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  • SYNTHWARE Sublimators

    Kemtech America

    Sublimator, Two Piece, Synthware, Various sizes are available. O-Ring Size: 217, 226, or 229, Clamp Size: 35, 65, or 75 available.

  • SYNTHWARE Bubbler

    Kemtech America

    With small ball joints to prevent mineral oil being sucked back under sudden negative pressure in the system.

  • SYNTHWARE Spatulas

    Kemtech America

    One rounded angled end and one square end. Available in various lengths.

  • Sublimation Apparatus, Synthware, Capacity: 100 or 150mL available, Flange Size: 57 or 80mm available, supplied complete with condenser, flask, O-ring and horseshoe clamp.

  • SYNTHWARE Vacuum Trap

    Kemtech America

    For use with vacuum manifolds having 35/20 socket joints. Please order the pump adapter and socket clamp separately.

  • Comes with Synthware Distilling Adapter (Joints: 14/20, 19/22 AND 24/40) and Cow Receivers (Joints: 14/20, 19/22, AND 24/40). Rotating cow receiver allows four flasks to be progressively filled. **NOTE THESE PRODUCTS COME IN DIFFERENT SIZES - WHAT IS PICTURED MAY NOT BE THE ITEM SOLD**

  • Comes with Synthware Distilling Adapter (Joints: 14/20 or 19/22) and Cow Receivers (Joints: 14/20 or 19/22). Designed without hose connection to be used with D10 distillation apparatus. **NOTE THESE PRODUCTS COME IN DIFFERENT SIZES - WHAT IS PICTURED MAY NOT BE THE ITEM SOLD**

  • Funnel, Microscale, Synthware, Top OD: 27mm.

  • SYNTHWARE Clamp Bosshead

    Kemtech America

    Clamp Bosshead, Synthware, For rods up to 15mm diameter, chrome plated finishwith plastic headed screws.

  • SYNTHWARE Thermometer Clamp

    Kemtech America

    Thermometer Clamp, Synthware, Extension Rod Diameter: 10mm, Overall length: 200mm.

  • SYNTHWARE Spin Vanes

    Kemtech America

    Spin Vane, Synthware, for 3.0 and 5.0 conical bottom mini vials, Magnet is encassed in PTFE.

  • Vigreux Distilling Column, Microscale, Synthware, Joint: 14/10, Overall Length: 122mm, Length Indented Section: 75mm, supplied with one compression cap, one Viton O-ring and one PTFE-faced silicone septum.

  • Air Reflux Condensor,Microscale, Synthware, Joint: 14/10, Effective Length: 100mm, supplied with one compression cap, one Viton O-ring and one PTFE-faced silicone septum.

  • Coil Reflux Condensor, Microscale, Synthware, Joint: 14/10, for low boiling solvents, supplied with one compression cap, one Viton O-ring and one PTFE-faced silicone septum.

  • Connecting Tube, Y-shaped, Synthware, Tubing OD: 8mm.

  • Friedrichs Condenser, Joint: 24/40, Overall Height: 330mm, Hose Connection: 10mm

  • Drying samples for elemental analysis. Sample is placed in a vial which is placed into drying chamber. Under vacuum and gentle heat created by refluxing in outer jacket of low boiling point solvents.

  • Gas washing bottle with an extra large diameter (60mm) fritted disc sealed into the bottom of the bottle to enable increased gas throughput and uniform gas distribution. Available with coarse fritted disc. The 24/40 standard taper top outer joint accepts a A292440 gas inlet adapter which is supplied…

  • Crystallizing Dish with Spouts Capacity: 150, 500, and 900mL available Top of each dish is reinforced and fire polished to reduce chipping.

  • Designed for microscale application. With one female joint and four drip-tip male joints.

  • Short-path design for microscale application, used with 25mm immersion thermometer, and D27 distillation receiver.

  • With 2mm glass stopcock and 24/40 joint. Supplied with a special 25mL long-neck flask for small volume efficiency.

  • It is a particle type mini-glass coils packing and can be "poured" into any laboratory or pilot scale column. Easily removed for replacement or cleaning.

  • SYNTHWARE Dessicant Flask

    Kemtech America

    Dessicant Flask, Joint: 34/45, with 2mm bore PTFE stopcock.

  • Connecting Tube, T-shaped, Synthware, Tubing OD: 8 and 10mm available.

  • Synthware Bushing Adapters

    Kemtech America

    Synthware bushing adapters allow for compact assemblies of dissimilar standard taper joints.

  • Joint Sleeve, PTFE, Ribbed with gripping ring, Synthware, Sizes available to fit various joint sizes.

  • Filter Funnel, Microscale, Synthware, Joints: 14/20, Disc OD: 20mm, Disc Porosity: Medium.

  • Storage Box, Adjustable Compartments, Synthware, Polypropylene, for storage of 14/10 microscale kit components.

  • Hirsch Funnel, Microscale, Synthware, Frit OD: 10mm, Capacity above disc: 7mL, stem OD: 7mm.

  • Gas Inlet/Outlet Adapter, Microscale, Synthware, Joint: 14/10, Hose Connection OD: 8mm.

  • Craig Recrystallization Tube, Synthware, Complete with glass outer tube and inner plug, Capacity Below Grind: 2mL.

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