Sterile Water Sample Bottles

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Sterile Water Sample Bottles
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FG Cleanwipes

  • PP Wide Mouth Laboratory Bottles

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …for storage and sterilization of bulk reagents, contaminated slides, or other small laboratory items Manufacturing Facility is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Certified Laboratory Bottle quality and performance with savings associated with “economy” bottles Cap and bottle designed with…

  • water analysis using the Colilert analysis method or equivalent. Screw-Top Sterile Coliform Water Sample Bottles are available in a variety of sizes and materials, with or without sodium thiosulfate for sample dechlorination.  Polystyrene (PS) bottles are optically clear for easy sample

  • Water Sampling Collection Bottles

    Corning® Gosselin™

    …the American Water Works Association (AWWA), and the Water Environment Federation (WEF). The bottle will neutralize up to 15 mg/L of free chlorine in water samples. Features Sterile PET is transparent and break resistant Molded graduations for accurate volume sample collection …

  • The perfect sterile bottle of use in laboratories and production. Its wide mouth means it is easy to handle both powders and liquids. This bottle is supplied in a robust laminate bag, pre-sterilised so simply unwrap and use. Powder and water tight Packed in a Cleanroom …

  • … Use sterile, RNase-free solutions and equipment Assay Time: 9 hours 30 minutes Sample Materials: • Linearized plasmid, including the appropriate RNA polymerase promoter sequence (SP6, T3, T7). • Specially prepared PCR productWorking solution: Note: Use sterile, RNase-free…

  • …with a perforated red tear strip. Hardy's Dilu-Loks eliminate the time and money spent on preparing your own dilution vials! Available with peptone water, buffered peptone water, butterfield's buffer, deionized water, phosphate buffer with MgCl, and as an empty sterile container.

  • … Quality bottle and cap configuration has been designed to reduce leakage from the sample site to the laboratory. Vial is marked indicating the 100 mL line to aid in taking samples. Bottles will not fluoresce under black light. Available pre-preserved with sodium thiosulfate and sterilized.

  • …and storing sterile culture media and sera where stability of the glass is of prime importance. Serum bottles are also suitable for storing distilled water and standard solutions. PYREX bottles have the strength to withstand hot air (dry) or steam (wet) sterilization. Necks are tooled…

  • Depyrogenated Glass Containers

    EP Scientific Products

    …Scientific™ Depyrogenated Glass Containers are specially prepared to meet endotoxin levels of less than 0.06 EU/mL for use in terminal sterilization, water sampling and product storage. Cleaning and packaging is performed in a Class 100/10 Cleanroom Certificate of Analysis (COA) is…

  • …and the job is done in minutes. Optional on all Pico units are safer and more environmentally friendly mercury-free UV sterilizers to help maintain the integrity of stored water. Features: Patent pending design for whisper quiet, vibration-free operation Compact design…

  • water samples is easier with the Whirl-Pak® Stand-Up Thio-Bag®! A special gusset on the bottom of the bag flattens out when water is put in the bag, allowing it to stand up completely by itself. No rack or other holder is needed to keep the bag upright. Forget washing and sterilizing glass bottles

  • …from sterilization to drying carried out with an interactive key input system Quick sample drying capability makes samples ready to use right after sterilization Drying temperature can be set according to sample material, quantity, etc. Timer range from 1~999 hours Drain bottle water

  • Prefilled Dilution Buffers

    GVS Filter Technology

    For sample dilution of water, dairy products, foods and pharmaceuticals prior to microbiological testing Prefilled and sterile Easy open flip-top container Tamper-evident seal Butterfield’s Buffer, pH 7.2 ±0.2, contains monobasic potassium phosphate and is used…

  • …attached to molded-in shoulder loops Leakproof Autoclavable Ideal for storing solutions, media, and sterile water. Useful for handling large volumes of powders and other solid samples. Calibrated in liters and gallons. Before autoclaving, set cap on top of the container without engaging…

  • Fluid A (peptone water) is used for diluting or rinsing when performing sterility testing. Pharmaceuticals, biologicals, medical devices or any material claiming to be sterile must be tested for sterility according to the procedures described in the compendia.1,2 Sterility testing is performed…

  • EMM Powder

    MP Biomedicals

    …medium 17g/L of agar-Y was added. The combinations were mixed by hand for about 1 minute to dissolve the glucose and 0.25g/L of a mixture of adenine, his, leu, ura, and lys was added. Autoclaving is not recommended as it may cause precipitation. Sterile filter the solution into a sterile bottle.

  • sterilization automatically With the optional mounted sample temperature sensor, you can precisely maintain desired temperature for the samples to ensure thorough sterilization Front loading drain bottle The drain bottle is located in front for easy access and drain water

  • sterilization automatically With the optional mounted sample temperature sensor, you can precisely maintain desired temperature for the samples to ensure thorough sterilization Front loading drain bottle The drain bottle is located in front for easy access and drain water

  • …double-dist. water. Anti-mouse-Ig-fluorescein working solution Dilute anti-mouse Ig-fluorescein stock solution 1:10 with PBS. If an extended storage is desired, add BSA (bovine serum albumin), 10 mg/ml. Prepare shortly before use. Washing buffer Dilute Washing buffer concentrate (10x) (bottle 2)…

  • …10 with double-dist. water [ e.g., for one 96-well microplate dilute 9 ml washing buffer concentrate (10x) with 81 ml double-dist. water]. Note: If precipitates in Washing buffer, 10x conc. are visible, please incubate the bottle for 10 minutes at 37 °C in a water bath before you prepare…

  • …eppendorf tubes, microtubes, cryovials, vacutainer tubes, tube tops, film cans, bottles, flasks, beakers and other various cryogenic and freezer containers. Sterilization Cryo LazrTag™ labels can be sterilized with Gamma irradiation up to 50 KGy radiation. Printing Our…

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