Storm Water

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Storm Water
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  • Storm Water Samplers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Storm Water Mounting Kit. Storm Water Sampler Mounting Kit tube can be positioned in storm water ditch, stream or grate outfalls. Collects only runoff [MDASH] not the rain - when mounted in ditch or stream outfalls. Use the wire hanger and carabiner-style snap to suspend the tube from a storm

  • StormWatch MS4 Water Screening Kit


    The LaMotte Stormwater MS4 Kit has instrumentation and reagent systems to provide a preliminary screening of stormwater outflow, and to determine whether it is contributing to the overall pollutant load from precipitation events. Meets guidance as set forth by USEPA. Features …

  • Detergents Reagent


    Reagent for determination of Detergents (Surfactants) in test kits. 100 mL Marked Dropping Bottle. For use with the Storm Water Test Kit, Model SW-1 (item #2481300).

  • StormWatch Drain Monitoring Kit


    …and manufactured to meet US EPA requirements for field test procedures approved in the Federal Register (Volume 55, No. 217), to monitor illicit storm drain connections. Each unit includes tests for pH, Total Chlorine, Total Copper, Phenols, Detergent Surfactants, and Turbidity. The Model SD…

  • Glycol CHEMets Kit


    …inhibitors to protect metal surfaces in cooling water systems. CHEMetrics glycol kits are used to monitor potable waters for glycol contamination originating from glycol in cooling systems. They are also used to detect glycol in storm water effluent and to monitor glycol recycling operations.…

  • Microtox® LX Series Analyzers

    Modern Water

    …testing of samples containing biological toxins, industrial effluent, industrial process waters, municipal effluent, drinking water, ecotoxicological samples, hazardous waste, soil, sediments, storm water and medical products for bio reactivity. Key features: Biological earning…

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