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  • Plastic Disposable Syringes

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Made of chemically-resistant, inert polypropylene and polyethylene material No rubber plunger seals or silicone lubricants that may cause sample contamination Safe, functional back-stop feature Luer-Lok™ and luer-slip connections Easy-to-read permanent graduations

  • Jumbo Syringes


    Designed for holding and dispensing large volumes of gas Heavy duty acrylic barrels Easy access to sample for the addition of standards or removal of subsample via secondary port Plunger stem can be unscrewed for ease of transportation and storage Ideal for calibration of medical…

  • Disposable Monoject Syringes


    Syringes do not include needle Heat-staked, tamper-evident cap assures sterility Bold, easy-to-read graduations Positive plunger stop and three-piece rigid pack Translucent, color-coded hub shows blood flashback Autoclavable Non-Sterile (1230Z93) Syringes do not…

  • TLL Syringe


    The Hamilton Super Syringe is a large volume Gastight syringe. These syringes are ideal for dispensing volumes from 50 mL up to 2 L. The Super Syringe is the only Hamilton syringe that is made with an acrylic barrel instead of a glass barrel.

  • Monoject™ 140 mL Piston Syringes


    Features and Benefits: Bold dual graduations: 140mL in 5mL increments and 5 oz, in 1/4 oz. increments Autoclavable Latex Free  

  • Disposable BD Plastipak Syringes Without Needles


    Plastic syringes without needles Sterile, designed for single use Non-toxic; non-pyrogenic Clear barrel with bold scale markings Offered in three luer tip styles, all of which take 8956A48 series disposable needles. Syringe capacity is plainly marked on wrapper. 1195R79,…

  • All-Plastic Syringes


    …barrel with polyethylene plunger, medical grade plastic. Perfect substitute for glass syringes. Disposable, gas sterilized, pyrogen-free, economical. Clear accurate graduations. Special syringe caps allow samples to be temporarily stored. Syringes 8939N01 through 8939N37 have Luer slip tip.

  • Cleaning Syringe


    …Cleaning Syringe is comparable to the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ CMX25 Cleaning Syringe. The cleaning syringe is designed for use with EASYpure™ II LF, EASYpure UV, EASYpure UV/UF, NANOpure™ Infinity and NANOpure DIamond™ water purification systems. The syringe

  • Monoject Syringes


    Sterile syringes with Luer Lock tip Bold, easily readable graduations Ultra-sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring needle Color-coded translucent needle hub and rigid pack cap Autoclavable in rigid pack for use in OR/procedure packs

  • Disposable Plastic Syringes

    National Scientific

    For use with syringe filters No rubber or synthetic plunger gaskets No silicone oil lubricant Luer-Slip or Luer Lok® fittings Two-part, all plastic syringes have polypropylene barrels and either polypropylene or polyethylene plungers for a wide range of chemical…

  • 1000 Series Gastight Syringes


    …construction provides an inert flow path for the most demanding applications. Luer Lock hubs for 25, 50 and 100 mL syringes are Kel-F ® instead of Teflon. See 8929G01 to G25 series for needles with Luer hubs. See 8929F53 through F95 for replacement needles for removable needle syringes.

  • 1700 Series Gastight® Syringes with Luer Tips


    …of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 1 μL up to 500 μL. Gastight® syringes are ideal for dispensing both liquids and gases. They have a precision-machined PTFE plunger tip which creates a leak-free seal. With the tight fit, the tip essentially wipes the interior of the syringe

  • Socorex Dosys Syringes


    …Each package includes one syringe, one meter of silicone feed tube, a sinker, PVC protection sleeve, aspiration and vent cannulas, a set of spare valves, and operating instructions. To accommodate a wide range of filling operations, the Socorex Self-Refilling Syringes come with a variety of useful…

  • Combitips advanced®


    …Quality™, Sterile, PCR Clean, Forensic DNA Grade or Biopur® Applications Positive displacement principle (comparable to a syringe) High-precision dispensing regardless of the physical properties of the liquid (e.g., viscosity, volatility, density, temperature...) …

  • Agilent Manual Syringes

    Agilent Technologies

    …Speaks Volumes! Brilliant color coded barrels facilitate syringe volume identification while making life in the lab more colorful. Whether performing manual dilution, extraction, enhancement or sample preparation, our manual syringes help simplify and boost productivity along every step of your…

  • Perfektum® Matched Numbered Syringes

    Cadence Science

    Perfektum® matched numbered syringes feature frosted individually lapped barrels and plungers which can withstand higher temperatures. These syringes are individually boxed and have matching serial numbers on mating barrels and plungers. Please Note: To order this product, a Medical…

  • Syringe 3mL Cs.1600


    Bulk, Non-sterile DNR (Latex) free 1600/case *Intended use for general purpose fluid aspiration/injection and NOT for storage before administration.

  • Self-Refilling Syringes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Automatic, self-refilling syringe with spring loaded plunger allows repetitive delivery of preset aliquots from a single reservoir Rugged construction for long life Detachable three-way valve ensures repetitive accuracy of ±1% Interchangeable ground glass barrel with Viton…

  • Fixed Needle Autosampler Syringes

    Thermo Scientific

    Fixed Needle Autosampler Syringes for Thermo Scientific* Instruments are accurate and reproducible over a range of volumes. Borosilicate glass with metal flanges Needles and plungers are stainless steel Field-proven syringe design Cone tip

  • Perfektum Glass Luer Lock Syringes

    Cadence Science

    Similar to 8932F10 series, but with Luer lock tip Capacity and graduation intervals given in listings. Please Note: To order this product, a Medical license is required and proof of such license may be requested by Cadence Science prior to shipment.

  • Non-Sterile Bulk Plastic Syringes


    Non-sterile, clean, ready-to-use Assembled, graduated Bulk packed in double wrapped polybags. Can be autoclaved or gas sterilized out of polybags. 8940S32, 8940S69, 8940T39, 8940T75, & 8940V50 *Intended use for general purpose fluid aspiration/injection and NOT for storage…

  • Syringe 1002Ltnpt5 2.5ml (22/2"/5)


    Volume 2.5 mL Syringe Type Gastight Syringe Series 1000 Termination Luer Tip Cemented Needle (LTN) Needle Cemented Needle Gauge 22 gauge Point Style 5 Needle Length 2 inch (51 mm) Needle Inner Diameter …

  • Ecostep™ Syringes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Made of PE/PP, the syringes are easy to insert. Three syringes cover full volume range from 10 to 5000 uL. Color coding on syringe and selector button eliminates any setting error. The Ecostep™ syringes are supplied non-sterile in bulk, or sterile, single wrapped.

  • Luer Lock Syringes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Metallic Luer Lock nozzles Volume ranging 0.1 to 50 mL Sterilization up to 160°C / 320 °F

  • Norm-Ject Luer Lock Syringe


    NORM-JECT® syringes are latex free, contain no rubber, no silicone oil, styrene or DEHP and are DNA free. These syringes are the choice for any situation needing an inert, non-reactive syringe. Because of their composition they are indicated for Nuclear Medicine, Amniocentisis, IVF,…

  • Syringe 1701 N, (26s/1.71"/2), 10uL


    Removable needles Length: 2” Point style: 2 See 8928C40 for replacement needle.

  • Syringe 1750Rncap 500ul (22 / .75"/3)


    These syringes are designed to work with Valco VISF-1 HPLC injection valves. They have PTFE plunger tips that create tight connection between syringe barrel and plunger allowing for liquid or gas sampling. Removable Needle (RN) - needles are removable and are a Hamilton-specific design …

  • Syringe Type Membrane Filters

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    … For use on a syringe for clarification or pre-filtration of small volumes of fluids Disposable 25 mm filters, utilizing a glass prefilter Unitary construction provides leakproof seal, eliminates bypass and minimizes fluid loss Can be used with standard and Luer-Lok syringes and hypodermic…

  • Neuros™ Syringes


    …and delivering a microvolume of liquid to an exact location. Neuros™ syringes are crafted to have very little to no dead volume which preserves the maximum amount of buffer and solution. Neuros™ syringes feature two different needle sleeves. The sleeve with a blind stop is perfect…

  • Sterile, Disposable, Luer-Lok™ Syringe Needles


    Stainless steel, with Color-Klear™, Luer-Lok™ hub; radiation sterilized Bevel of 3/8” size is intradermal type; others have long bevel Economically priced for one-time use, minimizing cross-infection Needles are sealed individually; protective plastic sheath is not…

  • Syringe 725Npt5 250ul (22S/2"/5)


    syringe is the original hand-fitted Hamilton syringe. This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 0.5 μL up to 500 μL. Stainless-steel plunger manufactured to fit the glass barrel with a tolerance smaller than 100 millionths of an inch, resulting in unsurpassed syringe

  • 1700 Series Gastight® Syringes with Cemented Needles


    …of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 1μL up to 500μL. Gastight® syringes are ideal for dispensing both liquids and gases. They have a precision-machined PTFE plunger tip which creates a leak-free seal. With the tight fit, the tip essentially wipes the interior of the syringe

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