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Steam Chemical Indicator
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  • 3M™ Comply™ Eo & Steam Chemical Indicator Strips

    3M Health Care

    For use in 100% EO and EO/HCFC gas mixtures. Long stripe of chemical indicator ink printed on perforated-style strip. Allows full- or half-length use in different pack sizes. Indicator changes color from red to green when exposed to ethylene oxide sterilization conditions.

  • Chemical Process Indicators – Steam Sterilization


    Steam Chemical Process Indicators (CPIs) are manufactured to meet performance specifications described in ISO 11140-1 “Sterilization of health care products - Chemical indicators - Part 1: General requirements,” for Class 1 Process Indicators. The blue-to-pink color transition is…

  • Biological Chemical Indicator Strips

    Thermo Scientific

    Chemical indicator strips, for use with steam sterilizers, require a temperature of 132 to 135°C (270 to 275°F). Daily verification ensures that items being processed have been run through a cycle, preventing the accidental use of items that have not been adequately processed.

  • Comply™ Lead Free Steam Indicator Tape


    …process. Suggested Applications To monitor sterilization exposure in steam sterilization processes. The chemical process indicator lines on the steam tape change to dark on a beige background when exposed to the steam sterilization process. Use with all types of wraps available including:…

  • 3M™ Comply™ Thermlog™ Steam Chemical Integrator

    3M Health Care

    Class 5 integrating indicator for use in determining whether the sterilization process conditions were met inside each pack. Can be used in all 250-2758F sterilization cycles.

  • Vapor Line® Steam Sterilization Integrators

    Propper Manufacturing

    The Vapor Line® integrator is a chemical indicator for monitoring the essential conditions of steam sterilization processes - saturated steam, temperature, and time in gravity displacement and pre-vacuum sterilizers operating in the 250°F - 272°F temperature range. The integrator is…

  • Sterikon Plus Biological Sterilization Indicator


    For monitoring the effectiveness of steam sterilization at 121°C for 15 minutes Easy-to-read; media’s color changes with growth Rapid results; read after 24 hours Sterikon ® Plus indicators contain nutrient broth, sugar, a pH indicator and spores of apathogenic bacillus…

  • Emu-Chex™ Emulating Indicator Strips

    Propper Manufacturing

    Our Emu-Chex™ Chemical Indicator introduces innovations in indicator ink technology based on our advanced lead and heavy metal free ink formulation. Our new generation of indicators demonstrates exceptional performance which is customized for the most widely utilized steam cycles in hospital…

  • CheMobil Flow Indicator


    …due to its good chemical resistance. Not suitable for strong acids, alkalis and solvents. CheMobil can be steam sterilised. Flow indicators give precise visual indication of the flow velocity of liquids or gases being transported through hose connections. The flow indicator with impeller…

  • Duo-Spore® Biological Indicator System

    Propper Manufacturing

    For monitoring the efficacy of steam, ethylene oxide gas, chemical vapor and dry heat sterilization processes used in healthcare facilities, body modification parlors and industry.  Biological monitoring is recommended weekly, but preferably daily, and with every load containing implants.…

  • Chemical Process Indicators – Dry Heat Sterilization (Depyrogenation)


    Dry Heat Chemical Process Indicators (CPIs) are designed to signal, through a transition in color, when exposed to high temperatures such as dry heat and steam sterilization or depyrogenation processes. The CPIs will transition from the initial to the signal color depending on the temperature and…

  • Comply™ SteriGage™ Chemical Integrators for Pack Control

    3M Food Safety

    indicators. Benefits Moving front ink technology provides easy to read 'Accept or Reject' result. Can be used in all 250-275°F steam sterilization cycles. Response correlates with a Biological Indicator at 3 time/temperature relationships under ideal steam

  • Self-Contained Biological Indicators


    …of effective steam sterilization processing. Use of SCBIs reduces the possibility of contamination and minimizes the potential for false positives associated with post-exposure transfer. Reduced incubation time of 24 hours Visually distinct results Chemical Indicator on label provides…

  • Tape, Autoclave 1x60 Yds.

    McKesson Medical-Surgical

    Chemical process indicator lines on the steam tape change to dark on a beige background when exposed to the steam sterilization process to provide assurance that the packs were processed without the need to open the pack Versatile tape adheres to all types of wraps including woven, treated woven,…

  • O.K.® Sterilizer Bags

    Propper Manufacturing

    …become dry or brittle; allowing each item to be stored for maximum recommended period of time Each bag has a printed chemical indicator that turns brown after a succesful steam sterilization process All sizes possess a gusset that allows bulky objects to be placed inside the bags. Each…

  • Sure-Check® Sterilization Pouches


    …internal/external multi-parameter steam sterilization indicators confirm all sterilization criteria—time, temperature and presence of steam. Until now, due to limitations in technology, sterilization pouches have had only single parameter chemical indicators printed on either the inside…

  • Paper Tubing

    Cardinal Health

    …blue film and a high-strength surgical-grade paper to provide adequate breathability and required sterile barrier. These tubing products also feature a peelable, low-lint design. Dual chemical indicators visually identify those packages that have been exposed to either steam or EO sterilization.

  • Paper Self-Seal Pouches, 3.5" x 9"

    Cardinal Health

    …which provide adequate breathability and required sterile barrier. These pouches also feature a peelable low-lint design. Dual chemical indicators visually identify those packages that have been exposed to either steam or EO sterilization. Self-seal pouches have extra-strength adhesive for sealing.

  • Comply™ Bowie-Dick Test Packs


    …such as air leaks occur. An air removal failure is indicated as a lighter-colored area in the center of an otherwise dark colored test sheet. 00135LF Bowie-Dick Plus Test Pack with Early Warning Test Sheet consists of chemical indicators on two test sheets positioned inside porous materials…

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