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Soil Test Kit
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  • Soil Test Kit, Model EL


    Rapid test procedures and laminated color charts give low/medium/high concentrations for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (15 tests each) A pH indicator and color chart cover the range pH 4.0-9.0 (30 tests). A garden guide manual and soil handbook interpret test results and give lime and…

  • Soil pH Test Kit


    …pH soil kit. Supplied with a color chart and plastic spot plate. pH affects all mineral elements and the biological process made available to plants from the soil. Accurate pH testing is essential to determine lime requirements and to insure that a mineralrich soil is also a fertile one. 100 tests.

  • PH200 Portable Meter Kit for Soil

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …Meter is designed for professional direct soil pH measurements. The 3-in-1 POM pH/Temp. Electrode uses Polymer electrolyte, Long-Life reference system, and a unique blue spear sensor tip, making precise direct soil pH measurement easier than ever. This soil pH meter has a ±0.01 pH accuracy…

  • 5 Parameter Soil Test Kit, Model Sth-5


    tests as well as three 250-mL bottles of Universal Extracting solution, 3923E05 Demineralizer Wash Bottle, calibrated test tubes and pipets, measuring spoons, soil measures, spot plates, funnels, filter paper, stirring rods, test tube brush, water-resistant color charts, soil handbook and soil test

  • Soil pH Test Kit, Tablets


    By popular demand, TesTabs® method. Companion to Soil NPK kit (Code 3-5880). Simple diagrammed instructions. 50 tests for pH Wide Range 4-11 in 1.0 pH units Distilled or deionized water recommended

  • Morgan Soil Kit


    …processes made available to plants from the soil. Accurate pH testing is essential to determine lime requirements and to insure that a mineral-rich soil is also a fertile one. Soil kit tests for pH levels using the Morgan method matching test results to color charts Range and sensitivity…

  • Soil DNA Extraction Kits

    IBI Scientific

    …sequencing reactions. The quality of the Soil DNA Extraction Kit is tested on a lot-to-lot basis by isolating genomic DNA from 250 mg soil samples. Specifications of the Soil DNA Extraction Kit include: Sample Size: 250-500 mg of soil Expectant Yield: up to 5 µg of genomic…

  • FastDNA® SPIN Kit for Soil

    MP Biomedicals

    Applications : The Fast DNA™ SPIN Kit for Soil is designed to efficiently isolate bacterial, fungal, plant and animal genomic DNA from soil and other environmental samples. It quickly and efficiently isolates PCR-ready genomic DNA directly from soil samples in less than 60 minutes. …

  • Soil Texture Unit


    For separating soil sample into its sands, silt and clay fractions Consists of three calibrated conical tubes, three-place plastic rack, 2-oz. dropper bottle of flocculating reagent, and soil handbook

  • Nitty-Gritty Soil Science


    …importance of composting. This kit is a great introduction to the basic concepts of soil science! Investigate healthy plant requirements for proper soil texture, ideal levels of soil pH, and nutrients. Learn to perform pH, nitrate, phosphate, and potassium soil tests (using non-hazardous TesTab…

  • Soil PH Tester


    The most accurate inexpensive outfit for testing pH of any soil, sand, clay or peat. Performs 200 tests.

  • Soil Sampling Tools

    Environmental Sampling Supply

  • Soil Analysis Outfit, Model STH-14


    test tubes and pipets, measuring spoons, soil measures, spot plates, funnels, filter paper, stirring rods, test tube brush, water-resistant color charts, soil handbook and soil test report forms. WARNING: Calcium Test Solution included in outfit contains sodium oxalate. Ammonia Nitrogen Test

  • Smart 3 Electronic Soil Lab, Model DC-12


    …provide immediate, accurate and economical soil analyses in the field Self contained Test 15 different soil factors including available forms of macronutrients and micronutrients Simplified test procedures provide at least 20 tests for each nutrient. Each accurately standardized…

  • Micronutrient Plant Tissue Test Kit


    …the soil. All tests give qualitative results for the specific nutrients. By comparing test results from healthy and problem plants, it is possible to pinpoint deficiencies or excessive nutrient conditions. Includes tests for ferrous and ferric iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and boron. Each test

  • Nitrogen, Nitrate Test Kits


    kit. Contains 50 tests Achieve fast results with an easy-to-carry test kit Range: 0 to 50 mg/L NO3 - -N Contains mercury. Dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations. Thomas No. 146803 One of Hach's most popular test kits,

  • Test Kit, Po-19 Phosphate High


    …phosphates: ortho- or reactive phosphate, meta- or poly- (condensed) phosphate, and organic phosphate. Phosphates enter water supplies from soil runoff, cleaning operations, water treatment, boiler blowdown, and sewage. Although necessary for biological growth, too much phosphate causes…

  • MQuant™ Arsenic, Test Method: colorimetric with test strips and reagents


    …class: 10 - 13 Other liquids and solids Storage: Store at +15°C to +25°C. Hazard: Irritant; Dangerous for the Environment The arsenic test is suitable for measuring arsenic in water, soil extracts, pharmaceutical products, prepared biological specimens and liquid foods.

  • Potash Reading Plate


    Component of STH Series of soil test kits and the Soil Macronutrient Test Kit.

  • Spectroquant® Ammonium Test Method: photometric


    The test can be used for the cyanide-free determination of ammonium in wastewater, groundwater, surface water and seawater. Furthermore, after appropriate sample pretreatment the analysis of soil and food is possible. Precautionary Statement(s): P210: Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot…

  • Persulfate CHEMets Kit


    …D.F. Boltz and J.A. Howell, eds. Colorimetric Determination of Nonmetals, 2nd Ed., Vol. 8, p. 304 (1978). CHEMetrics’ persulfate test kit employs the ferric thiocyanate method. In an acidic solution, persulfate oxidizes ferrous iron. The resulting ferric ion reacts with ammonium…

  • EnzyChrom™ Invertase Assay Kit

    BioAssay Systems

    …activity. Safe. Non-radioactive assay. "Mix-incubate-measure" type assay. No wash and reagent transfer steps are involved. Can be readily automated to test thousands of samples per day. Method: OD570 nm, or FL530/585 nm. Samples: Biological, environment (soil) etc.

  • Glyphosate ELISA Kit


    …human urine, human serum, soil, milk, lentils, white beans, soy beans, corn, malt barley, potatoes, rose stems, honey, corn syrup, tofu, soy sauce, tea leaves, ground oats, wheat, and barley, baby food cereal (such as oatmeal and rice cereal), wine, and beer. The kit applies the principles of…

  • Isolation & Characterization of Bacteria Kit


    …skills required for the isolation of bacteria from test samples. This kit teaches aseptic handling techniques and cultivation of bacteria.   Using bacterial culture techniques, students discover and isolate the bacteria present in the soil around us.  Following isolation of bacteria,…

  • Refill Model Combo Hf


    …STH-14 Soil Test Kit. It features refills of the chemicals and reagents that came with the original kit without the case or testing equipment. Refills for: pH, 100 tests, Range: pH 3.8-9.6 Nitrate Nitrogen, 50 tests, 10-150 lbs/acre Phosphorus (non-alkaline soils), 50 tests,

  • Sodium Hydroxide Standard Solution, 0.075 N


    For total exchangeable acidity determination in soils. Used in test kit 2496000.

  • Acid Rain Study Outfit


    Collect precipitation and determine the pH levels of ponds, lakes and streams with this complete outfit—a valuable unit for any environmental science program. Durable, tapered rain gauge Easy-to-use pH test kit Comprehensive study guide Activity sheets 50 tests

  • OxiTop® Control B 6 Measuring System


    …fertilizer...) as well as to conduct toxicity tests. This determination is possible with the OxiTop® Control System and special measuring vessel tested in practice with much precision, easily and at a reasonable cost. For soil with higher CO2 development, the measuring…

  • Hydrochloric Acid, 1.00 Normal

    Ricca Chemical

    Formula: HCl Formula Weight: 36.46 CAS Number: 7647-01-0 Synonym(s): N/A

  • Bromothymol Blue


    Formula: C27H28Br2O5S Formula Weight: 624.38 CAS Number: 76-59-5

  • Atrazine RaPID Assay®

    Modern Water

    …analysis of soil and water for remediation, assessment, and industrial testing. Rapid field testing procedure for analysis of soil, food or water samples Quantitative data results with excellent analytical precision Results available in approximately 60 minutes Tests up to 50…

  • Lysing Matrix E, 2mL Tubes

    MP Biomedicals

    …SPIN Kit for Soil and the FastRNA™ Pro Soil Kits. Product Description: Each impact-resistant 2 mL tube contains 1.4 ceramic spheres, 0.1 mm silica spheres, and one 4 mm glass bead. Lysing Matrix E tubes have purple caps and found in the FastDNA™ SPIN Kit for Soil and the…

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