Small Weigh Boats

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Small Weigh Boats
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  • labForce Micro Weigh Boat

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Ideal for microbalance weighing and/or distribution of very small amounts of sampling material. Easy to Handle Large tabs make boats easy to use, position and hold, especially with forceps Superb Sample Recovery Inert material enables the boat and contents to be added to…

  • Small weigh boats have dimensions of 1.75 x 1.75 inches square x 0.375 inches high. Disposable, lightweight, with a stable flat bottom and turned gripping edge. These weighing dishes are easier to manipulate than unwieldy weighing papers or heavy glass or porcelain labware. Thin, no-wetting…

  • smartBoats™ Paper Weigh Boats

    Heathrow Scientific

    …biodegrade (Eco-OUT) when disposed of in the standard waste stream; a truly green solution to sample weighing. Control contents like a polystyrene weigh boat An alternative to regular weighing papers as they are much easier to handle Made of grease proof paper that meets FDA 21 CFR…

  • …containers which are specially made for many applications such as weighing, dispensing or storing. They can be used as quick freeze trays for sample material, discard trays for broken ampules, or mixing trays for small batches. They have flat bottoms to ensure perfect stability on counters,…

  • Made of anti-static polystyrene Available in small, medium, large For use with CPA Balances, Cubis™ Balances, Extend ED Balances, M-Power Balances, M-Prove Scales

  • …and facilitating weighing of static-affected samples. Simport® dishes can also be used as quick freeze trays for sample material, discard trays for broken ampules, or mixing trays for small batches. Will withstand temperatures up to 80 °C. These 3 sizes of pour boats are specially made…

  • BalanceBanks


    …to weighing supplies Compartments keep weighing supplies clean Heavy-duty, chemical-resistant, PVC construction Promotes lab cleanliness Mini BalanceBank™ Holds Kimwipes®, spatulas, pens, paper, calculators, small and medium weigh papers and boats

  • Ergoclips

    Mettler Toledo

    …holder for XPR micro-analytical balances. 1141R44 Vial holder for XPR micro-analytical balances. ErgoClips Weighing Kit (1228Z98) for XP and XS Analytical Balances contains: ErgoClip Round Bottom Flask ErgoClip Basket Small ErgoClip Weighing Boat Single use Aluminum Pans

  • …pipets, swabs, etc. Large book holder for notebook, instruction manual or log book. Standardized compartment sizes fit small, medium and large weigh papers or boats. Unique compartment provides fingertip access to small Kimwipes® or Accuwipes®. Dimensions: 24" x 8" x 12".

  • …electrophoresis apparatus, D.C. power supply, automatic micropipets and tips, balance, microwave or hot plate, pipet pump, 250 ml flasks or beakers, hot gloves, safety goggles and gloves, small plastic trays or large weigh boats, DNA visualization system (white light), distilled or deionized water

  • Economical solution for sterile sampling of small quantities of dry of liquid measures. Individually sterile packaged Flat bottom shape stays upright empty or filled; can be used as a weigh boat Long handle keeps hand away from sample White, high-impact FDA grade polystyrene Conveniently…

  • …economical measures are ideal for retrieving small, specific volume samples of powders or liquids. Use a separate spoon for each material sampled to avoid cross contamination. Unique flat bottom shape allows them to be used as weighing boats for additional sampling accuracy Made from…

  • WeighBucket™

    MTC Bio

    Polyethylene WeighBuckets™ are a new type of weighing vessel that safely transports, contains and pours liquids, powders and small solids. The handle and spout make them easy to use, practically eliminating spillage and making controlled-rate pouring possible. Dimensions excluding rim,…

  • …distance between the hand and sample to reduce contamination and exposure potential Flat bottom allows scoops to remain upright for use as weigh boats or to rest on a flat surface without spilling Blue coloring conforms to industry recognized standards for metal detectable materials; both blue…

  • … Perfect for retrieving small, specific volume samples of powders or liquids Wide handles let you grip firmly and provide just enough stiffness to easily sample packed powders and other firm materials Unique flat bottom shape allows convenient duo use as weighing boats to save time and assure…

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