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Sterilization Tape
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  • Lead-Free Autoclave Tape

    Micronova Manufacturing

    Micronova™ Lead-Free Autoclave Tape is and extremely effective, lead and latex free indicator tape. It provides a method of positively confirming a complete sterilization cycle in both gravity discharge and vacuum autoclaves. The green indicator lines change to black when proper levels of…

  • Sterilization Indicator Tapes

    Propper Manufacturing

    …self-adhesive tape is designed to distinguish processed and unprocessed items. Made of strong crepe-embossed paper with pressure-sensitive adhesive, the tape is ideal to secure different types of sterilization packs. Marking with permanent ink pen leaves no bleadding on the tape after sterilization.

  • Autoclave Indicator Tapes

    Globe Scientific

    …have passed through a sterilization cycle. Each roll is 165 feet (50m) long. 1181C23 is used when using autoclave sterilization (20 ft. at +121°C, 10 ft. at +125°C and 5 ft. at +135°C) The color of the tape changes to brown when done with the sterilization process Lead free…

  • High quality tape specially designed for steam autoclave conditions. Indicator tapes provide immediate identi cation to verify exposure to sterilization process. Easy to read color change indicator 60 yards rolls Available in multiple widths Designed for use at 250°F (121°C)…

  • Adhesive tape for use with dry heat sterilization. Use these tapes to enhance confidence that sterilization has occurred. Color changes from white to brown. Conforms with ISO 11140/2005

  • Gas-Chex® EO Gas Indicator Tape

    Propper Manufacturing

    Designed for universal application: specifically formulated adhesive provides secure bonding with fabric and non-woven wraps, paper, metal and glass. The words "Gas" will change from Red to Green indicating that the pack has passed through the Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycle.

  • Breathable Sealing Tape provides for adequate gas exchange while maintaining a sterile barrier. Breathable sealing tape fits all 96- and 384-well microplates and polypropylene blocks.

  • …of indicator tapes. Benefits Chemical process indicator changes color when exposed to the steam sterilization process to provide assurance that the packs were processed without the need to open the pack. Versatile tape adheres to all types of wraps. Tape stretches to minimize tape pop-off which…

  • O.K.® Sterilizer Bags

    Propper Manufacturing

    …with autoclave tape. Their “fold and tape" design is ideal for easy and quick use. It also allows the prevention of the problems associated with imperfect heat sealing that may be due to faulty equipment or user error. Propper recommends O.K.® Sterilizer Bags for use within…

  • Effectively seal all microplate formats For storage, PCR, microscopy, culture & protection Protective backing Pre-cut, plate-sized sheets

  • Sterilization (CSR) Wrap

    HPK Industries

    …High-Level Protection Against Fluids and Particles. Strong and Resistant to Tears, the Fabric is Still Soft so it’s Easy to Drape. Naturally Low Linting, it Helps Maintain the Integrity of the Sterile Packs and the Surface is Friendly to Sterilization Tape. One-Ply Made in USA

  • Highly conformable elastic foam tape for compression applications, or securing dressings on challenging areas. Secure adhesion conforms to irregularly contoured sites. Gives with swelling. Can be used to provide compression. Water resistant and hypoallergenic.

  • Color dots and white labeling area on end tabs Second tab can be separated for lab-notebook insertion End tabs can be left on plate even if center of sealing film is removed Functional temperature range -40°C to +120°C SealPlate ColorTab adhesive sealing films consist of 50…

  • sterilization indicating polypropylene label with a preprinted header that displays ""STERILIZED"" when exposed to autoclave conditions. Ideal for use in sample tracking, inventory management, general tracking, and identification of lab materials that require sterilization.

  • Master Evidence Collection Kit

    Arrowhead Forensics

    …Bags 6 x 8"  50) Glassine Envelopes 3 x 4" 50) Sterile Cotton Swabs 6", 2/PK  10) Pipettes 7mL 10) Sterile Water Ampules 5mL 10) 7" Sterile Cuticle Sticks 10) Slide Evidence Boxes, 2.5 x 1.5 x 5/8" …

  • Durable for long-lasting use. For dispensing sterilization indicator tapes.

  • Dukal Retention Tape

    Dukal Corporation

    An adhesive non-woven fabric tape that is highly conformable. Non-Sterile, Latex Free.

  • Flow Cell Assemblies

    IBI Scientific

    IBI Flow Cells are an affordable, sterile, consumable apparatus for the creation of biofilms and for direct, non-destructive, on-line microscopic examination of biofilms. The gamma irradiated, fully-assembled flow cell assemblies come in an airtight package and only need to be opened and connected…

  • Microplate Sealing Tape


    …Sealing Tape is clear, self-sticking tape for standard microplates.  Suitable for both 96-well and 384-well plates. The precut, pressure-senstive tape seals and reseals the surface of the plates during incubations to prevent evaporationand allow more vigorous mixing.  The tape will…

  • …ELISA assays. Materials: Polyester Optimal Temperature Conditions: -40°C to 120°C Dimension: 5.25" x 3.25" Sterility: Non-sterile Features Evenly distributed, non-cytotoxic adhesive Easy peel backing Perforated end-tabs Minimum residue…

  • High quality tape specially designed for steam autoclave conditions. Indicator tapes provide immediate identi cation to verify exposure to sterilization process. Easy to read color change indicator 60 yards rolls Available in multiple widths Designed for use at 250°F (121°C)…

  • …with tape for anaerobic applications Special treatment provides the ideal surface for the successful attachment and growth of cells. Overall dimensions 66 x 66 mm. Packaged in sleeves of four, with cover in place; case contains 30 sleeves; tape not included. For sterile sealing tape, order…

  • …sealer ordered separately Versatile sterility maintenance covers are used to protect sterilized products from bacteria, moisture and dust, reducing their susceptibility to environmental contamination. One version can be heat-sealed or taped and includes a convenient easy-open feature,…

  • Tegaderm™ Advanced IV Dressings are designed for IV applications. The dressings have reinforced borders and notches designed to create a better seal around the catheter, extend wear time, reduce edge lift, and offer convenience and versatility because of pre-ct sterile tape strips.

  • …resistant polypropylene provides compatibility with many common organic solvents (e.g., DMSO, ethanol, methanol)Sterile and certified DNase- and RNase-freeTotal volume is 360µL; recommended working well volume is 75 to 200µLWithout lids; lids, sealing mats and tapes supplied separately

  • …grade polystyrene safe for food, drug and cosmetic use Gamma irradiated sterile to SAL 10-6 Lot stamped for accurate lot tracing, and shipped with a Certificate of Processing for Sterilization Note: Sterilized products are not returnable. These sampling scoops are designed for retrieving…

  • Sterile all-in-one island dressing that features a breathable soft cloth tape backing with a unique non-adherent pad.

  • …construction Built-in super absorbent Bio-matt™ to soak up any excess liquid in Bio-bin Autoclavable. Use with #202065 Autoclave Sterility Tape Supplied with 2 x 2” Biohazard Waste Labels Reorder information printed on the Bio-bin Bio-bins are a new cost effective and…

  • Refill Kit


    …(1) Roll Athletic Tape, (1) Instant Cold Pack, (2) Latex Gloves, (1) Bulk Bandage Pack, (1) Skin Lube, (1) Sam™ Finger Splint, (1) Iso-Quin®, (1) Sports Injury Handbook, (1) Zip-Cut™, (1) Atomic Balm®, (1) Cinder Suds®, (1) Tape Underwrap, (1) Pocket Mirror, (1) Sterile Eye Wash, (10) Antibiotic…

  • Sealing tapes and mats for 96 well plates prevent evaporation and enable oil-free operation when used with thermal cyclers with heated lids. Easy to apply and remove whether used for short or long-term storage. Sealing mats are non-sterile but are certified DNase- and RNase-free.

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