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Stirrer Blades
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  • Stirrer Accessories, Blades


    …promote thorough cleaning and eliminate cross-contamination. Three blade configurations Complete range of shaft sizes and lengths Will not scratch or harm glass vessels Usable with most overhead stirrers. Virtually unbreakable Operate at medium to high vacuum Fit…

  • Stirrer Accessories, Stirrer Blades


    Stirrer Blades PTFE construction Fit all standard shafts Will not scratch glassware Hole diameter: 6.5 mm Model 8596G58 to G70 shafts are for use with 8596G18 to G50 blades.

  • Stirrer Accessories


    Accessory for OS20-Pro LCD, OS40-Pro LCD, OS20-S LED and OS40-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrers. Blades open with increasing speed for stirring in a round vessel with a narrow neck, used at medium and high speeds Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating

  • Scienceware® Stirrer Blades

    Bel-Art Products

    This strong, non-scratch and inert FDA grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE blade fits all standard button-tip stirring shafts. "Long-groove" keyhole provides easy insertion into flask neck Rotates into proper position for stirring action

  • Stirring Shafts


    …floating blades: The two blades that open as the speed rises generate an axial flow in the container, from the top towards the bottom. Particularly recommended for stirring in narrow-neck containers, e.g. flasks. Thomas No. 1198F84: Stirring shaft with folding blade: The blade that…

  • High Speed Dispersion Blades


    Designed for high speed dispersion. These blades tear particles apart and disperse them uniformly throughout the sample. Constructed of stainless steel with welded bushing and a set screw for mounting on mixer shafts.

  • 316 SS Lightweight Three-Blade Propeller


    Lightweight three-blade propellers have blades that twist to achieve the desired pitch.

  • Stirrer, Polypropylene


    Come in three different configurations -Two fixed blades, U shape blade and Centrifugal blades. The blades are made of chemically resistant polypropylene and are fixed to a PVC covered steel rod with a diameter of 8 mm (approx. 5/16") x 350 mm (approx. 13 3/4") long. Clockwise…

  • Propeller Shafts


    All stainless steel 303/304 are constructed with 15° pitched blades which creates an axial flow. Various shaft lengths and diameters with permanent 2" or 3.5" 3-blade propeller for every mixing need available. PTFE coating available.

  • Impellers & Shafts for Caframo Overhead Stirrers


    …of water at 3600 rpm. This product replaces the Pitched Blade Propeller Model A160. Thomas No. 1177M49 A radial flow PTFE impeller for high speed, low viscosity mixing in narrow neck flasks. The blades are attached to an 8 mm (5/16”) diameter PTFE-coated…

  • Stir Shaft, 4 Blade Propeller, PTFE

    Ace Glass

    PTFE covered stainless steel shaft with solid PTFE, 4 blade screw propeller. Blades are pitched 45 degrees. For a better grip by the stir motor chuck, 50mm of stainless is left exposed.

  • Stirrer Accessories


    Accessory for OS20-Pro LCD, OS40-Pro LCD, OS20-S LED and OS40-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrers. Blade stirrer Gentle processing samples, used at low and medium speeds Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating has low coefficient of friction against a solid

  • Digital Stir-Tester Accessories


    Stirrer Shafts, with 4-Blade Propeller Shaft diameter 6.4 mm, with stainless steel, 4-blade propeller on one end Listings show shaft length x propeller diameter Stirrer Shaft, with 3-Blade Propeller 8 mm-diameter shaft has stainless steel propeller and includes coupling Shaft length 222…

  • Air-Driven Stirrers

    Arrow Engineering

    Model 8583J10: Produces propeller speeds from approximately 200 to 10,000 rpm Compact and quiet; operates on compressed air at pressures from 30 to 100 psi (210 to 690 kPa) Sturdy, smooth-running motor develops 1/6 hp (120 W) at 80 psi (550 kPa) input Speed is variable by adjustment…

  • Beater Paddles


    …inhibits incorporation of air, making it suitable for stirring shampoos and other foaming liquids. Constructed of stainless steel and available with PTFE coating. Creates radial flow. Small paddle blade is 4.5L x 3W" (114.3 x 76.2mm), large paddle blade is 5.5L x 4W" (139.7 x 101.6mm).

  • Petite Digital Overhead Stirrer, Model BDC250


    …axial and radial mixing blades, stand, power supply, and grounded North American power cord. BDC250 Impeller Set Shaft and impeller blades to fit collet of BDC250 stirrer, all electropolished 316L stainless steel. Includes one radial blade and one axial blade and interchangeable set screw.…

  • Labtools Stainless Steel Agitators, Shafts, and Propellers


    Stainless Steel Stirring Rods Blades riveted onto 1/4” shafts Blade pitch can be adjusted to control agitation 18” and 24” lengths recommended for Hollow Spindle Stirrers Stainless Steel Stirring Shafts Stainless Steel Shaft with fatted section for securing…

  • Stirring Shaft, Polished 316 Stainless Steel, 10mm

    Ace Glass

    …for use with 8044,8050,8066,13443 and 13445 bearings. With button, shaft accepts 8083,8085,8086,8087 and 8096 stir blades. With button removed, shaft will accept 8094 and 8095 agitators secured with a set-screw anywhere along its ground flat section. Join to stirrer motor using 8124 series chucks.

  • RZR Overhead Stirrer Accessories


    Blades Stainless steel with 400 mm shafts

  • Swivel Blade Paddles


    Mixes the contents of narrow-mouthed vessels. Creates radial flow. Constructed of durable stainless steel. Swivel blade is attached to the shaft. The blade measures 2"W x 0.5H" (51 x 13mm).

  • Polished Glass Stirrer Shafts

    Wilmad LabGlass

    …polished, these borosilicate glass stirrer shafts have a 10mm O.D. For use with LG-9475T bearing with PTFE bearing surface, or other bearings with a PTFE interface with the same bore. Features a side button at bottom for attachment of any of the stirrer/stirring blades (LG-9505 through LG-9511T).

  • Stirrer Blades, PTFE

    Ace Glass

    PTFE stir blades for button type stir shafts. 10mm OD shafts can be found in our product series 8068, 8070, 8074 and 8075. 19mm OD shafts can be found in our 8076 and 8077 series.

  • Spatula/Stirrer Nylon


    Nylon Stirrer-Spatula. Molded of Nylon®. Handy stirrer  or spatula has wide thin blade 3 1/2" long, 1 3/4"  wide. Overall length is 10".

  • Propellers


    …mixing. Use singly or mount several on a shaft for thorough agitation. Choose marine-style propellers for your general-purpose mixing or choose turbine style for your airless mixing in deep containers. Dispersion Blade, high-shear for tearing action, low flow. 5/16" (8-mm) bore.

  • Agitator, PTFE, Large Scale Multi-blade

    Ace Glass

    These heavy-duty PTFE agitators impart maximum energy and are offset at the bottom to accomodate slurries. 10mm agitators fit drilled type or knob type 8068, 8071 & 8075 shafts. 19mm agitators fit drilled type or knob type 8076, 8078 & 8079 shafts. 28mm agitators fit 8080 drilled shafts.

  • Agitator, PTFE, 4 Blade

    Ace Glass

    4 Blade PTFE agitator available with either 45 or 90 degree blade angle. For use with glass or metal shafts and is secured using a compression style fitting allowing it to positioned anywhere along the length of the shaft.

  • Mixing Shafts


    Made of stainless steel Add propeller blades to these shafts to customize a propeller shaft Increase agitation with multiple blades on one shaft

  • Stirrer Blades, Glass, 10mm Shafts

    Ace Glass

    Glass stir blades for 10mm OD button type stir shafts. 10mm OD stir shafts can be found in our 8068, 8070, 8074 and 8075 series.

  • Stirrer, Complete

    Ace Glass

    Trubore stirrer assembly consists of the standard taper outer glass bearing, PTFE inner bearing, glass-filled PTFE bushing and lock nut, compression seal saddle o-ring, PTFE blade and either a glass or stainless stir shaft.

  • Teras Turbine™

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …carboy or bottle. Mixing heads are available in 15mm, 25mm, 50mm, and 100mm sizes, and are made of autoclavable stainless steel. No external blades, which reduces the risk of injury during cleaning Due to the high quality finish, there is minimal surface turbulence during mixing resulting…

  • Stirrer Blades Banana Type, PTFE, 10mm Shaft

    Ace Glass

    PTFE banana shaped stir blades for 10mm OD button type stir shafts. 3mm thick blades have a number of perforations and are designed to closely fit various sizes of round bottom flasks. 10mm OD stir shafts can be found in our 8068, 8070, 8074 and 8075 series.

  • Stirrer Blades, Football Shaped, Stainless, 10mm Shafts

    Ace Glass

    316 stainless steel, football shaped, stir blades for 10mm OD button type stir shafts. Holed versions, codes -70 thru -74, provide even greater agitation. 10mm OD stir shafts can be found in our 8068, 8070, 8074 and 8075 series.

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