Sling Psychrometer

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Sling Psychrometer
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  • Pocket-Size Sling Psychrometer

    Taylor Precision

    High-impact, plastic case serves as a pivoted handle in use Wet and dry bulb thermometers, range 20 to 120°F in 1° divisions Swivel-mount assures that the whirling thermometers always face air flow. Slide-rule humidity calculator is silk-screened on case. Slide rule range is…

  • Sling Psychrometer

    United Scientific Supplies

    Use this simple apparatus to measure relative humidity. Includes two plastic-backed Celsius thermometers, one for dry bulb measurements and the other for wet bulb measurements. The thermometers mount on a wooden handle so they can be spun to obtain tem

  • Pocket Psychrometer, Spirit, 20-120'F


    Sling-Type Psychrometer for Relative Humidity Measurement Compact One-Piece, High Impact Plastic Construction Scale Range on One Side for Easier, and More Accurate Results Slide-Rule Calculator Gives Direct Readings without Reference to Outside Tables One Piece Wick and Water Well…

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