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  • TS-L.N Series Standard Laboratory Balances with NTEP Certification

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    … A 3-door draft shield is standard on all analytical models (excludes milligram and high-capacity models). The internal dimensions and three sliding doors make access to the chamber a breeze. All draft shield doors, stainless steel weigh pan, and draft chamber floor are easy to remove for cleaning.…

  • Microscope Slides, Soda LimeGlass, Ground Edges with Safety Corners, Single &…

    Globe Scientific

    …quality and performance of microscope slides. Microscope slides should be stored in a dry place at constant room temperature. Slides should be stored on a pallet or shelf and not directly on a floor. Do not store slides and solvents together as the slide surface can turn hydrophobic. If the…

  • Frosted Slides

    Erie Scientific

    slides with ground edges Slides measure 3” x 1”. Each box of 1/2 gross is wrapped in cellophane and heat-sealed for protection from dust and moisture Etched on two side Clinical grade 19 mm marking surface etched evenly on both sides at one end of 3” x 1” slide

  • Slide Holders


    …receptacle to hold slides during evaluation and cleaning These strong, lightweight slide holders are chemical resistant and provide an inexpensive way to dry slides and drain excess fluids from flat surfaces. Angle of slots facilitates clear viewing of desired slide. Beveled edges provide…

  • Colored And Frosted Microscope Slides

    Globe Scientific

    …side 25 x 75 x 1 mm Ground with safety corners The ground edge slide with safety corners provides slightly clipped corners for comfortable handling and to prevent the risk of finger and hand cuts. All slides are printed with “Globe” under the frosting area for orientation…

  • Prepared Slides

    United Scientific Supplies

    …Organs, Cell Contents, and Vascular systems. Recommended for elementary through high schools. Complete list of slides included available upon request. Prepared slide Set, 12 slides. Contains: Bacteria smear from mouth, onion root tip mitosis ls, amoeba proteus wm, monocot/dicot stem cs,…

  • Ground Edge, Safety Corners Microscope Slides

    Globe Scientific

    25 x 75 x 1mm 90° ground edges Safety corners Pre-cleaned 72 slides per box Frosted Slides: 1 end, 1 side

  • Frosted Slides

    Thermo Scientific

    Superfrost® Series Coated, indissoluble marking surface, for clearer, more readable slide labeling and more accurate slide identification 6685K45 is 1.2 mm thick.    

  • Multitest Slides

    MP Biomedicals

    A range of multiwell slides are available which will have many applications including immunofluorescence, cell culture, slide agglutination tests and histology. The selection includes different well sizes, configurations, and two types of coatings. The Premium version features high quality Swiss…

  • Ground Edge Microscope Slides

    Globe Scientific

    25 x 75 x 1mm. 90° ground edges 90° corners Pre-cleaned Frosted Slides: frosted on 1 end, 1 side

  • Microscope Slides


    Process Clean Thickness 0.96 to 1.06 mm 5 or 10 boxes per case Packaged 72 slides per box 75 x 25 mm; thickness 0.96 to 1.06 mm 6686R18 slide has frosted marking surface on one end, on one side; 6686S18 slide is frosted on one end

  • Micro Slide

    Hausser Scientific

    …by direct microscopic method 2” x 3” (51 x 76 mm) slide, of resistance glass, with 15 transparent circles, 11.28 mm diameter; area of each circle, 1 cm 2 Remaining slide surface is etched Slide thickness, 1.5 mm See APHA, Standard Methods for the Examination…

  • Slide Staining Accessories

    Globe Scientific

    …microscope slides. The staining dish is designed for use with our staining rack and features a lid that holds up to 28 slides for upright drying. The storage box is produced from polystyrene (PS) and holds up to 4 staining racks (100 slides). The inside lid of the box contains a detailed slide index…

  • Thomas Red Label Special Use Slides

    Special 2 x 3 inch size (6686K20) Thickness 1.10-1.30 mm Washed, with plain edges Clinical grade Special 3 1/4 x 4 inch size (6686M20) Thickness 1.10-1.30 mm Washed, with plain cut edges Clinical grade

  • Cardboard Slide Mailers

    Globe Scientific

    The flat cardboard slide mailers feature an inner finger groove for effortless slide removal along with a cover that opens for viewing. They securely hold slides with or without a cover-glass. The flat surface area is ideal for labeling or writing any necessary information. Light-weight and reusable…

  • 12-Place Slide Storage Box

    Globe Scientific

    These slide storage boxes are designed for the safe long term storage of microscope slides. They are produced from durable ABS plastic and offer a hinged lid for easy opening and closing. An inventory sheet is located on the inside cover for convenient slide identification and organization. The base…

  • Microscope Slides, Glass, 25 x 75mm, 90° Ground Edges with Safety Corners,…


    Frosted microscope slides. Frosted: 1 end, 1 side. 25 x 75 x 1mm. 90° ground edges. Safety corners. Pre-cleaned. 72 slides per box. Packaging: Case: 10 gross (20 boxes of 72)

  • Single and Double Cavity Microscope Slides

    GSC International, Inc.

    Pre-Cleaned Glass Slides with smooth ground edges and uniform thickness of 1.0-1.2mm. Size: 25.4 x 76.2.

  • Microscope Slides Tan Frosted, safety corners

    Globe Scientific

    Tan Frosted one end, one side Dimensions: 25mm x 75mm (+ 0.5mm). Thickness: 1.1mm 90° Ground Edges with Safety Corners 72 slides per box Packaging: Case: 10 gross (20 boxes of 72).

  • EasyDip™ Slide Staining System


    …microscope slides, the EasyDip™ Slide Staining System has two components: a square staining jar and a 12-position vertical slide rack. As an extra benefit, they are available in 5 different colors to help better identifying contents or applications. Purchase the EasyDip™ Slide

  • Slide Storage Cabinets

    Globe Scientific

    …long-term storage of slide specimens. Each cabinet unit holds up to 4,500 slides. Up to 10 units can be secured together on a single base for a total of 45,000 slides per stack! Each cabinet unit contains 6 dual slotted drawers Each drawer holds up to 750 slides (4,500 slides per 6 drawer…

  • Diamond™ Perfect Smear

    Globe Scientific

    …achieve consistant, accurate smears More cost efficient than glass microscope slides Safe polystyrene construction eliminates cuts to hands and fingers Lightweight flexible design protects blood cells from destruction that occurs when using glass slides Tapered ends for uniform smearing

  • Plastic Well Slides

    United Scientific Supplies

    Clear plastic slides measures 3" x 1" and feature raised edges designed to be easily gripped by a nechanical stage. The well is approximately 16mm in diameter with a depth of 2 to 3mm. Supplied 10 per pack

  • Microscope Slide-Wells

    Diversified Biotech

    Convenient - Pre-cut, twin adhesive well stickers (1cm diameter) firmly adhere to microscope slides. Examine specimens with or without cover slips. Available in depths of 0.25mm and 0.50mm. Multiple Applications - Examine or count tissue culture cells, yeast, bacteria and other microorganisms.…

  • Superfrost® Plus Gold Slides

    Thermo Scientific

    …on slide Uses glass adhesive technology For use in histology, pathology and cytology Recommended for frozen tissue samples Slides have adhesive technology which first attracts and then chemically bonds fresh or formalin fixed frozen tissue sections firmly to the surface of the slide. Ideal…

  • Thomas® White Glass Color Frosted Microscope Slides


    …quality and performance of microscope slides. Microscope slides should be stored in a dry place at constant room temperature. Slides should be stored on a pallet or shelf and not directly on a floor. Do not store slides and solvents together as the slide surface can turn hydrophobic. If the…

  • Select® Microscope Slide Cover Glass

    Propper Manufacturing

    Propper Select ® Cover Glasses are excellent for all levels of microscopy. Superior glass quality and sophisticated glasses with high resistance to breakage, parallel surfaces and uniform homogeneity. Made of clear, non-fogging, non-corrosive glass, cleaned and washed - ready to use …

  • Butvar B-98 Solution

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …microscope slide (washed in 70% alcohol and flame dried). Dip slides into stock solution and drain them in a vertical, inclined position in a dust free place (drawer or cabinet) on a paper towel or any absorbent material. The facing upwards side is the thinnest (400A). Dried slides are…

  • Specialty Slides

    Bellco Glass

    Modification of the Breed Counting Technique. Spreading a known volume of solution over a known area permits a calculation of bacteria per sample. Three rings with each interior area measuring 1cm squared. For direct microscopic counts of somatic cells in cow's milk. Spread .01ml sample onto…

  • Lab-Tek™ II Chamber Slides

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …cell adhesion Soda glass slide Polystyrene media chamber 1, 2, 4 or 8 well configurations Glass slides have proprietary cell culture grade polystyrene chamber and biocompatible adhesive that remains with the media chamber after detachment from slide. Slide has white frosted end for labeling.

  • Combination Water Kit


    Popular AR-02 outfit provides tests for Hardness, Iron, and pH. Drop count tests for Hardness (10 ppm or 1 gpg/drop) Octa-Slide tests for Iron (0.5-10 ppm) and pH (5.0-10) Includes 100 tests for Iron and 50 tests for each pH and Hardness

  • Slide 3X1 In Plain Cs1440


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