Sterile Transport Tube

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Sterile Transport Tube
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  • Tube made of polypropylene / Cap made of polyethylene Designed for storage and transportation of biological material. Manufactured from non-toxic polypropylene, tubes provide strength and clarity and exhibit some unique design features. Five sizes are available from 5 to 30 ml. The T550-10ATPR…

  • A perfect leakproof seal is obtained by the use of a specially designed flexible sealing lip inside the polyethylene closures. Cap also feature a long skirt and a super fast thread design allowing them to be removed or sealed with a single turn. Caps and tubes are sold separately.

  • Dry Transport Systems

    Puritan Medical Products

    A wide selection of standard material tips, and many handle types. Designed to assure integrity of the sample collection and transport. All include a round bottom tube made from polypropylene resin which will securely hold the swab, maintaining a sterile environment.

  • Puritan’s new dry transport system securely holds a swab in a round bottom tube made from virgin polypropylene resin, creating a safe and sterile environment to accommodate many different styles of collection devices. The injection molded cap assures a precision fit for multiple handle styles…

  • Transport Tubes Tube is polypropylene (PP) - Screw cap is Polyethylene (PE) Tube is self-standing with conical bottom Molded graduations Clear: 1224L57-L58 Amber: 1224L59 Dimensions: 16mm x 56mm (1224L57) Dimensions: 16mm x 92mm (1224L58-L59) Universal Tubes

  • Sterile Saline

    Edge Biologicals

    Sterile Saline is used in making dilutions of samples in preparation for microbial testing of the sample. It is also used for diluting sterile reagents and microorganism preparations. Used in transporting COVID-19 (Corona Virus) samples

  • …the ultimate in leak-tight storage and transport of liquids. The specially designed caps contain an inner liner designed to compress against the uppermost walls of the container, providing an air-tight seal. They are ideal for use in hospital pneumatic tube systems. Containers are produced from…

  • …in sterile bulk and racked versions (50 mL self-standing in bulk only). Rack versions are made out of reusable cardboard, making them more environmentally friendly. Sturdy cardboard boxes provide additional transport protection. Popular self-standing tubes are available in 50 mL only. Black Tubes

  • VACUETTE® Urine Tubes

    Greiner Bio-One

    VACUETTE® Urine Tubes are used as collection, transportation and/or analysis vessels. The VACUETTE® Urine Tubes are sterile, leak-proof and virtually unbreakable. They are available as round or conical based. Furthermore, they are offered with or without preservative. Tubes with preservative…

  • CryoClear™ Cryogenic Vials

    Globe Scientific

    …Technical Details: Temperature range: -196º to 121ºC Autoclavable Sterilized by beta radiation (SAL 10-6) Pressure tested at 95 kPa (0.95 bar, 14 psi) Material: Tube: Medical grade polypropylene (PP) Cap: Medical grade polyethylene (PE) co-molded…

  • Polypropylene Transport Tube with a Seperate Screw Cap. Conical Bottom, Self-Standing, Molded Graduations. Gamma Radiation Sterilized. 200 tubes/bag, 1000 tubes/case.  

  • Sterile DNA Controlled Swabs

    Puritan Medical Products

    Patented tube designs entails a breathable filter that covers holes to prohibit mold grown during transport Ideal for DNA testing and forensic evidence collection Produced in a DNA controlled environment ID labels included with packaging Made in USA

  • Thermo Scientific™ Capitol Vial Pre-Capped 10mL Threaded Transport Tubes with Pre-Assembled Screw-Caps are made from FDA-approved, clarified polypropylene resin for visual clarity. Freestanding Non-sterile tubes 10mL Graduations in 1mL increments up to 8mL 0.59…

  • For general specimen collection, transport and  laboratory use. 5 1/4 inch shaft with rayon-tipped swab Round-bottomed tube Sterile and charcoal free Pre-attached label Tamper-evident seal

  • Used for collection, storage and transportation of human nasopharyngeal virus samples Unused VTM medium can be transported at room temperature Sample transport temperature requirement & storage time: 2 to 4 C°, 48h Individually wrapped and sterile

  • …boiling to dissolve the medium completely. Dispense into tubes with screw caps to give a depth of approximately 7 cm. Sterilize by autoclaving at 15 lbs pressure (121°C) for 15 minutes and after sterilization, tighten the caps. Cool the tubes immediately in an upright position. Care should be taken…

  • …non-hemolytic Contains no phthalate plasticizers or peroxides that can leach out into transported fluid Low binding suface to minimize absorption of proteins and food products Autoclavable; also can be sterilized by gamma radiation, EtO and chemical procedures Durometer hardness: Shore…

  • …and tubes are manufactured of the same material, they have the same coefficient of expansion to guarantee an equally secure seal both at room or at low temperatures. Round bottom tubes only can be centrifuged up to 14,000g. Order caps separately. For storing and transporting biological…

  • sterilization cycles may become more effective as a result. Additionally, an improvement in fluid flow characteristics may occur from the reduced surface area and lowered absorption of fluids to the wall. TYGON® 3370 I.B. can easily withstand repeated SIP and CIP cleaning and sterilization

  • …The extraordinary strength, safety and reliability of the Screw-Cap Microcentrifuge Tube lets you perform procedures that simply can’t be done with other tubes. Spin it, store it, transport it (even by air). Boil it, irradiate it, immerse it in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen-it’ll…

  • …bar, 13.8 psi). PerformR™ tubes are available in bags with caps and tubes separate or in sterile packages. And like all our sterile products we only use medical grade packaging and sterilize following a validated ISO 11137 method. For specimen transport and general laboratory use …

  • Sample Tube


    …screw cap, particularly important when transporting hazardous material. Ideal for transport and storage of urine, sputum and most liquids or particulate samples. Molded-in graduations make them easy to read. Available sterile or non sterile. The caps for Series C572 accept T345 Capinserts…

  • …firmer samples. Standard bags are made with heat-extruded virgin polyethylene tubing and feature a tear-off sterile barrier top to ensure sterility up to the time of use. Closure bags permit collection, transportation, blending, and storage of samples all within the same bag. They are available with…

  • 30 & 50mL Centrifuge Tube Racks

    Evergreen Scientific

    transport Leakproof screwcaps Vacuum-chamber testing (95 Kpa) ensure that our rim-sealing screwcaps close tightly every time. Convenient packaging Gamma irradiated sterile tubes are packed 20 tubes/tray, 24 trays oer case ir 10 tubes per bag, 50 bags/case. Non-sterile tubes

  • Skirted, self-standing tubes with a conical bottom. Tubes are graduated at 1.0mL intervals and feature a large frosted writing area. Caps fit tubes securely for a leakproof seal. Sterile tubes come with caps attached. Transport tube comes with a blue cap Certified RNase, DNase, and…

  • Cryobank And Bank-It Vials

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …format with 96 individual tubes in a 96 well format frame is optimized for freezer utilization. Datametric ECC200 open code allows for safe sample identification and reading of entire racks in one step. CryoTubes are CE-marked for diagnostic use and vials have a sterility assurance level of 10 6…

  • Self-standing polypropylene transport tube comes with a blue cap Volume: 5mL; cap and tube material: virgin polypropylene Unassembled; non-sterile; autoclavable Provides a ‘leak-proof’ and reliable seal for critical sample storage Features a large, frosted writing area; …

  • Centrifuge Tubes


    …conical tubes available; large white writing area for easy marking Double threaded design reduces cross-threading; caps are easily opened and closed Flat-top caps can be written on Gamma radiation sterilized, non-pyrogenic Available in racked package (sterile) or bulk package (sterile

  • Tubes are available in bags or in break-away polyfoam racks for better protection during transport, storage and for convenient laboratory use. Racks can hold up to 25 tubes; tube contents are visible from top to bottom since racks are provided with viewing slots. They are supplied sterile

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