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  • …a double station with 1000ml (32 oz) eyewash bottle(s) or a single station with a 500ml (16 oz) bottle Stations are shipped with empty bottles and can be filled with 0211W74 Sterile Eye Wash Solution Refills Maintenance instructions for bottles are included Single station dimensions: 44.5W…

  • ELIMINase®  eliminates RNase contamination-instantly and safely! Just squirt with ELIMINase®  and it’s ready to use. Safe on glass, plastics, stainless steel, pipettors, gel boxes, bench tops…ELIMINase®  wipes out DNase and unwanted DNA, then rinses…

  • bottles and spouts come with sealer caps Spout openings standard .030 inches, can be enlarged by cutting with scissors Sealer snaps on easily after using and gives tight seal 15 mL bottles are furnished with size 15 caps; 30 and 60 ml bottles with size 18 caps; 120, 180 and 240 ml bottles with…

  • Teflon Squeeze-Type Wash Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Leakproof closure Made of transparent Teflon® FEP with one-piece stem and closure of Tefzel® ETFE Usable for trace metal work; autoclavable Sizes 125/250 mL = cap No. 24; 500/1,000 mL = cap No. 38

  • Bottle Holders


    Stabilize and store squeeze bottles Provide convenient access to solvent wash bottles Hold one, two or three 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottles up to 3" in diameter Durable Kydex ® units keep top-heavy bottles from falling over to prevent spills. The superior chemical resistance…

  • …procedures Low density polyethylene squeeze bottle, which comes partially filled with mixed-bed ion exchange resin that exhibits a color change as it nears exhaustion Screw cap, which has built-in filter to prevent resin from flowing out Cap on 50 mL bottle has molded dispensing spout with…

  • Bottle Sampler

    Sampling Systems

    … Operation: Insert the sampler to the required depth. Squeeze handle which pushes the cup away from the lid allowing the liquid to enter the cap. After filling remove the sampler. To empty the sampler either tip the sampler whilst squeezing the handle or unscrew the collecting cup.

  • Bottle Dispensing Autoclavable PPCO 250 ml

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Dispensing Bottles can be used to dispense sterile solutions. Easily view liquid level. May be autoclaved full with cap off spout. Tethered spout cap snaps securely into place and won't pop off or leak when the closed bottle is squeezed. Fine, steady stream when squeezed for…

  • Bottle Dispensing Autoclavable PPCO 125 ml

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Dispensing Bottles can be used to dispense sterile solutions. Easily view liquid level. May be autoclaved full with cap off spout. Tethered spout cap snaps securely into place and won't pop off or leak when the closed bottle is squeezed. Fine, steady stream when squeezed for…

  • Attaches easily to clothing Holds a 2 fl oz pump or squeeze bottle of PURELL PURELL bottles sold separately

  • …makes these bottles ideal for long-term storage. The cap and bottle neck have molded-in tagging points which are designed for securing the cap to the bottle using wire security ties. This makes the bottle tamper-evident. The bottle is approved for use with food products. These bottles are easy…

  • Calibration kit includes pH buffer pouches (five each of 4.01, 7.00, 10.00, and rinse water), squeeze bottle, and hard carrying case. (Meter not included)

  • LDPE Wash Bottles

    United Scientific Supplies

    These bottles are made of translucent and low density polyethylene (LDPE). Solutions can be dispensed easily by lightly squeezing the bottle. The flexible polyethylene delivery tube can be directed wherever required.

  • …back to increase flow Tight fit of draw tube and closure that prevents separation when squeezing bottle Ordering Information: Available in packs of the same 16 or 32 oz (500 or 1000mL) bottle, or in a five-bottle (16 oz/500mL only) assortment pack consisting of one each acetone,…

  • Crimpers And Decappers

    J.G. Finneran

    …with adjustable stop Cushion grip for user comfort Economical and durable Remove seals quickly and easily Crimpers: Attach aluminum caps and seals to bottles for lab scale production. Decappers: To remove a seal, place decapper on seal and squeeze handles together.

  • Automatic Zero Acrylic Burets

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Nalge 3640 Safe and easy-to-use Includes reservoir bottle with screw cap, 0.9 meter of PVC tubing and dust cap Similar to 1985R15 series, but automatic zero type with low-density polyethylene squeeze bottle reservoir connected to side filling tube by PVC tubing.

  • …25mL Just By Squeezing the Bottle Squeezing forces the desired volume of liquid through the tube and into the cup. When pressure is released, excess fluid returns into the bottle for spill free pouring. Measure liquids from 5ml to 25ml just by squeezing the bottle Polypropylene…

  • XX6602500


    Ultraclean and dispense small volumes of solvent by squeeze-bottle action. Hand-pressure operated dispenser with filter holder fitted with a delivery tube. Use to direct filtered solvent against surfaces.

  • Teflon™ FEP Drop-Dispensing Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Nalgene™ Teflon™ FEP Drop-Dispensing Bottles, featuring excellent chemical resistance for dispensing virtually any chemical. Tethered spout cap snaps securely into place and won't pop off or leak when the closed bottle is squeezed. Usable over a wide temperature range…

  • …is a universal aid in the laboratory, electroplating industry, water treatment plants, for field analyses and numerous other applications. Squeeze the bottle to fill above the 0 line; automatically self zeros. Prominent features include: measured to deliver; made of borosilicate glass with blue ring…

  • Spout Closure

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Dispense just one drop at a time, with convenient, one-hand operation Captive spout cap stays in place when bottle is squeezed

  • …mL increments Self-zeroing; overflow is returned to reservoir 2002A01 (LaMotte 0847) and A06 (LaMotte 0996) burets include 50 mL plastic squeeze bottle reservoir with screw cap to hold buret. 2002A03 (LaMotte 0427) and A09 (LaMotte 0997) burets include 24 mm screw cap, but do not include…

  • Atomizer Spray Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    White, low density polyethylene spray bottle comes in sizes ranging from  15 mL to 60 mL Oval squeeze design With atomizer tip and dip tube Polypropylene screw cap

  • Low-density polyethylene Cap snaps on easily and continues to hold a tight seal even after repeated use Tip opening is 0.76mm (0.030")

  • …dispenser bottles  feature a graduated clear PMP measuring cup that slides  up and down on the vertical polyethylene tube for  easy adjustment. The variation in height determines  the volume to be dispensed. The cup is filled by squeezing  the bottle and forcing…

  • bottles with GPS No. 38-430 or 38-400 threads This dispenser fits many 2.5 & 4 liters, 5 pint (80 fl. Oz), ½ gallon & 1-gallon jugs and bottles. To use, squeeze the smaller bottle and depress the top button to immediately stop dispensing. Use the two included adapters for short neck bottles.

  • These natural low-density Polyethylene dispensing bottles with nozzle feature a leakproof screw closure. The white polyethylene screw cap has a pivoting nozzle which can be raised to give a direct jet of liquid as the bottle is squeezed. When the nozzle is closed the passage for liquid is shut off…

  • Buret Filler Kit

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    For filling 25 or 50 mL glass or plastic burets Nalge 3645 Self-zeroing Kit includes a 1,000 mL LDPE squeeze-bottle; 1.2 meters of 1/8” bore clear PVC tubing; polypropylene fill-tube; polypropylene adapter plug which is reversible to fit either size buret; and two size 63…

  • …traceable volumetric accuracy or when the titrant should not be handled. Packed complete with a reservoir bottle, U-shaped drying tube, vented connecting tube, rubber squeeze bulb, #1 single-holed rubber stopper, PTFE stopcock plug and 1/4 inch ID tubing Precision ground tips assure…

  • …self contained and programmable instruments, that allows for full control of precise fluidic delivery from the gentle dripping of a simple squeeze bottle to the full force of pressure delivery systems. The ELx50 is a fast and versatile automated strip washer equipped with the patented…

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