Suspended Solids Filters

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Suspended Solids Filters
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  • Whatman Grade GF/C Glass Microfiber Filters, Binder Free

    GE Healthcare

    …microfiber filters with a range of pore sizes and thicknesses. Total suspended solids filter Whatman Grade GF/C filters from GE are widely used as a total suspended solids filter for applications testing both potable water and waste water. GF/C can also function as a filter for liquid…

  • Pre-Weighed Filters


    Ahlstrom pre-weighed and pre-washed filters can save time and resources in your laboratory by providing a convenient solution for your suspended solids testing. Each filter is pre-washed and pre-weighed, following the STM 2540 procedures, and provided in an aluminum pan with the identified weight…

  • Grade GF/C Glass Microfiber Filters

    GE Healthcare

    Grade GF/C is the standard filter in many parts of the world for the collection of suspended solids in potable water and natural and industrial wastes. Grade GF/C: 1.2 µm Combines fine particle retention with good flow rate. Fast and efficient clarification of aqueous liquids…

  • Whatman Grade 934-AH Glass Microfiber Filters, Binder Free

    GE Healthcare

    …borosilicate glass microfiber filters from GE are smooth water quality filters with high retention efficiency. Grade 934-AH filters are often used in total suspended solids analysis. Grade 934-AH: 1.5 µm Discover other binder-free Whatman glass microfiber filters from GE Healthcare’s Life…

  • TSS Glass Fiber Filters


    …microfiber filter eliminates pin-holing and fiber-shedding to ensure consistent, accurate results comparable to 934-AH® brand filters. Fast flow rate, fine porosity and 1.5 µm particle retention makes the TSS Filter the preferred choice of environmental chemists for total suspended solids

  • Whatman Grade 934-AH RTU Glass Microfiber Filters, Ready to Use

    GE Healthcare

    …samples Ready to use wastewater filter Whatman 934-AH RTU filters meet the requirements for total suspended solids analysis of water according to the latest edition of Standard Method 2540D. 934-AH RTU is used as a wastewater filter for a wide range of water monitoring applications…

  • Grade 934-Ah Glass Microfiber Filters


    …efficiency rating of the filter is characteristic of the complex pore structure that develops as the fibers overlap. The fibrous material within the filter is commonly glass micro fiber or polypropylene. In depth filters such as glass micro fiber, the purity of the filter is dictated by the presence…

  • Glass Microfiber Filters


    …B (Particulate Floatables); and Method 3500-Al, E (Aluminum- Automated Pyrocatechol Violet/ PVC Method). Recommended for the collection of suspended solids in potable water and industrial wastes. In biochemical tests, grade 131 is suited for cell harvesting, liquid scintillation counting and the…

  • Whatman Grade GF/B Glass Microfiber Filters, Binder Free

    GE Healthcare

    … Liquid scintillation counting requires a fine particle filter, preferably with a high loading capacity. Grade GF/B filters from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business are ideal for this and similar applications such as waste characterization and liquid clarification for suspended solids analysis.

  • Glass Fiber Filters without Binder Resin


    solids in suspensions of fine particles, and scintillation counting Type APFC Greater retention, especially for fine particulate and microorganism removal than type APFA filters  Use for determining total suspended solids in drinking water  Use for filtering

  • Grade A-E Glass Microfiber Filters


    …DOP efficiency is 99.98%. Primarily used in suspended solids and air monitoring. Particle retention: 1.00 µm Filtration speed: 15 seconds Thickness: 0.33 mm Basis weight: 60 g/m 2 Depth filtration categorizes filter media that traps particulate within the random…

  • Vacuum Filter Holder Set, Fritted Glass

    United Scientific Supplies

    …sterile membrane filters. Also applicable for analysis of suspended solids in water using 47mm depth filters. Complete set includes a borosilicate glass funnel and base., anodized aluminum spring clamp, and perforated silicone stopper. Parts are available seperately. Filter Diameter: 47mm,…

  • Glass Microfiber Filter Media, Grade 169


    filters. Glass microfibers are chemical and thermal resistant and maintain their operational integrity in the presence of acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and temperatures at or above 500°C. Grade 169: 1.0 μm Thermally stable to over 550°C Total suspended solids

  • Glass Fiber Filters, Water Quality Testing

    Advantec MFS

    …thick filter with a high loading capacity. Used in industrial waste analysis and for suspended solids. Nominal Rating 0.4µm Grade GC50 is a thin filter recommended as a prefilter for membrane or suspended solids and pollutants in water. Low absorption makes this an ideal filter for…

  • ProWeigh Double for TSS/VSS

    Environmental Express

    …2540D and E for prepared filters. ALL preparation steps are done for you.  Lasercut binderless glass fiber filters are: Washed 3 times with deionized water Dried at 103 - 105°C (ProWeigh Double filters for Volatile Suspended Solids are then ignited at 550°C…

  • Glass Microfiber Filters, Ahlstrom 161


    suspended solids concentration to calculate the property of interest. This value is determined via STM 2540. STM 3500-Fe Iron Detection: Phenanthroline Method During digestion of samples containing organic interferences, the solution may need to be filtered through a glass fiber filter.

  • Glass Microfiber Filters, Ahlstrom 131


    …more retention than Ahlstrom 111 with slightly lower filtration speed and loading capacity. Ahlstrom 131 is recommended for the collection of suspended solids in potable water and in industrial wastes. In biochemical tests, Ahlstrom 131 is suited for cell harvesting, liquid scintillation counting…

  • Glass Fiber Filters, High Wet Strength

    Advantec MFS

    …Grade DP70 is a thick filter with a very high loading capacity. Recommended for liquids with a high concentration of protein and other substances. Nominal Rating 0.6µm Grade GS25 is a thin filter with less loading capacity as others. Can be used for suspended solids analysis. Nominal…

  • Type A/E Glass Fiber Discs and Sheets, 1 µm

    Pall Life Sciences

    …Grade Filters for a Variety of Biological and Environmental Methods Type A/E meets the requirements for suspended solids testing, as described in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, current edition Reduces filtration costs and premature clogging when filtering

  • Rocker Vacuum Pumps


    …overheats and then restarts it once the unit is cool Inlet filter traps particles and removes moisture, prolonging pump life International CE and CSA certification Applications include filtration for air sampling, microbiology, suspended solid test, and vacuum oven Two-year pump warranty

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