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  • …receptacle to hold slides during evaluation and cleaning These strong, lightweight slide holders are chemical resistant and provide an inexpensive way to dry slides and drain excess fluids from flat surfaces. Angle of slots facilitates clear viewing of desired slide. Beveled edges provide…

  • Compatible with all makes of slides Slide holders have numbered reference lines for reminder notes. Each slide holder accepts four slides of 75 x 25 mm  or 3” x 1” sizes of any thickness.  Holder keeps slides clean and untouched. Size is 3” x 5” cardboard fitted.

  • Slide Dispenser

    Globe Scientific

    The slide dispenser is designed for use with 25 x 75mm and 3 x 1" microscope slides. To use, simply insert one full box of 72 slides into the holder. Turn the dial to dispense one slide at a time. This convenient dispenser prevents slides from getting dirty, dusty and scratched.  

  • With these handy files near your microscope, slides are always separated, visible and orderly. Vacuum-formed polystyrene 12-place slide holder Allows slides to project over the rack’s edge for easy handling

  • This slide holder has a sloped groove that accepts up to 10 single or double slides standing on end. Front ledge serves as a place to dry slides Made of durable polystyrene

  • Cardboard Slide Mailers

    Globe Scientific

    slide holder contains a numerical index that corresponds to the inner slide compartments. Inside flaps are recessed so that there is no contact or contamination between the slides and the cover when closed. With a 360° hinge, the cover folds flat underneath to save space when the holder is in…

  • Hold slides during evacuation, cleaning, and drying. Cut from chemical-resistant polyethylene. Solid and strong with rubber feet for benchtop stability.

  • Slide Storage Cabinets

    Globe Scientific

    …pull knob and identification card holder - identification cards included Included foam blocks keep slides upright in drawers Fits all standard sized microscope slides: 25 x 75mm or 3 x 1" Chemical resistant plastic powder coating Smooth sliding drawers Available in green, tan…

  • 6-Place Pipette Stand

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce six place pipette holder that accepts most major brands of pipettes. The pipette stand is made of durable, 3/16" acrylic for years of use. The skid resistant feet will prevent the stand from sliding on your bench top. Dimension: 11"W x 9.25"H X 6"D

  • Base With Holder

    United Scientific Supplies

    A convenient mounting base that securely holds the laser pointers. Features two slits for mounting slides or diffraction gratings.

  • …30mm (1-3/16") in diameter in or between its flexible loops. Rigid plastic back is mounted on two polyethylene support blocks which slide over support stand rods Tighten the screws to mount the rack at the desired height Requires two support rods and stands (H18303-0000 sold…

  • …control Process up to twenty (20) 3”x 1” glass microscope slide Includes slide tray and metal slide holder Easy-to-use control system Includes RapidFISH Slide Hybridizer, Slide Tray, Slide Holder Application Highlights: Histology, Pathology, FFPE sample storage,…

  • Cardboard Slide Mailers

    Heathrow Scientific

    Heavy cardboard holders for safe transport of microscope slides. Thumb grooves make the removal of slides easy. 1, 2 and 4-place slide mailer versions Each will hold 25 x 75 mm (1 x 3") and/or 26 x 76 mm sized slides Disposable

  • 100-Place Tall Slide Box

    Heathrow Scientific

    …use Slide boxes are designed for storage and transport of non-standard microscope slides (3x2”). Grooved slots hold individual slides in place. The box lid provides the needed clearance for the taller height of the non-standard slides. Soft cork lining insures that your slides will…

  • …a vacuum tube with aluminum holders by Nelson & Wakefield, Journal of Neuropathology & Exper. Neurology, Vol. XXVII, No. 2, April 1968. Joint is 40/50. Aluminum holder measures 25 x 90 x 3mm, with two rows of eight, 8mm diameter holes. Furnished with two microscope slides. Hose connection is size G.

  • slide - No adhesive used to attach wells to slide - No leaky wells - Polypropylene wells allow for fixing and staining with wells still attached - Slide holder protects slide from damage Applications:Cell Growth, Immunocytochemistry of Fixed or Live Cells, Microscopy Synonyms: Chamber slides

  • …Tray — Then Simply Throw Away! Stain, rinse, and dry your slides on a single working tray. Use the tray for a clean and fresh working surface area for staining. The deep well can hold liquid waste up to 38mL. Place eight slides comfortably onto the base. With its compact size, tray provides…

  • Dip Miser, for Slide Coating

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Slide coating cup with stand and cleaning brush. Glass cup is Pyrex and is designed to conserve expensive autoradiographic emulsion when coating glass slides. Needs only 1/4 the volume of solution previously required. Single piece holder permits immersion in a water bath and provides a stable…

  • Create a file system for your slide boxes Storage racks make organization of your samples easy. The clear acrylic construction allows you to see the labels on the slide boxes. Place boxes in rows or columns by color to create an easy coding system. Each rack holds up to 15 slide boxes.

  • Ideal for secure shipping and storing of slides. Polypropylene protectors hold one or two standard (25 x 75 mm and 1 x 3") slides securely Large, easy to-secure snaps, for safe storage for valuable slides Array of colors brings some fun to the lab and is useful for color coding …

  • …size slides (25 x 75 mm and 1 x 3"). Molded, rigid boxes securely hold slides in grooved slots Durable ABS plastic boxes are available with either cork or foam lining Both the lining and the slots are numbered to correspond to the slide inventory sheet Easily access slides with…

  • …insert buret and gently release to grip. Numbers and graduation on buret remain easy to read. For height adjustments, recompress mechanism and slide buret up or down and gently release. Clamp unit with built-in reinforced hook connector attaches to optional standard support rod. Adjusting nut…

  • Glove Box Holders

    IBI Scientific

    …box holders accept 1, 2 , or 3 standard glove boxes. The vertical glove box holders are easily mounts to a wall next to lab bench using the supplied screws, and the skid proof rubber feet prevent the holders from sliding when placed on your bench top. The locking 3 place glove box holder has…

  • Cell Culture Slides

    Celltreat Scientific

    …on the slide without any need for future transfer; ideal for growing and viewing cells under a microscope on standard 25mm x 75mm slide Integrated gasket prevents cross-contamination between chambers Inert hydrophobic green border printed on slide to define cell culture area Chamber holder

  • …Includes 36 spindles, 36 adjust height clips, 18 glassware holders, 10 small spindles & clips, 36 spindle plugs, 12 spindle arm plugs. 304 stainless steel. Catalog number for FlaskScrubber & FlaskScrubber Vantage includes upper slide rails for installation. Upper Standard Rack is open to…

  • slide - No adhesive used to attach wells to slide - No leaky wells - Polypropylene wells allow for fixing and staining with wells still attached - Slide holder protects slide from damage Applications:Cell Growth, Immunocytochemistry of Fixed or Live Cells, Microscopy Synonyms: Chamber slides

  • SlideTray™ microscope slide holder made of HIPS lasting many years even under the most adverse conditions. The SlideTray™ will hold up to 20 microscope slides in an almost horizontal position. Each slide can be easily removed and placed back in its position. The SlideTray™ is…

  • Wire super slide is made of nickel-chrome wire with clear protective coating. Only for use with 24" deep units. Designed to hold metro totes.

  • …temperature stability and has a temperature range of ambient +5°C to 75°C. Comes with a stainless steel slide rack for up to 20-1” x 3” slides and will also accommodate various other sizes. Accessories include a plastic slide holder for up to 18-1” x 3” slides only.

  • …and can be rearranged to meet your specific needs. Includes two, 40-place test tube racks for tubes up to 16mm O.D., one 18-place slide holder, a large requisition section, and adjustable partitions to hold needles, syringes, cotton and other materials Sturdy polypropylene plastic…

  • …equipment makes investigating the wave-particle duality easy to understand. Kit includes: - Mounted laser - 3 Diffraction Gratings - Slide holder - 2 Visual Scientific posts    Main Activities: - Discovering interference patterns caused by the diffraction of light…

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