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Slide Warmer
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  • Slide Warmer

    LW Scientific

    The LW Scientific Slide Warmer is designed to be used for a broad range of applications. Our thick metal platform paired with our proprietary heating system ensures stable temperatures and even heating, eliminating the hot and cold spots common to other models. The 12v electronics make it portable…

  • Slide Warmers

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    These slide warmers are ideal for use in cytology, histology, pathology and biology for paraffin tissue section mounting. Available in two sizes. Thermostatic heat control Anodized black surface provides contrast LED temperature display, both set temperature and display temperature …

  • Stable Z System


    …the market that will not induce Z-axis drift into the specimen plane. This feature is what sets it apart tom all other traditional "stage warmers". It is an inexpensive alternative to more sophisticated systems to maintain the temperature of specimens for imaging while maintaining focus. …

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