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  • Cast Iron Base Support Stand

    GSC International, Inc.

    Support Stand made from cast iron, with an enamel finish that is acid resistant. Includes a zinc plated steel rod that screws into the base support. Available in the following sizes: 4x6" Base, 5/16" x 18" Rod 5x8" Base, 3/18" x 20" Rod 6x9"…

  • Support Stands with Rod and Rings Sets

    United Scientific Supplies

    Each set contains a stamped steel base and rod along with 2, 3, 4, or 5 cast iron rings with clamps. Sets are shipped in specially designed boxes.

  • Heavy-Duty Support Stands have a four point cast iron base with stainless steel support rod. They are designed to accommodate vessels up to 12" (30.5 cm) in diameter to sit close to the support rod. They have rubber cushions on each of the four corners. The base area is 16.5" (41.9 cm)…

  • Support Stands with Rods

    United Scientific Supplies

    These support stands with rods come complete with a stamped steel base with black enamel finish and a removeable zinc plated steel rod.

  • Scienceware® Lattice Support Stand

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Expand your options in the laboratory Even distribution rods for maximum capacity of items Extended polypropylene base allows for extra items to be added Rigid, solid aluminum rods provide extra support for small lightweight items such as glassware as well as heavy items such as…

  • Tech-Med Mayo Stand

    Dukal Corporation

    Secure height adjustments from 28" to 48". Mobile base includes locking casters. Base width 20". Removable stainless steel tray 12 1/2" x 18". 11 lb weight capacity.

  • …ABS construction for scratch resistance and easy cleaning Strong magnets on both sides for secure mounting to most metal surfaces Rack can stand on flat surface without mounting Two included accessory attachments keep pipet fillers and bulbs within reach Side windows allow for easing…

  • Deluxe Chemistry Hardware Assortment

    United Scientific Supplies

    …(1), Test Tube Clamp (1), Test Tube Rack, 2-tier, wooden (1), Tongs, Crucible (1), Triangle, Clay Pipe (1), Tripod Stand, 6 inch (1), Stirring Rod, Glass, pk/12 (1), Support Stand, with 18" Rod (1), Support Ring, 3" O.D. with clamp (3), Test Paper, Litmus, Blue (1), Test Paper, Litmus,…

  • pH Electrode Stand

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …and stands Electrode holders and stands permit one-handed operation of electrode movement Four-position holders allow simultaneous use of pH or ISE electrode and reference half cell Swing arm stand (0732H82) allows flexible movement of electrodes. Holder and stand (4153Y35)…

  • Ring Stands


    Ring stand consists of enameled steel support base with zinc-plated steel rod (8835B50 series) and 8091C20 series rings of zinc-plated steel with aluminum screw clamp Ring Stands include one each 64, 89, 114 mm rings Ring Stand Listings indicate base dimensions and rod height

  • Lab Stand


    Horseshoe-base laboratory stand with 11/16 (17mm) diameter stainless steel mast. Accepts containers up to 9" (229mm) diameter. Designed for durability, these lab stands are designed for the lab bench

  • … This durable stand provides excellent stability for bench stop stirrers even when agitating viscous materials. The wide base and H configuration allow for a wide range of vessel sizes, while the 710 mm (28″) stand rod enables strong engagement with stand clamp. Portable and…

  • 6-Place Pipette Stand

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce six place pipette holder that accepts most major brands of pipettes. The pipette stand is made of durable, 3/16" acrylic for years of use. The skid resistant feet will prevent the stand from sliding on your bench top. Dimension: 11"W x 9.25"H X 6"D

  • Modular Micropipette Stand

    United Scientific Supplies

    Ideal for holding a micropipette conveniently at a workstation, this polypropylene stand is designed for easy access. The modular shape enables multiple stands to be jointed together, so micropipettes of various capacities can be stored as a group.

  • Pipette Filler Stand

    IBI Scientific

    …filler stand is a colorful utility stand for your lab’s pipette fillers. It is constructed of sturdy and durable 1/4” cast acrylic for years of continued use. The 1” diameter hole accepts most mechanical pipette fillers with ease. The skid-proof rubber feet also help keep the stand

  • Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 6.687x9.75x32.687in This heavy white edge rod stand polyethylene resistant stand weighs 5.5lbs. It comes with a polyethylene coated metal rod which screws into the base. Available with the hole in the center ( 1212W74 ) or at the short edge. The base…

  • Pipette Stands

    IBI Scientific

    …6-place IBI pipette stand. The fluorescent orange shelves accept most major brands of pipettes, and we help brighten up your bench top as well. These pipette stands are made from durable 1/4” cast acrylic for years of use, and the skid resistant feet will prevent the stands from sliding on…

  • Stamped Steel Base Support Stand

    GSC International, Inc.

    Support Stand made from a stamped steel with an enamel finish that is acid resistant. Includes a zinc plated steel rod that screws into the base support. Available in the following sizes: 4x6" Base, 5/16" x 18" Rod 5x8" Base, 3/18" x 20" Rod 6x9"…

  • Funnel Stands


    …stable funnel stand, resistant to chemicals, shatter-proof and with continuously variable height adjustment. The funnel stand is suitable for all funnels from 40 to 180 mm in diameter. The funnel holders can be used with reducing inserts for small funnels. The funnel stand also makes an…

  • …functions with both hands, because the bag will stand completely by itself. No rack or other holder is needed to keep the bag upright. When the sample is placed inside, the special gusseted bottom flattens out, allowing the bag to stand up on its own. It works just like a beaker or bottle,…

  • …control. 115v 60Hz input motor is high torque, up to 100Ncm. Use code -32 stir shaft for slow speed, up to 250rpm and code -34 shaft for speeds up to 2200rpm. Universal stand and clamp are available not only in the standard height of 700MM, but also in Ace modified heights of 920MM & 1220MM.

  • …equipped with large, easy-to-grip knobs Accommodates 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch diameter shaft of Talboys motor support and rod of 8596B10 support stand Stainless Steel Construction Strong aluminum alloy with a brushed finish and large knobs facilitate easy tightening Rods supported on 4…

  • Horizontal Pipette Stand

    United Scientific Supplies

    This detachable stand can hold 12 pipettes, 6 on each side, in a horizontal position. Molded in polypropylene, this autoclavable stand has two sides which are attached to each other with three metallic rods coated with polypropylene. This stand can be easily disassembled for space saving storage.

  • Lattice Lab System, Set #4

    United Scientific Supplies

    This Lattice Lab System features an assortment of aluminum rods frup to 72" long.  Assembly is easy and requres only a screwdriver.  Support rods are made of hard aluminum and foot plates and hook connectors are made of cast alloy.  Please note: must be shipped by motor…

  • Steel Support Rings

    United Scientific Supplies

    Support rings with clamp, steel rod.

  • Burette Clamps

    GSC International, Inc.

    These polypropylene Fisher-type burette clamps can attach to a support stand and hold either a single burette or two burettes. PRODUCT WARNINGS Our products are not toys . Use in a laboratory or educational setting only. Not for children 13 and under.

  • Scienceware® Compact Support Stand

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Compact Size Saves Bench Space This non-corrosive support stand with stainless steel mounting rod provides modern advantages over metal ring stands. The compact polypropylene base has a smooth surface making cleaning easy, and measures 21 x 16cm (8-1/4 x 6-1/4”) x 4.5cmH (1-3/4”). At a weight…

  • Pipette Stand


    …full pipettes up to a max. diameter of 18 mm. A drip pan protects the tips of the pipettes and collects liquid as it drips off. The pipette stand is suitable for drying and for space-saving storage of pipettes or thermometers, test tubes and similar items. A very sturdy pedestal ensures…

  • Cast iron support stand bases are constructed with black enamel finish for chemical resistance and durability. All bases feature a built-in support rod holder with locking knob that accepts a 0.51" (13 mm) diameter support rod. U-shaped base features three built-in support rod holders and…

  • Base Stands


    …Enclosures and Systems Durable, 1.75" tubular, epoxy-coated steel Glacier white exterior Base stands adjust to seven height positions in 1" increments. Stands include four leveling feet. Multiple widths may be mixed and matched so that their total width equals the hood being…

  • Tripod Stand

    United Scientific Supplies

    Cast iron ring with black enamel finish. Detachable zinc plated legs. Legs are interchangeable.

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