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Slide Centrifuge
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  • … Graduated microcentrifuge tubes employ the Safelock cap, an advanced locking system for safe centrifuging, boiling, freezing, incubation or storage of samples. The cap snaps close and the lock slides into place in one simple hand operation. The larger rounder cap design provides greater thumb…

  • ROTOFIX 32A Benchtop Centrifuge

    Hettich Instruments

    …benchtop centrifuge ideal for routine laboratory tasks whether you need a clinical centrifuge, research centrifuge, medical centrifuge or industrial centrifuge. A wide variety of swing-out and fixed angle rotors are available, as well as a complete cytology system with up to 12 slide carriers.…

  • Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags®

    Diversified Biotech

    …or degrading. Also resistant to scuffing and smearing COMPATIBLE - Tubes labeled with Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags easily slide in and out of centrifuge rotors without binding SPECIALLY DESIGNED - Labels accept printing from direct thermal printers such as Dymo® LabelWriter®…

  • …the best possible scanning results. Labnet's new Slide Spinner centrifuge dries 2 microarray slides within 10 seconds. Clean and Reusable Simply insert your slides into the cassettes and close the lid. This Slide Spinner centrifuge quickly accelerated to 4800 RPM, the optimal speed for…

  • Cytology Funnels

    Biomedical Polymers

    …High Quality Slide Preparation Funnels Guaranteed for Use with Popular Cytology Centrifuges Available with either single or double sample chambers Designed for single use only with pre-attached white or brown filter cards Available both with a disposable plastic slide clip attached…

  • …NEW! Z326-MPCA Combination Carrier The Z326-MPCA combination carrier is the ONLY accessory available for the centrifugation of chamber slides and dishes. Until now, centrifugation of these common vessels required researchers to invest in creating their own. This was time consuming, expensive,…

  • Pre-cut, peel-off, labels sized to fit microcentrifuge tubes Tubes with tags slide easily in and out of rotors Chemically inert polyester Will not dry up or fall off Easy to write on Smear resistant Microcentrifuge Tube Tough-Tags withstand steam-autoclaving, boiling…

  • Quick-Prep™ Urinalysis Kit

    Globe Scientific

    …examination. The kit includes our specially designed transfer pipette and 12mL urine centrifuge tube. This system is used to isolate 1mL of urine sediment stain and allow easy pour off of the balance. Quick-Prep has been designed for use with our Quick-Read (10-place) urinalysis slide.

  • Cytology Spin Slides

    Azer Scientific

    Designed for use in the Shandon® and Stat-Spin® cyto-centrifuges, and the Wescor Cyto-systems Feature defined markings for optimal operation Each circle is specifically marked to easily locate the centrifuged specimen

  • …applications such as vials, centrifuge, tubes, test tubes, straws and slides. Durable Freezerbondz® Polyester (B-492) markers are designed for laboratory identification applications such as vials, centrifuge, tubes, test tubes, straws and slides. Self-Laminating Polyester…

  • Designed for use with all rotary and centrifugal evaporators Pumps are two-stage, oil-sealed and sliding vane with cast aluminum casing. Labconco XPress Laboratory Equipment Thomas number 4366R20 is part of Labconco's XPress Laboratory Equipment Program. These items are in…

  • slide staining process Excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, oils and water Service temperature of -112 to 266° F (-80 to 130° C) Durable Freezerbondz® Polyester (B-492) markers are designed for laboratory identification applications such as vials, centrifuge,

  • Fixed Volume Pipettors

    VistaLab Technologies

    …of 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes or other tall tubes. The Ovation Cap Opener provides an easy-to-use ergonomic solution for opening PCR or microtubes while pipetting. This accessory attaches to the base of the pipette, and accommodates most microtube sizes. Simply slide the top into the groove…

  • Fully compatible with the Shandon CytoSpin® Centrifuge, Simport CytoSep™ Cytology Funnels can be used to deposit a thin layer of cells in a clearly defined area of a microscope slide. The filter card absorbs any excess fluid. These Cytology Funnels have the filter cards pre-attached for…

  • Silicone Lab Mats

    Heathrow Scientific

    …keep items in place and prohibits the lab mat from sliding out from underneath. The mat’s surface is also noise dampening, reducing sound from the vibration of common benchtop equipment. The lab mat can be used with items such as centrifuges, vortex mixers, hot plates, stirrers, pipettes and…

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