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  • Sharps-A-Gator™ General Purpose Sharps Containers


    Meets varying sharps disposal needs Safe and efficient sharps disposal Nestable, easy to assemble Safe to incinerate or autoclave plastics and pigments. Secure and convenient container mounting for space efficient storage. Containers available in a wide variety of sizes with clear,…

  • Sharps-A-Gator™ Sharps Containers


    Containers lock for final disposal Nestable Adjustable rotor opening or hinged lids

  • Sharps Containers


    …and other small sharps. Stackable to reduce storage space before use 1.0L capacity (Quart) with a clear lid to view fill level Slide access lid for temporary and final closures for safety and security Built-in needle removal port, preventing direct contact with sharps Compatible…

  • Sharps Collectors


    …Collectors are available in two sizes and can be used with brackets for added stability Built-in needle removal ports designed to prevent contact with sharps during disposal Clear tops featuring a clear view of the fill level Temporary and final closures for safety and security

  • Nestable Sharps Collectors


    For your complete disposal requirements - rigid, polypropylene construction for strength, puncture resistance and durability Safety lock closure adds an extra measure of safety Point-first vertical drop minimizes need to maneuver syringe when dropping into collector Sturdy…

  • Stackable Sharps Containers

    Medegen Medical Products

  • Phlebotomy Biohazard Sharps Containers


    Phlebotomy sharps containers are designed to fit into blood drawing trays for point-of-use disposal Translucent lid allows staff to identify fill levels quickly, thus helping to save time Each container locks for final disposal and safe transport Choice of single or dual openings to…

  • SHARP™ 1000µL Precision Pipet Tips

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Incredible tip clarity Graduations at 100, 500 & 1000µL facilitate precise measurement 96-tip format is compatible with multichannel pipetting Lid lock is secure when closed, but easy to open when ready to use Reloading system is a breeze — simply place and click a new…

  • Tips, Low Retention,10µl XL, Sharp® Filter/Barrier, 960/Pk


    …wrapped and sterilized Fit Pipetman®, Ultra EZpette, XL3000i and other leading pipettors SHARP precision barrier tips eliminate false signals and cross contamination caused by aerosols. SHARP tips feature Denville's new low retention polymer technology that virtually eliminates sample…

  • Arkray Assure® Sharps Container

    Arkray USA, Inc.

  • SHARP® Precision Barrier Tips, For P-1000, 1000µl, 840 (12 racks of 70 tips)


    …and sterilized Fit Pipetman®, Ultra EZpette, XL3000i and other leading pipettors SHARP precision barrier tips eliminate false signals and cross contamination caused by aerosols. SHARP tips feature Denville's new low retention polymer technology that virtually eliminates sample…

  • SharpSafety™ Phlebotomy Sharps Containers


    Adapts to present blood drawing trays and techniques Available holders and brackets A variety of container sizes and openings allow for disposal of other sharps such as lancets, butterfly tubing and small syringes Containers lock for final disposal

  • Home Sharps Container


    Designed to hold both insulin syringes and pen needles, the BD™ Home Sharps Container is a leak-proof and puncture-resistant container for safe, convenient disposal of used sharps. It has a permanently locking, snap-top lid and holds 70 to 100 insulin syringes or 300 pen needles. The…

  • Multi-Purpose Sharps Containers


    Adjustable rotor opening lids accommodate a variety of sharps sizes and provide temporary and permanent closure Easy, simple assembly Containers lock for final disposal Nestable containers save valuable storage space Available holders and brackets secure containers wherever needed …

  • Sharps Coll Glove Box


  • Sharps Coll Bracket X-Large


  • Sharps Evidence Collection Tubes

    Arrowhead Forensics

    Exposure to blood-borne diseases and protection of personnel is a serious problem. These clear plastic tubes will preserve the evidence and protect evidence collection personnel. All three sizes include a custom foam insert for immobilization,evidence strips for sealing, and a biohazard label to…

  • SharpSafety™ Large Volume Sharps Containers


    Large Volume sharps containers are designed to accomodate sharps of all sizes. Covidien offers a variety of different sizes and lid designs to meet all of your various sharps disposal needs. Covidien's Large Volume sizes range from 8 gallons to 30 gallons and are available with sealing gaskets.

  • Sharps Coll Quick Release Strap


    Quick-release strap For 3.3 quart to 5 gallon multi-use one-piece sharps collectors Latex free Color: Black Measures 8" width by 1-1/2" height by 1" depth

  • SharpSafety™ Large Volume Sharps Containers


    Adjustable sliding and hinged lids accommodate large sharps Lids can provide temporary closure when container is not in use to reduce exposure to contents Carrying handles and carts with wheels are available for easy transport and lifting of heavy, full containers Optional gasket…

  • PGII D.O.T. Compliant Sharps Disposal Containers


    The PGII Rated Sharps Containers are designed to eliminate the need for D.O.T. compliant secondary packaging during transport of sharps, cultures, and stocks. Each container is properly labeled in accordance with ID # "UN3291", section 178 in accordance with 4H2, Packaging Group II, and…

  • SharpSafety™ Safety In Room Sharps Containers with Counter Balanced Lid


    …containers is engineered with controls to prevent overfilling and limit accidental or intentional access to the container contents. These containers are offered in multiple sizes from 5 quarts to 4 gallons to accommodate the increasing volume and size of safety engineered sharps devices used today.

  • 12mm Plugs for the 12x32mm Versa Vial™

    J.G. Finneran

    The softer Versa Vial™ plugs eliminates cracked necks and the resulting sharp edges encountered when using standard shell vial plugs.

  • Silicon-Carbide Sharp Particles


    …animal tissue can be disrupted more quickly with sharp-edged material rather than smooth beads. Particles are sold in one pound bottles. The sharp, hard edges of these irregular particles impart a knife-like cutting action during high-energy shaking in Mini-Beadbeater vials. They may abrade and…

  • Garnet Sharp Particles


    Garnet sharp particles are sold in one pound bottles. Average size +/- 20% Like Silicon Carbide sharp particles, these abrasive particles have sharp cutting edges that may accelerate lysis of plant and tough animal tissue in a Mini-Beadbeater vial. Unlike Silicon Carbide particles, Garnet…

  • Electronic Sharp Test Probe Set


    The Extech TL747 Electronic Sharp Test Probe Set is for use on high density components and boards and for piercing through insulation. It has a 0.35 inch long tip and a 0.08 inch diameter. This test probe set has an overall length of 4 inches. Set is rated at CAT III-1000V.

  • Large and Extra Large Sharp Collectors


    These collectors are fully compatible with trolleys to provide stability and mobility. Key Features: Temporary and final closure features Visual, audible, tactile (VAT) perimeter locks to ensure that the lid is securely attached to the base and to provide security against…

  • Scienceware® Biohazard Sharp Object Safety Pouch

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    The danger of being cut and infected by sharp biohazard waste materials is minimized by using safety pouch Safely contains sharp-edged items for disposal Made of 10 mil thick solid paperboard which opens to an oval shape by folding bottom flaps. After inserting objects, the top flaps are closed…

  • M1 Technology Sharp Tip Cleanroom Foam Swabs


    Features/Benefits Handle Width: 2.4mm Total Swab length: 67mm Head material: PU Foam Handle material: Polypropylene Type of Swab Head: Sharp Tip Handle Color: blue 100 ppi open cell PU foam structure with superior absorption, ultralow nonvolatile residue, good abrasion and…

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