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Slide Staining
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  • Slide Staining Kit, POM


    Kit simplifies staining of standard sized slides. Kit includes one staing jar and one staining rack.

  • Slide Staining Accessories

    Globe Scientific

    …to simplify the staining process. The staining rack is produced from polyoxymethylene (POM) and is designed for the simultaneous staining of up to 25 microscope slides. The staining dish is designed for use with our staining rack and features a lid that holds up to 28 slides for upright drying.…

  • EasyDip™ Slide Staining Rack


    …passage and rapid drainage of staining fluids. Since they are placed vertically in the rack and not horizontally, their writing area will not be stained by the fluid, allowing their removal without the use of forceps. The lid completely covers the EasyDip™ Slide Staining Jar to minimize spill and…

  • Slide Staining Rack, Black POM, for 25 slides (for use with Staining Dish M1104)


    Rack with handle for simultaneous staining of up to 25 microscope slides. Holds up to 25 standard sized microscope slides. Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM). Color: Black. Designed for use with staining dish M1104. Note: Microscope slides sold separately.

  • EasyDip™ Slide Staining System


    slides, the EasyDip™ Slide Staining System has two components: a square staining jar and a 12-position vertical slide rack. As an extra benefit, they are available in 5 different colors to help better identifying contents or applications. Purchase the EasyDip™ Slide Staining Rack…

  • StainTray™ Slide Staining System


    …wells will hold up to 2 ml each. Rails are raised not only to avoid water touching the slides but to make them more easily retrieveable. The base will also hold excess stain solution dripping from the slides. Four rubber feet ensure greater base stability. Units are stackable for space saving…

  • Slide Staining and Storage System

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Universal slide rack and staining dish for histology, microbiology and other slide staining needs. Made of black polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic which is easy-to-clean and resistant to chemicals used in staining procedures. Slide Rack Holds twenty-five, 25 x 75mm (1 x 3") slides

  • Disposable Slide Staining Tray Set


    Stain, Rinse and Dry on a Single Tray — Then Simply Throw Away! Stain, rinse, and dry your slides on a single working tray. Use the tray for a clean and fresh working surface area for staining. The deep well can hold liquid waste up to 38mL. Place eight slides comfortably onto the base.…

  • Coplin Staining Jar

    Globe Scientific

    Large opening for easy placement and removal of slides Screw-on cap prevents evaporation and contamination Five slots hold up to ten slides back-to-back for staining Made from durable, autoclavable polypropylene (PP)

  • Rack Tilt Slide Staining Rack


  • 16 Slide Staining Jar, Hellendahl

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

  • Slide Bactrol Afb Stain


  • Rack And Handle, For 16 Slide Stain Dish

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

  • Staining Racks and Troughs, 25 Slides


    Slide Staining Rack, 25 place POM (1211Z58) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 3.13x3.62x1.29in Staining rack for simultaneous staining of 25 slides; to fit trough slide staining trough (1211Z59) . Slide Staining Trough, 25 place POM (1211Z59) Product Dimensions (l x w x h)…

  • Quick-Read 10 Chamber Slide

    Globe Scientific

    …count cellular elements in urine sediment. The system is a combination slide and coverslip of optically clear acrylic with ten separate chambers, each holding a standard volume of 6.3uL. Ten processed and stained specimens can be read at a time. Each chamber contains 18 premeasured circles…

  • Coplin Staining Jars

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Staining Jar, 8-16 Slide Unit (1229K81) This jar's wide top is designed for convenience in transferring slides, making it especially suitable for staining slides that are inscribed on one end The jar holds 8 single 3" x 1" (75 mm x 25 mm) slides vertically or 16 slides

  • Thomas Staining Outfit


    Staining dish outfit, with rack for 50 slides With stainless-steel rack for 50 micro slides Dish dimensions including lid 114 x 213 x 83 mm high overall; min. depth approx. 67 mm Rack handle is hinged to fit inside dish. Outfit consists of 8542K50 rack and 8542L20 dish with cover.

  • Staining Dishes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …the standard for manual staining procedures. The removable glass slide rack has an open bottom to facilitate rapid immersion and drainage and eliminate carryover. The rack holds 10 single slides, 19 slides arranged alternately straight across and diagonally, or 20 slides back-to-back of regular…

  • Talboys Staining Rack


    Slide Staining Rack Constructed of stainless steel, the Talboys Slide Staining Rack will resist corrosion under normal use. Adjustable to fit trays or sinks up to 533mm (21") inside.

  • Immunohistochemistry Staining Trays

    IBI Scientific

    Immunohistochemistry Staining Trays are designed specifically for incubation and storage of immunohistochemistry slides. Constructed of black cast acrylic, these trays block light from reaching the stained slides eliminating the need to wrap staining trays with aluminum foil. These specially…

  • Staining Jar, with Cover


    Eight molded-in grooves hold 16 slides 76 x 26 mm (3" x 1") back-to-back Molded polymethylpentene staining jar supplied with molded cover. Approximately 89 mm H (3.5"), 50 mm (2") square at bottom x 57 mm (2.25") square at top.

  • Coplin Staining Jar

    United Scientific Supplies

    Coplin Staining Jar with flat cap is made of polypropylene and can hold 10 slides (75mm x 25mm) back to back. The interior is grooved to hold the slides in an upright position. Flat cap features large milled edge for easy hand grip and has a built-in plug. Autoclavable.

  • Scienceware® Coplin Staining Jars

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …for easier placement and removal of slides. The polypropylene screw cap is 5.3cm in diameter, has a flat top, easy grip knurled edge, deep thread and a seal ring to prevent leaks. Five internal slots hold up to 10 standard 25 x 75mm (1 x 3") slides back to back Base diameter: 6cm…

  • Staining Tray & Rack R / P


    ADAMS™ Staining Tray and Rack catches excess stain as it drains from slides. Four-bar rack holds 22 slides (3" x 1") and the grill holds 10 cover glasses Includes screws for leveling rack

  • Reticulocyte Stain


    …of reticulocytes in blood films. Principle Blood and reticulocyte staining solution (New Methylene Blue) are mixed and incubated briefly at room temperature. Wedge or spun smears are made on microscope slides, air dried and evaluated under oil immersion on a light microscope. A red blood…

  • Upright Light Compound Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …applications: hematology, wet prep, gram stains, cell identification/counting. Compact 14 lbs., and durable. Digital Model 1220Z63 with Integral CMOS Color Video Camera provides advanced capabilities including image capture, annotation, calibration (slide included) and measurement software…

  • BBL™ Gram Slide


    …method. 1-8 The BBL Gram Slide offers a standardized, pretested stable control for use when testing Gram stain reagents. The prepared slide eliminates the need for maintaining stock cultures to prepare slides. User Quality Control: Stain slides by the Gram stain technique and examine…

  • Immuno Stain Moisture Chamber

    Evergreen Scientific

    …with space between each compartment. The closed lid ensures complete isolation by placing eight barrier dividers into the spaces between slide compartments. Slides rest on pedestal and corner posts raising them above the water level (about a half-inch) and making them easy to retrieve (either by…

  • LockMailer™ Microscope Slide Jar


    …for mailing, staining or storing microscope slides. Constructed of extra-strong and clear polypropylene, it will hold up to 4 standard 3 x 1 in. or 75 x 25 mm slides vertically. Inside channels are slotted to keep slides safely separated. Perfect also for slide conveyors and specimen slide

  • Acid Fast Stain Kit, Kinyoun

    Hardy Diagnostics

    …decolorize with treatment of acid alcohol, and those that do not, such as the mycobacteria. This is the "Cold Stain" method that does not require heating of the slide. Kit includes one 8 oz. bottle of each of the following: Carbol Fuchsin (Kinyoun) Acid Alcohol (Decolorizer) Methylene…

  • Fluoromount-G™ Slide Mounting Medium

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …procedures. It is a water soluble, non-fluorescing medium which is well suited for use when the staining procedure has an aqueous final step. It contains 10% polyvinyl alcohol in phosphate buffered glycerol with 0.1% sodium azide as a preservative. One bottle is sufficient to mount up to 500 slides.

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