Small Volume Spectrophotometer

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Small Volume Spectrophotometer
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Persee Analytics

  • Spectrosil® Far UV Quartz window Usable range: 170 to 2700 nm ‘Z’ Dimension: 15 mm Nominal volume: 0.45 mL Feature a rectangular window in a self-masking configuration. Sample chamber (W x L x H): 4 x 10 x 11 mm. The external dimensions for Thomas No. 8495L11…

  • Genova Spectrophotometers

    Jenway (Cole-Parmer)

    spectrophotometer. This makes the Genova Nano Jenway's first 3 in 1 spectrophotometer. The Genova Nano microvolume spectrophotometer measures small sample volumes as low as 0.5µl with a high degree of accuracy, reproducibility and speed. It has the ability to measure small sample volumes,

  • …versatile. This spectrophotometer is very simple and quick to use and its ability to measure sample volumes as low as 0.5µl conserves precious samples, reduces the need for dilutions and eliminates the requirement for cuvettes. The Genova Nano measures small sample volumes with a high degree…

  • …highest degree of accuracy with the smallest sample volume with as little as 0.3 µl. Illuminated quartz sample surface allows for easy sample application. Mobile Design Microvolume spectroscopy can now be taken anywhere in the small light-weight size of 20x20x12 cm and between 3.8 to…

  • …heating or cooling samples by liquid heat transfer media Ideal for study of heat effects, such as thermal denaturalization of DNA Small jacket volume minimizes undesirable heating of phototube Fits standard carriers for 10 mm square cells One-piece construction Sample…

  • µCuvette® G1.0


    …measuring cell is a high-quality cuvette made of aluminum and quartz glass. It is the perfect tool for measuring high concentrations in small volumes. Higher sample concentrations require a shorter optical path length for measurements. With an optical path length of only 1 mm, the µCuvette…

  • Designed for the measurement of very small samples Retain exterior dimensions of standard cells Volume range: 10 µL to 160 µL Path length: 10 mm The entrance to the sample compartment is hemispherical to eliminate sharp corners which can cause sample loss due to…

  • …cleaning, no associated risk of sample carryover or cross-contamination Sample volumes as small as 70 ul are sufficient 15 mm center height allows use without adapter in most commercial spectrophotometers: Amersham Biosciences, Analytik Jena, Biochrom, WPA, Eppendorf ® , PerkinElmer…

  • Ultra-Micro Cells

    Agilent Technologies

    …accomplished with commonly available pipette tips. Ultra-micro cells with Eppendorf pipette filling/emptying are designed to handle extremely small volumes. When only a minimum amount of sample is available, these cells provide a filling volume only slightly larger than the measuring chamber volume.

  • …range: 170 to 2700 nm Dual path length cells Types 52 and 53 allow for both fluorescence and absorbance measurements to be made with small volumes with a choice of two path lengths, dependent on the orientation of the cell in the cell holder. All cells have a 10mm path length in one direction…

  • UVette®


    small volumes (≥50 µL) UV and Vis measurements from 220 nm to 1,600 nm UV transparent plastic, free of fluoropolymers and other halogenated hydrocarbons Two built-in optical path lengths in a single cuvette - just turn the UVette 90° to change from 10 mm and 2 mm Volume

  • Alta ELISA Reader

    CTK Biotech

    …monochromatically and bichromatically. It is intended to be used for intensity measurements on a large number of samples, as well as a very small volume of samples, in laboratories, pathology departments, blood banks and Hospitals for the study of antigen and antibody detection and quantization…

  • …Use of the OD600 DiluPhotometer™ with Implen’s DiluCell™ 10 or DiluCell™ 20 facilitates the measurement of low volume samples (volume requirement of 200 µl and 100 µl respectively). The two different available DiluCell™ 10 and DiluCell™ 20 versions…

  • Techni-Dome® Gas-Purge Desiccator

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …halide salt cells used in IR spectrophotometers, Thin Layer Chromatography plates, electronics and other moisture-sensitive items. The unit has a volume of 65 liters (4,000 cu. in.) and holds items up to 45cm (18") tall or wide. Unlike present small dome-shaped vacuum desiccators,…

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