Standard Petri Dishes

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Standard Petri Dishes
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  • 100 x 15 mm Slippable Petri Dish, The Industry Standard

    Kord Valmark

    Standard slippable petri dish Designed for automated filling and streaking systems Side Arrows and ISO Mark Target for automation Disposable (single use) Polystyrene petri dish for general microbiological use Molded from medical grade virgin polystyrene Optically-clear Radiation…

  • Petri Dish - Single, Triple, and Non-Vented


    … CE marked in accordance with European Directive 98/79/EC In vitro use only Produced and tested in accordance with the BS611 part 2 standard which includes stringent dimensional controls Ideal for use in automatic plate pourers Manufactured from virgin polystyrene Mirror finished…

  • Non-Treated Petri Dishes

    Celltreat Scientific

    …in 150mm x 15mm Stackable Petri Dishes Recommended for standard microbiology or general laboratory use Stackable lid design for increased stability Available in two sizes: 60mm x 15mm and 100mm x 15mm Automation Petri Dishes (Slippable) Designed for…

  • YPD 1/2 Plates

    Quality Biological

    …one-hybrid screening, enrichment and isolation of yeast Ready to use in petri dishes Packed in 10 plates per sleeve Re-closable zipper pouch for convenient storage Applications YPD Plates are the standard plates we use to grow a yeast strain without selection. YPD stands for…

  • Qualitative Filter Papers, Ahlstrom 601


    …liquid. Environmental Laboratory Applications: ASTM E1963-09.A2 Standard Guide for Conducting Terrestrial Plant Toxicity Tests: Root Elongation Seeds are incubated under controlled conditions in petri dishes with filter paper, such as Grade 601, prior to measuring the root length…

  • Thomas Petritite Dishes


    dishes for even temperature distribution during incubation Optically clear polystyrene, gamma radiation sterilized Dishes meet or exceed the standards for equipment and materials listed by the United States Safe Drinking Water Act and as approved by the EPA and referenced in "The Standard

  • Clavies® Autoclavable Bags

    Bel-Art Products

    …biohazard disposal 0.05 mm, 2 mil polypropylene Autoclavable at 121°C Transparent For maximum protection and convenience when disposing of biohazardous waste. Three sizes hold 65, 200 or 240 standard petri dishes. Ideal for autoclaving discarded membrane filters, culture plates and pipettes.

  • Scan® Automatic Colony Counters


    …on a Petri dish in less than 1 second and provide a complete, fast, accurate and traceable reading of the result. High performance Count colonies of numerous media Read chromogenic Petri dishes*: Colored differentiation of colonies (up to 7 different colors on the same dish)

  • Inoculation Turntable


    …applications. Low 1 1/2" height and non-slip work surface reduces fatigue and provides better control. Compact model, 3489E20, holds standard petri dishes up to 100 mm. Larger model, 3489E23, holds plates less than 100 mm in recessed well and accommodates plates, up to 150 mm, on raised surface.

  • 95 x 15 mm “Media Saver” Dish

    Kord Valmark

    95 mm diameter dish saves 11% media per dish compared to standard dish For use in automated filling equipment Disposable (single use) Polystyrene petri dish for general microbiological use Molded from medical grade virgin polystyrene Optically-clear Radiation sterilized Contents…

  • Mini Microbiology and Hematology Incubator


    …unit allows the user to monitor temperatures. The large window in the door gives a clear view of the contents which can include up to 48 petri dishes or 28 standard microplates. Shelves can be placed at two points within the corrosion resistant chamber. A cord port allows small mixers to be placed…

  • Darkfield Quebec Colony Counter

    Reichert, Dark Field Standard Colony Counter Provides even glare-free illumination of round or square Petri dishes Contrasted against the dark field background colonies are bright and readily distinguished from other structures in the agar A highly polished, annular reflector…

  • Gosselin™ Petri Dishes


    Petri dishes are compatible with most industrial and non-industrial automatic agar-pouring machines. Petri dishes are manufactured under aseptic conditions according to "clean room technology". Perfect flatness: to ensure the agar's constant depth Total transparency which…

  • Omnitray w / Lid Non-Treated Sterile PS

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Ideal for screening libraries Useful for DNA hybridization methods Also suitable for standard petri dish techniques and bacterial growth Same external foot print dimensions as a 96 MicroWell™ plate Optical clarity makes colonies easy to see Stackable Walls are high and…

  • 85 x 13 mm Ultra Plate

    Kord Valmark

    …orientation in automated filling and streaking equipment Space saver lid allows 600 dishes in a standard case (compared to 500 dishes) Nominal 100 mm lid diameter Disposable (single use) Polystyrene petri dish for general microbiological use Molded from medical grade virgin polystyrene …

  • Nunc Rectangular Dishes

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Non-treated surface for molecular biology applications ANSI standard dimensions for instrument compatibility 1 Well HTS Petri Dish applications 4 and 8 Wells Assay compartmentalization Probe multiple gene sub-sets Wash Western blot strips 4 well dish holds four glass slides

  • Clostridium Difficile Agar


    …in 10 ml of sterile distilled water and 70ml sterile defibrinated horse blood. Mix thoroughly but gently to avoid bubble formation and dispense into Petri dishes or sterile tubes. Clostridium difficile selective supplement (per 10ml): D-Cycloserine - 500mg Cefoxitin - 16.0mg

  • MicroCheck® II Beverage Monitors

    Pall Life Sciences

    Easy-to-use Disposable Filter Funnel to Meet Microbial Analysis Needs for Beverages Can convert to a Petri dish for culturing or easily remove the membrane for placing on separate agar dish. Ready to use; simply remove from box and place directly on a filter manifold. No need for rubber…

  • SAS Super 100 & 180 Microbial Air Samplers

    Bioscience International

    …running cost & operational flexibility - no need to purchase expensive, proprietary media strips, cassettes, or plates. Standard 55mm contact plates or 90mm petri dishes can be used 100% sampling efficiency - head allows 100% sampling efficiency for particles down to 1 micron 7 hour…

  • Microinjection Plate for Fish Embryos

    IBI Scientific

    The FM-600 Microinjection Fish Embryo Plate is simple and easy to use. Features an attractive knob for easy handling Rounded ends easily fit into your standard petri dish

  • Clavies® Autoclavable Bags

    Bel-Art Products

    …The durable .05mm thick PP bag is filled with used labware such as petri dishes, membrane filters, culture plates, pipettes, etc., then autoclaved and discarded. The three largest sizes hold 65, 200 and 240 standard petri dishes respectively. Steam autoclavable at 135º C (275º F). 100 per box. …

  • GasPak™ EZ Gas Generating Systems


    Petri dish racks BD GasPak EZ Containers (1094M04, M07, M10, M13) Features easy-close latches. Stackable, shatter and chemical-resistant containers have a durable, airtight seal and handles for portability. Two sizes: Standard (holds 15-18 Petri dishes) and Large (holds 30-33 Petri

  • Liquid Culture Media, 2mL Ampoules

    Advantec MFS

    …and money by shortening prep time and minimizing possible contamination. The 2mL ampoules contain enough media to saturate a standard absorbant pad in a petri dish (1182L92). Each product is lot tested and certified to comply with established test criteria. Quality certificates are included…

  • Dextrose Tryptone Agar


    …for 48 hours in a humid incubator. While using the agar media, serially diluted test sample are mixed with the media in sterile Petri dishes. Standard procedures issued by various associations should be followed for testing of samples. Storage and Shelf Life Store below 30°C…

  • EasySpiral® Dilute Automatic Serial Diluter & Plater


    …sample: 20 Petri dishes (50 µL) Delivered with: 1000 sterile beakers, 1 blue dye for testing, 1 liquid detergent, 3 sets of connectors for autoclave, 90 mm Spiral counting grid, 150 mm Spiral counting grid , 55 mm Petri dish ring, 90 mm Petri dish ring, 150 mm Petri dish ring, software…

  • Lab Mailers


    …for biological, environmental, research and development, public health, industrial hygiene, and veterinary use Accommodate tubes, vials, bottles, petri dishes, and cans Lightweight polystyrene foam construction; saves postage Reusable and recyclable Standard mailing sleeves available

  • Orbi-Shaker™ Orbital Shakers


    …Orbi-Shaker is capable of mixing a 14lb load capacity up to speeds as high as 300 rpm. The standard platform (included) features a non-slip, rubber coated surface, ideal for tissue culture flasks, Petri dishes and staining trays. The convenient MAGic Clamp platform (patent pending) is also…

  • Incu-Shaker™ Mini Shaking Incubators


    …clamp exchange with MAGic Clamp system Only 11 inches wide 2 year warranty The standard platform (included) features a non-slip rubber coated surface, ideal for tissue culture flasks, petri dishes and staining trays. The convenient MAGic Clamp™ platform is also available for…

  • Tryptone Glucose Extract Agar


    …growth nutrients. Glucose is the energy source. For the enumeration purposes, pour plate method is suggested. Medium must be quickly poured into Petri dishes if milk sample is to be tested, because the milk may get flocculated if the medium remains hot for longer period of time. Storage and…

  • Chloramphenicol Yeast Glucose Agar


    …months (5). Technique: Take two sterile Petri plates and transfer 1 ml of sample (if liquid) or 1 ml of the initial suspension in case of other products. Further take another two sterile plates and transfer 1 ml of 10-1 dilution to each sterile Petri plate or 1 ml of 10-2 dilution for other…

  • Liver Veal Agar


    …others fail to grow and multiply (1). One of the methods of cultivation of anaerobes is using the Sprays medium by using the anaerobic culture dish (2). Liver Veal Agar is formulated as per the medium of Spray (3). Liver Veal Agar is recommended by APHA (4) and the FDA Bacteriological Analytical…

  • Inverted Compound Microscope

    Jenco International

    …electronic dimmer; 110V/220V available Mechanical stage: 8.25 x 8.875 / 20.95 x 22.54; Right-hand Control Knobs; Inserts for: well plates, petri dish and slides Dimensions: (WHD) (in/cm) 9 x 22.5 x 21.5 / 22.86 x 57.15 x 54.61; Gross Weight: (lb/kg) 28/16.2 Microscope includes: six…

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