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  • Cuts fused silica tubing Produces a clean, square cut

  • quick-ship

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Newly designed diamond scribing tool set containing eight precision natural diamond scribes in various sizes and configurations. This set is perfect for precision work in microscopy. The set consists of eight diamond tips, 3 mm in diameter and are mounted in interchangeable tool cones and an…

  • INSTOCK Labs

    Corner Fillers are used to close the gap between two cabinets in a corner. Adjustable fillers can be cut to fit and include a slip fit trim angle. Front Fillers are used between adjacent base cabinets of between a cabinet and the wall. Rear and Center Fillers are used between back-to-back…

  • These aluminum tags are easily marked with a Burgess Vibrograver or other scribing tool, for a permanent record of important chromatographic data.

  • …identification Enhance ease of visual identification with colored SepraSeal capping options or labelling on the side of the tube using the ID Scribe instrument Capping Options Several sealing options are available, including the Thermo Scientific Matrix line of CapMats and CapStrips for sealing…

  • Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …the ultimate scribing instrument offering the most precision for the most delicate applications. It is available in straight or bent configurations. Applications Include: Fine scribing under the microscope - for silicon wafers and glass coverslips Precision scribing and repairing…

  • …liner, 1 mm i.d. quartz liner, glass hourglass liner, 1/16 in. stainless steel nuts (5), 0.5 mm i.d. graphite ferrules (10), 0.8 mm i.d. graphite ferrules (10), Viton® O-Rings (6), graphite O-Rings (5), untreated quartz wool, wafer scribes (10), and green septa (50). This is a replacement part.

  • Koehler

    …glass-covered dial, 114 mm diameter, reads from 0 to 400 in 0.1 mm divisions and has zero adjustment and reset Platform is 152 mm diameter, scribed to aid in centering of sample Cast-iron base has spirit level and leveling feet Release is simple leaf-spring type Overall…

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