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Sterile Plastic Bottle
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FG Cleanwipes

  • Storage Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …of sterile biological reagents Single use Durable, leakproof design Sterilization to 10 -6 SAL using gamma irradiation Contact clarity allows for easy viewing of contents. HDPE resin provides excellent chemical resistance. Packed with linerless closures assembled on bottles, in…

  • PP Wide Mouth Laboratory Bottles

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …for storage and sterilization of bulk reagents, contaminated slides, or other small laboratory items Manufacturing Facility is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Certified Laboratory Bottle quality and performance with savings associated with “economy” bottles Cap and bottle designed with…

  • Sterile, PETG Square Media Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Sterile, polyethylene terephthalate copolyester (PETG) media bottles Nalgene 2019 series Bottles provide reduced permeability to CO2/O2 to minimize outgassing and pH shifts; especially suited for media storage Transparent, radiation-sterilized, non-cytotoxic and…

  • Can be used with Corning bottle top filters These polystyrene bottles are ideal for storage of media, buffers and other aqueous solutions. Bottles are sterile and certified nonpyrogenic. Plug seal caps provide an airtight seal and help minimize the risk of contamination.

  • Solution Bottles

    Celltreat Scientific

    …every case of product. The CELLTREAT "Quality Certificate" includes the Part Number, Lot Number, Sterility Assurance Level and Dosage, Endotoxin/Pyrogen Free Assurance, Non-Cytotoxicity Assurance and RNase/DNase Free Assurance. Solution Bottles are supplied sterile (gamma irradiated).

  • Sterile PETG Diagnostic Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    For sterile sampling, storage and shipment Biologically tested. Ideal for sterile sampling, storage and shipment of reagents Closures attached Sterile 10 -6 SAL These single-use bottles are non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic, reducing the chance of cross-contamination. Bottles and 20-mm lined…

  • Clear Safety Coated Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …of bottle retaining contents if bottle is accidentally broken Non-slip coating allows for greater ease and stability when handling wet or dry Made from clear soda-lime glass that conforms to USP Type III requirements Autoclaving / sterilizing bottle is not recommended Bottles with…

  • HDPE Biotainer Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    4 L capacity Good chemical resistance Printed graduations Sterile 4L HDPE Biotainer bottles are suitable for the storage or transportation of biological solutions. HDPE bottles offer good chemical resistance and have a temperature range of -100°C to 99°C. This jug-style container…

  • Bottle Top Filters

    Celltreat Scientific

    Bottle top filters are compatible with 45mm neck bottles.  The bottle top filters are sterile (gamma irradiated) and available in 150mL, 250ml and 500ml sizes and are individually packaged in easy to open plastic bags with individually wrapped caps. NEW – 250 & 500mL Bottle

  • Natural HDPE Diagnostic Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …valuable reagents with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Natural HDPE Diagnostic Bottles without Closure, for use in test kits and small-volume applications. These high-density polyethylene bottles are packed without closures so they can be matched with various colored closures (Cat. No.…

  • GL Closures & Accessories

    DWK Life Sciences (Duran)

    … Seal, on both sides PTFE-protected The seal, which is coated on both sides with PTFE, ensures the bottle can be tightly closed. Pouring Rings Permits clean, drop-free use. Plastic Screw Caps Suitable for silicone seal for piercing (septa). Silicone Rubber Seals Suitable…

  • Nalgene Sterile Wide-Mouth HDPE Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …also sterile. Available in NALGENE® wide mouth bottles that are gamma irradiated and certified for sterility in addition to EPA metals and water quality parameters.  Bottle and closure design guaranteeds bottles are leakproof. Heatshrink band on neck and closure ensures sterility and…

  • …harvesting cells from tissue culture flasks, dishes or bottles. CELLTREAT Cell Scrapers have soft, pliable blades for improved contact with growth surface to gently remove cells and maximize recovery. Non-pyrogenic and packaged sterile (gamma irradiated) in individual paper/plastic…

  • …Comparable in strength and durability to polystyrene, polypropylene and other plastic resin sampling tools Long handle, 17.8cm (7”), helps prevent personal contact with sampled material when reaching into bottles, jars and other confined areas Rim of each bowl has a flat edge to assist…

  • Flow Cell Assemblies

    IBI Scientific

    …or a TCT coated APET plastic cover slip top. The APET cover slip top provides better surface attachment for certain types of biofilms. The Complete Convertible Flow Cell Assembly comes complete with convertible flow cell with #1 glass cover slip OR TCT treated APET plastic cover slip, influent &…

  • Nalge 2122 Suitable for storing and sterilizing contaminated slides For storage of solid materials, not leakproof Autoclavable, 1 gallon capacity with cap size 100 Molded depressions for gripping before autoclaving, place cap on top of bottle without engaging threads

  • Filter Systems

    Celltreat Scientific

    …in easy to open plastic bags with individually wrapped caps. CELLTREAT Scientific Products include a comprehensive "Quality Certificate" with every case of product. The CELLTREAT "Quality Certificate" includes the Part Number, Lot Number, Sterility Assurance Level and…

  • The bottles are made from a food-grade, high-density polyethylene in a natural color. They are recyclable, but not sterile or autoclavable. The plastic caps have a vinyl liner to ensure a tight fit.

  • …outlet (15mm O.D.) near the bottom for attachment of flexible plastic tubing and are very useful as a delivery/storage container for solutions. These bottles feature sturdy ring necks with a heavy duty rims and use No. 12 rubber stoppers. They can withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry).

  • sterile pack, ready to use. Find the right funnel The autoclavable plastic funnel for the MBS I is a true innovation.The new funnel does not require tedious flaming of stainless steel filtration equipment for sterilization. It is simple to use and ensures sterility. Funnels are provided sterile

  • To be used with Tubing Set (Cat. No. 10043) Bottles are manufactured from virgin polystyrene, caps from high density polyethylene Both resins meet the USP Class VI requirements for plastic containers and closures USP Class VI certified C-FLEX® tubing One piece seamless construction with printed…

  • …and printed lot numbers to aid in product traceability. Bottles are manufactured from virgin polystyrene, caps from high density polyethylene and both resins meet the USP Class VI requirements for plastic containers and closures. Bottles are sterilized by gamma radiation and certified nonpyrogenic.

  • …exclusive IntegraPack® 10 tube Sterile packs, individually wrapped sterile packs, reusable polypropylene racks, Patented fiber racks, sterile bulk bags, and non-sterile bulk bags. All our sterile products use medical grade packaging and are radiation sterilized following a validated ISO…

  • …8 angled shelves for easy viewing and retrieval. The large bulk storage area is perfect for storing additional boxes of sutures, bottles of irrigation water or sterile suturing kits. Sitting atop 4 smooth rolling casters, it can easily be moved from an operating room to an exam room or to nearly any…

  • Aspirating Pipettes

    Argos Technologies

    Aspirating pipettes are sterile, individually wrapped plastic serological pipettes that are supplied without filter plugs and graduations for vacuum aspirating applications. They are very useful in tissue culture applications when aspirating larger volumes from dishes, flasks, or roller bottles.

  • Square Disposable PET Media Bottles

    United Scientific Supplies

    …a blue, liner-less GL 45 polypropylene plug-seal autoclavable cap. Neck ID is 37mm. PET is transparent, lightweight, and break-resistant. Bottles can be used in environments ranging from -40° to 50° Celsius. Sterilized using gamma radiation. Individually bagged. PET cannot be autoclaved.

  • …one-handed opening and closing to make pipeting easier. Saves unnecessary motion! No awkward screw caps or plastic strips to tear off. Each lot is meticulously tested for pH, sterility, fill volume, and toxicity. Vials are made of clarified polypropylene for clear viewing. Also offers large…

  • …media/filler bottles Economical Easy-to-read graduations Sterile Available with low profile, easy grip handle (pictured) and traditional smooth sides Disposable plastic storage bottles are made from optically clear polystyrene and are ideal storage containers for sterile

  • …also fit Corning disposable polystyrene and polycarbonate storage bottles and glass bottles with GL45 threads for applications requiring venting. Individually double bagged Features large knurls for ergonomic handling Sterilized (10 -6 SAL) by gamma radiation; autoclaving is not recommended

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