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  • Corning® Stripette® Serological Pipets, Polystyrene, Individually Paper/Plastic…


    …for sterile tissue culture applications, especially while wearing latex gloves, as the wrap reduces static cling. Color-coding on paper allows easy size identification. Paper/plastic wrap allows full view Unique color-coded magnifying stripe for easier meniscus viewing. Sterile,

  • Whirl-Pak® Sterile Sample Bags


    Disposable, transparent bags for liquid or solid samples Polyethylene Supplied sealed Top tears open easily along perforations. Mouth reinforced by a wired band with integrated loop tabs which serve as handles. Band holds bag open for easy filling. 6 oz. bag has 4 oz. fill line.…

  • Sterile Storage Bottles


    …for sterile media, buffers or other aqueous solutions. They also serve as replacement receiver/storage bottles for Corning sterile filter systems. Easy grip sides facilitate handling. Plug seal cap provides an airtight seal and helps minimize the risk of contamination. Bottles are sterile and…

  • Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators

    Puritan Medical Products

    General Purpose medical applicator, cell collection for DNA testing Tip Material: Cotton US pharmaceutical-grade spun cotton fiber, standard for applicators used in everything from basic patient care to crime scene investigation. Very absorbent, soft, low cost, and safe,…

  • Sterile Spatula

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …spatula dimension: 152mm (6") L x 19mm (3/4") W x 13mm (1/2") H 100 per box. V-shaped spatula is perfect for sampling granulated or semi solid material • Sterile and individually packaged • One time use averts cross contamination • Sharp point will pierce most packaging

  • Sterile Scoops

    Biomedical Polymers

    Disposable Polystyrene Sterile Scoops ± 2% Accuracy These scoops are designed to save time in quality assurance and microbiology labs that require repetitive contamination-free samples, including cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and environmental applications. Each high impact scoop is…

  • Sterile Sponges


    Absorbent surgical sponges that are comparable to Codman surgical patties. Featuring a highly absorbent, stabilized non-woven engineered as a premier medium for surgical sponges. 100% cotton non-woven neurological sponges have a high degree of wet strength with no binding agents. they conform well…

  • Sterile Water


  • Sterile Sleeves


    …particles. Tyvek sleeves offer a Sterility Assurance Level of 10 -6 and also provide barrier protection. Lot number is embossed on each package and garment. Micro-Clean sterile sleeves are packaged under Class 100 cleanroom conditions. When the sleeve of your sterile gown is contaminated or you…

  • Polystyrene Spatulas, Sterile


    Spatulas, polystyrene, sterile Disposable; to provide contamination-free samples Gamma radiation sterilized Five configurations for a wide variety of applications RNase/DNase-free Made especially for researchers interested in eliminating the recycling and resterilizing…

  • Sterile Culture Tubes

    Evergreen Scientific

    Gamma radiation sterilized, Polystyrene or polypropylene construction, Leakproof caps Sterile culture tubes are precision molded from premium-grade, chemically inert plastic materials: polystyrene (PS) for clarity and polypropylene (PP) for toughness and chemical resistance. Polypropylene…

  • Falcon® Sterile Containers


    Polypropylene Sterilized by gamma radiation 4 1/2 (110 mL) and 8 oz. (220 mL) capacity available Containers are graduated in 1/4 oz. and 10 mL intervals. Containers with caps are individually wrapped. Containers without caps are packaged in sleeves of 20.

  • Costar® Stripette® Serological Pipets, Polystyrene, Individually Plastic Wrapped…


    …for easy size identification and reduces storage space requirements. Unique color-coded magnifying stripe for easier meniscus viewing. Sterile, individually wrapped and certified nonpyrogenic and DNase-/RNase-free Accuracy within ± 2% at full volume Lot numbers printed on…

  • Sterile Petri Dishes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Sterile Petri Dishes are available in stackable and slippable forms Optically clear Vented lids for air circulation Radiation sterilized These Stackable Petri Dishes are ideal for general laboratory use while Slippable Petri Dishes are designed for automated filling…

  • Sterile Bottle-Top Filters


    For vacuum filtration of tissue culture or other aqueous solutions Sterile, individually packaged Fits 33 or 45-mm receiver bottles Certified non-pyrogenic Available with (CA) cellulose acetate, (CN) cellulose nitrate, (NY) nylon (500 mL size only) or (PES) polyethersulfone membranes. Pores…

  • Drapes, Sterile

    Halyard Health

    For the full range of above-the-shoulders surgery, we`ve got you covered. Halyard Health has flexible draping systems that offer enhanced fluid control and increased patient comfort in ophthalmic, neurological and other surgeries involving head and neck. Halyard Health drapes are designed to give…

  • Decon-Quat, Sterile

    Veltek Associates

  • SATPAX® 1200 Sterile Wiper


    Gamma irradiated and validated sterile to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6 in accordance with ANSI/AAMI/ISO American National Standards and European Standards EN1174 and EN552. These pre-wetted sterile wipers are ideal for aseptic environments and support areas where microbial exclusion is…

  • SATPAX® 670 Sterile Wiper


    …packaging Wipers in c-folded configuration for single withdrawal Gamma irradiated and sterile validated to a 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level per AAMI guidelines Certificate of Sterility with each case and available on the web by lot number 24/7. Details: Expiration Date, Ra-diation…

  • Hypo-Chlor 0.25% Wipe, Sterile

    Veltek Associates

    Sterile Hypo-Chlor 0.25% Saturated Wipe, residue remover and decontamination wipe. Provide adequate ventilation. Avoid inhalation of vapors/mist and contact with skin and eyes. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Handle and open container with care. Change contaminated clothing. Wash…

  • Sterile PETG Diagnostic Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    For sterile sampling, storage and shipment Biologically tested. Ideal for sterile sampling, storage and shipment of reagents Closures attached Sterile 10 -6 SAL These single-use bottles are non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic, reducing the chance of cross-contamination. Bottles and 20-mm lined…

  • Neurological Sterile Sponges


    Absorbent surgical sponges that are comparable to Codman surgical patties. Featuring a highly absorbent, stabilized non-woven engineered as a premier medium for surgical sponges. 100% cotton non-woven neurological sponges have a high degree of wet strength with no binding agents. they conform well…

  • Sterile Sponges, Non-Strung


    May be used for one or more of the following purposes: cleansing wounds or skin, absorbing biological fluids or support organs and tissue during surgical procedures

  • Sterile HSII Wipers

    ITW Texwipe

  • Sterile Sponges, Non-Strung


    Used to absorb biological fluid.

  • Whatman Sterile Foam Applicators

    GE Healthcare

    Sterile foam swabs for easy collection and transfer of buccal cells and saliva to Indicating FTA Cards. Collection of saliva and buccal cells for easy collection and transfer to Indicating FTA cards. Non-abrasive foam head for comfortable sample collection. Easy-to-use applicator for…

  • Swab, Sterile CottonTip

    Puritan Medical Products

  • Sterile PC Erlenmeyer Flasks


    Sterile, polycarbonate flasks with baffles. Virtually unbreakable Lexan (registered trademark of GE Plastics) polycarbonate is used in the manufacture of this product. Flask comes sterile via gamma irradiation, packaged in its own protective bag with a polypropylene, 38 mm, dual purpose cap.…

  • CultureSwab™ Sterile Double Swab


  • Sterile Sampling Scoops

    Argos Technologies

    …with comfortably curved handle makes sample retrieval easy. Flat bottom prevents spillage and allows the scoop to be used as a weighing dish. Available in two capacities: 2 oz and 4 oz Manufactured with FDA-grade polystyrene Individually sealed in easy-to-open bags Gamma sterilized

  • Yellow Sterile Screw Caps

    Yellow Sterile Screw Caps Only with O Ring, 4000/Case, 500/Bag.

  • Premium Sterile Gauze Sponges


    Made with high grade premium blended materials, our gauze provides you wih superioir absorbency. These superior sponges are lint-free and provide more comfort with cushioning for wounds.

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