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Stainless Steel Cart
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  • Stainless Steel Cart


    Stainless steel cart holds a variety of laboratory supplies, equipment and miscellaneous containers. Cart features two removable polished Type 304 stainless steel pans that are 51 mm (2”) deep on three sides with one open size for easy equipment transfer from countertop to cart. Additional…

  • Stainless Steel Cart 3 Shelves


    This all stainless steel three shelf cart has a clearance of 12” between shelves. Ideal for light weight industrial, healthcare, food service, or restaurant applications. Complete with 4” casters, two with locking brake Shelves measure 26"W x 16"D Rounded handle on either side for versatility …

  • Stainless Steel Cart 3 Shelves,22 Gauge


    Stainless steel 3 shelf cart constructed of 22 gauge steel. Retaining lip around each shelf 4" Casters, two with locking brake Wide enough for two bussing tubs 200 lb weight capacity 10 1/2" clearance between each shelf Overall dimensions 33 1/2"W x 21"D x 37"H

  • Stainless Steel Utility Carts

    Eagle Group

    Stainless Steel Utility Cart with three stainless steel hemmed shelves welded to angle legs. 12-1/2" shelf clearance. Galvanized bottom channel frame featuring four 4" swivel plate casters, bumpers, 1" diameter push handle on one end.

  • MW100 Series Solid Shelf Stainless Steel Carts


    … Solid Shelves: Made from type 304 stainless steel w/ epoxy coated corners. Ideal for transporting materials that require an expanse of flat surface. Raised ship’s edge permits fast clean-up in case of liquid spills. Double thickness of 18-gauge steel at edges also gives rigidity and high…

  • Slim "T" Double Bucket Stainless Steel Trolley Mopping Cart System

    Micronova Manufacturing

    This simple and effective double bucket system is comprised of an electropolished stainless steel frame that easily transports two (2) six (6) gallon polypropylene buckets. Excellent maneuverability is achieved with the 360å¡ rotation of the Prevenz™ antimicrobial caster wheels. Each bucket…

  • Slim T Wringer, Stainless Steel

    Micronova Manufacturing

    …Wringer's simple design allows the operator to wring out the excess fluid leaving the mop damp enough to effectively saturate the surface being cleaned. Fits the C7 Cart or B7 Series Buckets. Crafted from electropolished stainless steel for durability and long life. Autoclavable

  • Stainless Steel and Polypropylene Double Bucket System


    …a stainless steel connecting kit to prevent drips between the buckets. The 2650 cart features a unique removable handle for easier autoclaving and storage. For maximum flexibility, we offer 3 types of wringers that are ordered separately. Choose from a heavy-duty stainless steel downpress…

  • Support Distillation Cart


    Distillation receiver carts for use with our 10L thru 100L reactor systems. Heavy Duty support cart can be used for round bottom flasks or cylindrical distillation receivers. Rear of cart incorporates 1/2” stainless steel lattice for mounting support clamps or accessories. Glassware can be…

  • Tilt Carts


    …bins All models include bin, frame, handle, wheels and casters Optional black polyethylene hinged lids: 1181Y84 - 1/2 cu. yd. and 1181Y85 - 1 cu. yd. (304 stainless steel hinge) Four grades: utility, standard, heavy duty and forklift Blue recycle 1/2 cubic yard bin available: 1181Y75

  • Sample Collection Carts


    …supplies Provides a stable, mobile center for blood collection in your facility. Standard features include: Made of durable stainless steel and aluminum construction Handle for pulling the unit Painted surfaces utilize Microban® protection 5 wheel, weighted base for…

  • Bucket System 2772


    …is a fully autoclavable rolling cart with two 6.5 gallon (25L) polypropylene buckets. The lightweight, yet substantial stainless steel cart with heavy duty casters is easy to maneuver around any size cleanroom. The quiet, heavy-duty wheels feature stainless steel frames and locking brakes. The red…

  • Closed Loop Containment Isolator


    …contains/isolates potentially hazardous toxins, organisms, etc. Manual house exhaust valve for rapidly venting the isolator Stainless steel support cart with gas tank support tracks White ambidextrous Hypalon gloves The Closed-Loop Containment Isolator is a completely automated…

  • Bucket System 2769


    …2769-KIT is a fully autoclavable stainless steel rolling cart with two polypropylene 5 gallon (20L) buckets (red, gray), and stainless steel drip cap. Durable, yet lightweight construction makes the 2769 bucket system easy to maneuver around cleanrooms. Cart features 4 standard casters. The double…

  • Bucket System 2771


    Bucket System 2771-KIT is a fully autoclavable stainless steel rolling cart with standard casters, two 6.5 gallon (25L) polypropylene buckets (gray, red) and a stainless steel drip cap. The durable and lightweight stainless steel caster base is easy to maneuver around any cleanroom. The double…

  • Buckets and Accessories


    Contec offers a variety of mopping system buckets and carts made from 100% stainless steel for excellent durability and cleanliness. All components listed may be sterilized by autoclave or gamma irradiation. Durable stainless steel components Autoclavable at 122° C for up to one hour …

  • Multiple Cubicle Desiccators


    …Desiccators These portable desiccator storage cabinets are much safer than individually stacked units. All storage units are mounted on stainless steel support carts and remain stable during transportation. Each air tight cubicle includes two acrylic shelves. Transparent amber units provide…

  • Erlab Laminar Flow Hoods


    …sash, large openng for easy access, and side panel utility ports, and low energy consumption. Optional accessories Stainless steel or resin work surface, rolling cart with locking wheels, stationary work bench. All modes require HEPA filters in order to operate (sold separately).…

  • Heavy Duty Work Table


    Built for cleanliness and stability. Seamless 14-gauge Type 304 stainless steel work surface and support structure Shipped knock down and can be assembled in minutes without tools All Work Tables are 34" (864mm) high with stationary posts and leveling feet. Standard Work Tables - 30"…

  • TRAP Flange Connection with No. 15 O-Ring Joints

    Ace Glass

    Borosilicate glass vacuum/NO-AIR trap. Simliar to 8755 traps but with No. 15 O-Ring side connecting joints. Ideal for vacuum cart and other vacuum or NO-AIR applications. Comes complete with stainless steel ball-joint clamp and Viton O-Ring.

  • Gauge Shelf, Airfree®, Schlenk


    Shelf is constructed of plexiglass with stainless steel support rods and is supplied complete with two bossheads for attachment to the uprights of the AF-0300-02 cart assembly. Center to center on support rods is 136mm.

  • Ice Express System (Build-to-Order)


    …ice buckets or scooping ice into carts. Polyurethane foam insulation preserves the ice supply for long periods, while the polyethylene bin interior is sanitary and easy to clean. All models available with stainless steel construction and polyethylene ice carts. Ice flow from bottom of bin…

  • Plastic Bucket, 15 Liter, Red, for the TruCLEAN Pro Triple-Bucket System


    …firmly on your TruCLEAN Pro cart eliminating any possibility of spillage during transport. Non-porous super-smooth surface prevents microbial growth. Easy to clean and to keep clean. Embossed graduations in both English and metric units for accurate measurement. Stainless steel handle.

  • Plastic Bucket, 15 Liter, Blue, or the Perfex TruCLEAN Pro Triple-Bucket System.


    …to seat firmly on your TruCLEAN Pro cart eliminating any possibility of spillage during transport. Non-porous super-smooth surface prevents microbial growth. Easy to clean and to keep clean. Embossed graduations in both English and metric units for accurate measurement. Stainless steel handle.

  • On-Site Portable Gravity-Fed Eyewash


    …pulls down in one quick motion. Removable tank is inverted onto pedestal, piercing a liner. Stainless steel clamps hold tank to pedestal. When arm is pulled down, water flow is activated. Waste Cart For S19-921 Portable Eyewash is contstructed of molded yellow HDPE. The tank features a 56…

  • FreeZone® Freeze Dryers Miscellaenous Accessories


    …FreeZone Cart (1177K42) Slant Freeze Flask Holder accommodates flasks of any size. Manually adjust angle from 5° to 35°. Made of powder-coated steel. Excellent for pre-freezing flasks for greater surface area. 14.0" dia. Stainless Steel Lid (1177K45) Stainless steel lid has…

  • FreeZone® Legacy™ 2.5L Benchtop Freeze Dry Systems


    …of vacuum pump operation and hours since vacuum pump was serviced. Rear mounted RS232 port transmits data to users computer. The upright stainless steel collector coil can remove 2 liters of water in 24 hours and hold 2.5 liters of ice before defrosting. The 1/4 hp CFC-free refrigeration system…

  • Chem-Spin Scraper Tools


    Easily remove dried-on solids from the interior walls of round bottom flasks without scratching or harming your flask! Stainless steel and PTFE for rapid sample removal Choose from seven sizes - for 100mL thru 5L round bottom flasks Laser etched as to size and part number Available…

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