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Small Water Bath
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  • MyBath™ 4L Digital Water Bath


    water bath features easy to use controls that allow the user to digitally select and monitor temperature. Its hinged lid provides a secure, covered environment and can be flipped open (to the rear) or completely and instantly removed at the user's option. The MyBath is also the only water bath that…

  • Precision™ Water Bath & Thermal Bead Bundles

    Thermo Scientific

    …standard in laboratory water baths, with enhanced designs and added features to help simplify workflows and maximize productivity. Support a wide range of applications with Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ general purpose water baths, designed to maintain water temperature from ambient…

  • PURA Water Baths


    … Lift-Up Bath Covers Lift-up, transparent bath covers for PURA water baths. Necessary for operation in the PURA bath tank to temperatures >90°C. Bath cover made from plexiglass and polycarbonate. Flat Bath Covers Flat stainless steel covers for PURA water baths. Lids include…

  • BS Series Energy-Saving Constant Temperature Water Baths


    water bath standard equipped with overheat prevention device and electric leakage breaker. Performance and functions BS200 4 types of accessorial baskets. Maximum 5L beaker can be set after removing the lid BS400 Comes with 4 container mounting clamps and cooling water

  • Precision™ Shaking Water Baths

    Thermo Scientific

    …Precision Dubnoff shaking water baths are designed specifically for applications that require your samples to be incubated in a controlled atmosphere. This bath has 15 L capacity and a depth of 3.5 in (8.9 cm). One large and two small gassing hoods are included with each bath along with the gable…

  • Low Temperature Coolers


    …economic alternative to tap water cooling of heated circulating baths when rapid cool-downs or operation at or near ambient is needed. Continuous cooling to -25°C Designed to run at maximum cooling Ideal for use with heated and refrigerated circulating baths Temperature…

  • LT ecocool™ Energy Efficient Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Baths

    Grant Instruments

    … Pharmaceutical - mini pilot plant reactors  Education - rotary evaporator cooling, replacement of running tap water cooling, immersing  small samples, photometry, chromatography systems  Industrial - QC testing, sample preparation, general cooling, reaction…

  • RapidVap® Vertex™ Dry Evaporators


    …temperature. Up to ten different programs may be stored in its microprocessor for protocol consistency. Unlike water bath heaters, the dry block heater requires less maintenance, no distilled water or additives, and adds no potential source of contamination. Microprocessor-controlled heater…

  • Minichiller Compact Chillers

    Huber USA

    …applications. A calculation of water and waste water costs shows that a Minichiller can save up to 48,000 litres of water in a working week and due to its low procurement price, return on investment is achieved within a very short time. The units have small footprints, only requiring 225 x…

  • Floating Foam Tube Racks

    Heathrow Scientific

    Float in small baths as well as large vessels Brightly-colored, high-density polyethylene foam racks are ideal for floating tubes in water baths, tubs, or beakers. Closed-cell foam resists water absorption so racks can be washed and reused. The blue round rack features unique…

  • 4-Way Flipper® Racks


    … Racks may be placed in freezer or water bath. Regardless of support position used, footprint is small enough to be conveniently used under a hood or on the benchtop. Seven different colors allow racks to be color-coded by experiment or user. Small racks (Thomas numbers 9259D30 through D48)…

  • 6 Position N-EVAP® Nitrogen Evaporators


    …N-EVAP line. These economical units provide controlled concentration of sample vials through the application of nitrogen gas within a heated water bath. The N-EVAP’s circular rotating design permits each sample to be accessible from the front of the instrument for easy insertion and retrieval.…

  • Immersion Cooler

    Huber USA

    …circulation thermostats or replacement of dry ice. For many applications immersion coolers are also an environmentally friendly alternative to mains water cooling. The TC immersion coolers are suitable for unsupervised use, for cooling tasks which require continuous cooling or as a variant with…

  • Ai Series Compact Recirculating Chillers

    Across International

    …chilling fluid connectors ANSI standard all stainless steel reservoir All steel construction for durability Small footprint saves valuable lab space Cost saving as the water consumption is completely eliminated Plug and play, no assembly required Attention! Do NOT use Ai Chill-50…

  • Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (FTM)


    …by a colour change of redox indicator, resazurin to red (6,7,8). The small amount of agar helps in maintaining low redox potential for stabilizing the medium (9). Directions: Suspend 29.75 grams in 1000 ml distilled water. Heat to boiling to dissolve the medium completely. Sterilize by autoclaving…

  • Bransonic® Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner


    …dust, it will also remove a wide range of other contaminants. OTHER CLEANING APPLICATIONS Instrument & clock parts Small geological samples Coins & hobby items Small electrical/electronic components Metal & plastic machined parts Recorder & drafting pens

  • Multi-Purpose Tray with Snap-on Lid

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …lid is ideal for safely storing small items or holding instruments while autoclaving. Stacks with identical trays and lids to maximize cupboard and shelf storage capacity Shallow depth is useful for holding small vials or bottles in a water bath or on ice Inside corners are rounded…

  • Forte HT High Temperature Circulators


    …Forte HT Highly Dynamic Heating Temperature Control Systems for external applications with working temperatures up to +400 °C. A small internal bath volume enables rapid heat up times and fast compensation for external events, such as endotherms or exotherms. Hydaulically sealed construction…

  • Oasis Heating & Cooling System


    …system that circulates temperature regulated fluid through accessory devices used on a microscope is desktop size, about the size and shape of a small shoe box and has a digital temperature control interface with temperature range between 0 to 45 degrees C. Why choose Oasis? Reliable,…

  • 12 Position N-EVAP® Nitrogen Evaporators


    … The 12 Position N-EVAP is available with either a heated water bath, heated dry bath, or stand for evaporation at ambient temperature. Corrosion resistant FEP coating is available for use with strong acids. Advantages: Small Footprint : N-EVAP Model# 111 has the smallest footprint of…

  • Scienceware® No-Wire™ Round Racks

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …round ice buckets such as Magic Touch™ and the small rack fits perfectly in a 1000mL beaker. Special blend of autoclavable polypropylene is heavier than water so rack remains stable at the bottom of water baths or ice baths All racks have a base and two tiers of grids with…

  • Cryo-Babies® & Cryo-Tags® on Rolls (for Handwriting)

    Diversified Biotech

    …withstand boiling water baths at 100°C and dry heat up to 150°C without cracking, peeling or degrading. Cryo-Babies and Cryo-Tags resist most detergents and oils, as well as many organic solvents, caustic agents and other challenges without peeling. They will resist water soaking for at…

  • Accessories & Microtips for Branson SFX250, SFX550, 250 and 450 Sonifiers


    …when used with cell disruptor Can be placed in suitable cooling bath to maintain lower sample temperature Glass Rosett Cooling Cell with Water Jacket (9655U20) Double chamber cooling cell for use with tap water or suitable external circulator Provided with input and output…

  • Student Thermometers

    United Scientific Supplies

    …reading. Full immersion thermometers need to be submerged deep enough so the desired temperature is at the meniscus. For example, if you wish to measure the temperature of a hot water bath to make sure it is 100°C, then you need to submerge the thermometer up to the 100°C mark.

  • Round Ice Bucket Test Tube Racks

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …nitrogen. Racks can also be used in water baths as floating racks. Models 6106A52 through A54 have 30 large holes (17 mm dia.) that accommodate 15 mL conical tubes or 13 mL Falcon® tubes, as well as other test tubes with similar diameters. Model 6106A62 has 44 small holes that accommodate 1.5…

  • M-Lauryl Sulphate Broth


    water samples are filtered through sterile membrane filter and then placed face upward on an absorbent pad saturated with M-Lauryl Sulphate Broth. The membranes should be incubated in a container which does not allow evaporation to occur. Water-tight metal containers placed in an accurate water bath

  • Tough-Spots® Labels on Rolls

    Diversified Biotech

    …and liquid phase nitrogen storage, up to moderate oven temperatures) and can endure sustained humidity and soaking, submersion in boiling water baths, autoclaving, organic solvents, caustic agents and other challenges without peeling, degrading or becoming brittle. Tough-Spots will accept…

  • Serum Plus(TM) Medium Supplement, FBS gamma-irradiated by SER-TAIN(R) process


    …acclimate to room temperature for approximately 10 minutes.2. Place each container in a 30 - 37 C water bath or incubator. Excessive temperatures will degrade heat liable nutrients. If using a water bath, prevent the bottle caps from being completely submerged.3. Gently swirl or shake the bottles…

  • Serum Plus(TM) Medium Supplement, FBS gamma-irradiated by SER-TAIN(R) process


    …acclimate to room temperature for approximately 10 minutes.2. Place each container in a 30 - 37 C water bath or incubator. Excessive temperatures will degrade heat liable nutrients. If using a water bath, prevent the bottle caps from being completely submerged.3. Gently swirl or shake the bottles…

  • Microcentrifuge Tube Tough-Tags® on Rolls

    Diversified Biotech

    …withstand steam-autoclaving, boiling water baths, humid incubators, freezing temperatures to -20°C, organic solvents, caustic agents and other challenges without peeling. Tags have strong adhesion to all plastics and other materials. Dimensions: Small: 0.94” x 0.5”; Large:…

  • Cryo-Babies, Cryo-Tags and Tough-Spots Cryogenic Labels

    Diversified Biotech

    …are chemically inert with a solvent resistant acrylic adhesive that will adhere to all plastics, glass and metal. Labels will withstand boiling water baths at 100°C and dry heat up to 150°C without cracking, peeling or degrading. Laser Sidewall Cryo Tags for microplates are also available. Rainbow…

  • TOC Agar


    …and then emulsify the yeast cells in 0.5 ml of horse or other serum in a small test tube with a loose cotton-wool plug. Failure to achieve a light inoculum inhibits germ-tube formation. Incubate at 37°C in a water bath for 2-4 hours (8). A drop of suspension is then placed on a glass slide and…

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