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Syringe Rack
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  • Syringe Rack


    …steel Syringe Rack keeps your workplace tidy. Store up to 5 syringes from the 700, 1700 and/or 7000 series. The plastic lip on the Syringe Rack is designed to keep your syringes from making contact with the rack, or other syringes and to prevent sample contamination. The Syringe Rack can be…

  • A must for every laboratory. These syringe racks will organize your syringes and ensure that they don't roll off the bench or instrument and break.

  • … Microliter Syringe Multi-Rack The Microliter Syringe Multi-Rack Option will accommodate up to four 0.5 µl to 10 ml syringes. The field installable rack will work with the Legato 200, Legato 210 or Legato 210P. Infuse/Withdraw Microliter Rack Four 0.5 µl to 10 ml syringes

  • Luer Lock Syringe Needles

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Designed for easy sample loading with Luer Lock syringes, these needles are available in stainless steel or PTFE. Ideal for puncturing septum in air-sensitive samples PTFE needles offer a convenient way to wash your small volume tubes by minimizing the possibility of scratches

  • …Reduce total cost to the lab for purchase and use Reduce environmental impact during production and disposal Require no special equipment or racks Reduce pipet shaft contamination since there is no need to insert the pipettor barrel into the tube to retrieve samples Available non-sterile…

  • This polypropylene rack holds 143 vacuum-type syringe tubes: 80 tubes 12.7mm (1/2") O.D. and 63 tubes 16mm (5/8") O.D. up to 102mm (4") long. Tubes are suspended in channels by colored stoppers providing instant visual identification One or two channels may be left open for…

  • Syringe-type for easy, one-handed control of filling and delivery from conventional pipets Knurled thumbwheel is rotated to raise or lower plunger by rack-and-pinion drive For rapid delivery, plunger can be pressed directly Tapered socket grips mouth end of pipet Quick release lever on side of…

  • Automatic Liquid Sampler Supplies

    Agilent Technologies

    Basic Supply Kit (2713N15) contains 10 ml syringes (6/ea), 23/26 gauge needles, 4 ml vials with diffusion caps (144/pk), 2 ml automatic sampler vials with screw caps (1,000/pk), GC septa (25/pk), and vial racks (5/pk).Basic Supply Kit Contains 10 ml syringes

  • … Sample rack options: 80- and 90-position pour off racks 45-position using 2 or 4 oz. bottle rack Collection rack options: 60- and 80-position rack for 15 mL vials 90- or 96-position CETAC rack for 8 mL vials Rinse pump: 2-channel Peristaltic pump Stainless Sample probe Syringe pumping…

  • … 5mL x 0. 63mm outer diameter syringe 2mL clear sample vials (144) 2mL amber sample vials (100) blue crimp caps with septa (100) green crimp caps with septa (100) red crimp caps with septa (100) septa for waste/wash vials (100) crimper - 11mm decapper - 11 mm 2 mL vial rack

  • BRAND® HandyStep® touch and HandyStep® touch S repeating pipettes bring touchscreen convenience to repetitive pipetting. A large screen provides complete access to all features for simple dispensing, auto dispensing, or single volume positive displacement pipetting, with the ability to…

  • …rearranged to meet your specific needs. Includes two, 40-place test tube racks for tubes up to 16mm O.D., one 18-place slide holder, a large requisition section, and adjustable partitions to hold needles, syringes, cotton and other materials Sturdy polypropylene plastic construction holds…

  • … Convenient - Molded ridges on tubes match serrations on racks (Cat. No. 4214), so tubes may be opened with one hand. Upright models stand without a rack. Seamless, conical design lets you extract all of sample wit pipette or syringe. Transparent polymer lets you see your sample clearly Color…

  • …specially designed for 5mL tubes, is available from Benchmark™ (USA) and German-based equipment manufacturers (eg. dry blocks, tube racks, and  thermal shakers/vortexers). Snap Cap Tubes come with an attached cap that provides a tight, leak-proof seal, and can be effortlessly…

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