  • Plastic Norm-Ject Syringes

    KD Scientific

    tip on plunger making them more chemically resistant than rubber tipped syringes. These unique plastic syringes have a positive safety stop to prevent accidental spills. Syringes are sterile packed and disposable. Luer Slip tips up to 5ml have a centric tip 10ml and larger have eccentric tip.

  • 1mL Insulin Syringes


    U-100 Slip Tip Needle not included Color: Orange Disposable 200 per box, 1600 per case

  • Tuberculin Mini Glass Syringes

    Cadence Science

    Tuberculin mini glass syringes are widely used in clinical and research procedures for the administration of precise low volume doses ranging from 1/4mL to 2mL. Fabricated of chemically resistant borosilicate glass with easy-to-read accurate permanent calibration lines. Please Note: To order…

  • Accessories for picoSpin™ Series II NMR Spectrometers

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    …mL polypropylene syringes with Luer-Slip™ fitting 10, 1 mL polycarbonate syringes with Luer-Lok™ fitting 25, 0.22 µm PTFE syringe filters 25, 22 gauge blunt tip dispensing needles 2, Drain tube assemblies 4, Finger-tight PEEK port plugs 2, Syringe ports 2, PEEK…

  • Test Kit Components


    Direct Reading Titrator, Syringe Type For use in LaMotte field titration kits as well as in standard laboratory procedures such as dilutions and solution dispensing Plunger and barrel of propionate plastic; barrel has Luer slip tip Capacity 1 mL   All-purpose test…

  • ViscoTip®


    …leachables (e.g. slip agents, biocides, plasticisers) Save time finding the right tip: The color coded double ring and the continuous volume scale distinguish the ViscoTip from Combitips advanced Applications Positive displacement principle (comparable to a syringe) For…

  • Perfektum Needles

    Cadence Science

    Stainless steel with chrome-plated hub With regular medical point; 12-14° bevel. Hub flange engages socket of luer tip. Box of 12. Gage x length given in listings. Interchangeable fit with Luer Lock or Luer Slip syringes.

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