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Silicone Mat
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  • Silicone Compression Mats


    Ideal for thermal cyclers with screw down lids to prevent evaporation.

  • ThermoGrid™ Flexible Sealing Mats


    These dimpled silicone mats are autoclavable. When used with heated lid thermal cyclers, they form an excellent seal on all ThermoGrid 96 plates

  • Molded Mats for 1.0mL Inserts Assembled in 96-Square Deep Well Plate

    J.G. Finneran

    Round liner plug locks into 8mm glass inserts assembled in the 96-Square Well Deep Plate Manufactured from medical grade silicone Autoclavable and excellent chemical compatibility

  • Silicone Sealing Mat For 500µl 96-Well V Bottom Deep Well Plates


    …evaporation in a wide range of temperatures in PCR and storage applications. These sealing mats are designed specifically for 96 round well plates. ImpermaMats are chemically resistant reusable sealing mats that provide a high degree of confidence. For storage applications involving more aggressive…

  • Clear Molded (Spray-Coated) PTFE/Premium Silicone Mats


    Clear molded (spray coated) PTFE/premium silicone sealing mats are sprayed with a PTFE coating for increased chemical resistance. Mats are manufactured from soft, strong premium silicone and conditioned for ultra low bleed. No interferring peaks. Available pre-slit.

  • Silicone Lab Mats


    The Lab mat is an economical solution to help keep benchtops clean and safe from stains, spills and wear. Save money by eliminating the need for repeated purchases and disposal costs associated with disposable paper mats. The lab mat is made from a durable FDA approved silicone material that creates…

  • Laboratory Safety Mats

    Fischer Technical

    Features non-slip silicone rubber Available in red or black Temperature resistant up to +260°C Two sizes available: 250 x 250mm and 350 x 350mm

  • Sterilizing Tray – Plastic

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …are stackable Economical and Flexible Design Has flexible silicone mats which offer flexibility to layout the instruments for sterilization. A unique "grid" system exists in the base, tray and lid, making it easy to install the mat required, protecting yours instruments properly. The trays are…

  • 384-Well Robolid


    … No piercing of seal or mat neccessary Can be automatically applied and removed numerous times Access wells without need for a new seal RoboLids are suitable for a wide range of standard microplates and offer excellent stackability to ease automation. Silicon plugs provide durability…

  • MicroTube Rack System 96-Plug Mats, Sterile, Natural, Silicone

    NxTBIO Technologies

    MicroTube Rack System 96-Plug Mats, Sterile, Natural, Silicone 1 Bag of 10 Mats/pk 50/case

  • MicroMat™ CLR Silicone Mats for Well Plates

    Thermo Scientific

    Safely seal your plates and eliminate cross-contamination of samples with Thermo Scientific™ MicroMat™ CLR Silicone Mats for Well Plates. Manufactured of pure silicone these mats resist coring and tearing, and provide superior resealability after multiple injections.

  • 96-Well Robolid w / Corner Notch


    … Nonsterile 96-Well Roboloid combines the sealing ability of a storage mat with the rigidity of a plastic lid It is designed for repeated application and removal by automation and to prevent short-term evaporation. Silicone sealing plugs for organic solvent resistance and low extractables.

  • Thermo Scientific Compact Digital Rocker

    Thermo Scientific

    …Speed Control: 5-100rpm Easy to adjust tilt angle: 7° to 13° Compact design is ideal for placing in incubators (non-CO2), chambers, and refrigerators (up to 60°C) Timer Range: Continuous or 1min to 99hrs 59min Includes dimpled mat (tray, silicone pad, two securing bands)

  • Universal Sealing Mats


    Protect contents and prevent carryover with pre-slit cap mats Chemically resistant, silicone mats are excellent for compound storage to -80°C Pre-slit mats pierceable by autosampler needle, pipette tip, or probe Universal mat for sealing 0.45, 1.3, and 2.0 mL plates

  • High Purity Sealing Mats

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …Sealing Mats for 96-well and 384-well microplates are manufactured from high purity silicone, which results in ultra-low bleed in mass spec applications. These re-sealable and re-pierceable mats are ideal for applications that require minimal interference peaks and sample evaporation. The mats are…

  • Silicone Mats for PCR Plates

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    mat all-in-one! Our compression molded round plug, silicone sealing mats for PCR plates minimize sample evaporation in a wide range of temperatures. These mats are chemically resistant and reusable; containing no adhesives or extractables to contaminate samples. Made of research-grade silicone,

  • Silicone Sealing Mat

    Sealing Mat, Silicone for MAX-9605 Plate, 50/Case. Not Pierceable.

  • Silicone Mats for Deep Well Plates

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    …Our mats are chemically resistant and reusable; containing no adhesives or extractables to contaminate samples.  Made of research-grade silicone, they can be autoclaved, and following a 10% bleach wash and ethanol rinse protocol may be reused. Made of research-grade silicone Perforated…

  • Silicone Mats & Plugs for ABI 3100

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    For use on the ABI 3100.

  • Silicone Sealing Mats

    NEST Scientific USA

    Nest deepwell plates are made from virgin polypropolyne, and certified Dnase/Rnase and pyrogen free. Unique plate bototm and raised rim design, ideal for magnetic bead based nucleic acid extraction and other applications Available at 24 well, 48 well, 96 well format; U-bottom or V-bottom,…

  • 96 Well Silicone Sealing Mats

    96 Well Silicone Sealing Mat for PCR Plates, Pierceable.

  • 96-Well Polypropylene Plates and Glass Inserts

    J.G. Finneran

    …testing. 96-well pierceable Cap Mat is lined with the sample PTFE/Silicone septa used in closures for Chromatography. Glass Inserts provide an inert solvent resistant environment for samples. Assembled plate has excellent thermal stability. Pierceable Cap Mat is designed to seal crimp top or…

  • Xtreme Series Silicone Sealing Mats

    X-treme Series

    384 Well Xtreme Series Silicone Sealing Mat for PCR Plates, 10/pk, Pierceable.

  • Silicone Sealing Cap Mats


    …The 384 Square Well Sealing Cap Mat (4ti-0139), for use with 384-well storage plates, universal fit 4titude® silicone mats are DNase/RNase and pyrogen-free to meet the highest standard of both laboratory experiment and clinical diagnostics. All our clear silicone cap mats are pierceable.

  • MultiGene™ Gradient Thermal Cycler, Compression mat, silicone, pack of 10


    96 well block with horizontal gradient Easy, user-friendly programming Auto-adjusting heated lid Precision thermal control Ideal for both thermal cycling and protocol optimization, the MultiGene Gradient can be programmed to operate with uniform temperature across the block…

  • 96-Well Sealing Mats

    Pierceable silicon rubber sealing mat for 96-well plates. Suitable for heat sealing.

  • Sealing Mats for 96 Well Deep Well Plates

    Deep-Well Plate Sealing Mats. Pierceable silicone mats, suitable for heat sealing. Temperature range: -80° to +120°C.

  • 96 Well Septa Mat for ABI Sequencers

    Autoclavable and Reusable up to 5 Times. Made of Grey Silicone.

  • Axygen® AxyMats™ 96 Round Well Sealing Mat for Deep Well Plates, Nonsterile


    Axygen® AxyMats™ sealing mats minimize evaporation in a wide range of temperatures in PCR and storage applications. Made of research-grade silicone, they can be autoclaved, and following a bleach wash and ethanol rinse protocol, they can also be reused.

  • Stainless Steel Instrument Sterilizing Tray

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Stainless Steel Instrument Sterilizing Tray A perforated tray that comes complete with a silicone mat and a unique locking feature.

  • 850 Niru® Cushion-Ease® GSII® Matting

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    …caustic chemicals, cutting fluids, oils, and greases, and a Silicon Carbide grit surface offers long-lasting traction. A large hole drainage system facilitates the removal of liquid and debris from the work area. These easy to snap together mats are compatible with the NoTrax® M.D. Ramp System® for…

  • Separation Plates

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    Raised rims on each well make for easy and secure sealing with adhesive films, silicone mats, or heat sealing films.  Manufactured from virgin polyproplyene and certified to be free of RNase, DNase, and Pyrogen contamination. Deep Well Plates offer: Ultra-flat surfaces …

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