Sling Psychrometer

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Sling Psychrometer
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  • Sling Psychrometer

    United Scientific Supplies

    Use this simple apparatus to measure relative humidity. Includes two plastic-backed Celsius thermometers, one for dry bulb measurements and the other for wet bulb measurements. The thermometers mount on a wooden handle so they can be spun to obtain tem

  • High-impact, plastic case serves as a pivoted handle in use Wet and dry bulb thermometers, range 20 to 120°F in 1° divisions Swivel-mount assures that the whirling thermometers always face air flow. Slide-rule humidity calculator is silk-screened on case. Slide rule range is…

  • Sling-Type Psychrometer for Relative Humidity Measurement Compact One-Piece, High Impact Plastic Construction Scale Range on One Side for Easier, and More Accurate Results Slide-Rule Calculator Gives Direct Readings without Reference to Outside Tables One Piece Wick and Water Well…

  • Sling Psychrometer Kit, Pack of 10 Sets

    GSC International, Inc.

    Our Sling Psychrometer Kit is a simple hygrometer used in measuring the moisture content in the air. When spun around on their wooden handle, the wet bulb thermometer and the dry bulb thermometer will read different temperatures. This information can then be used to determine relative humidity and…

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