Rubber Vacuum Tubing

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Rubber Vacuum Tubing
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  • Flexible, smooth-walled vacuum tubing High-quality gum rubber Cartons contain 48 to 50 feet (14.6 to 15.2 m) of vacuum tubing. Listings indicate i.d. x o.d. x wall thickness in inches. Vacuum tubing is 10 ft per pack and 50 ft per carton.

  • …for rubber tubing that can take the heat? Silicone is a synthetic rubber that’s more resilient than natural rubber, making it a popular choice for vacuum pumps. Tubing won’t impart taste or odors and maintains its flexibility over time. Use with water, air, and food and beverage. Tubing

  • Vacuum Manifold

    Cannon Instrument

    …9726T67 Vacuum Regulators and Cannon-Manning, Asphalt Institute or Modified Koppers vacuum viscometers (see Thomas number 9724H50) Integral brackets permit mounting on Cannon CT-500 bath covers (Model 3VM) or CT-1000 bath covers (Model 4VM) Includes 10-foot length of rubber vacuum tubing

  • …[60°C]. Crystal-clear tubing has glass-like clarity for visual inspection and process monitoring, and will not whiten when crimped or bent. It less permeable than rubber tubing and has superior abrasion and crack resistance. Tygon S 3™ E-3603 Vacuum Tubing is non-oxydizing, non-contaminating,…

  • Formulation A-60-G, outlasts virtually all multi-service rubber tubings Heat sealable; ozone-resistant Abrasion-resistant Outstanding flexural fatigue resistance Low gas permeability versus rubber Will not weaken or crack with age Excellent resistance to inorganic fluids such as acids and…

  • …than rubber tubing. The glassy-smooth inner bore helps prevent build-up to facilitate cleaning.TYGON® E-3603 vacuum tubing shares all these performance features and has extra heavy walls that will withstand a full vacuum at room temperature.Features/Benefits: •Alternative to DEHP tubing •New…

  • tubing delivers the same superior performance you have come to expect, but now in a formulation that contains a phthalate-free plasticizer. Tygon S3 E-3603 tubing handles the most stringent foods and beverages. It is non-oxidizing and non-contaminating, and less permeable than rubber tubing.

  • Vacuum Check Valve

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Works best between 10 to 28 in. Hg Prevents back pressure with aspirator-type vacuum pumps Made of high-density polyethylene with gum rubber flap Serrated connectors on inlet and outlet take 1/4- to 5/16-inch-bore tubing Useful for vacuum systems Not for use with liquids

  • SPE Vacuum Pump Trap Kit


    …SPE Vacuum Pump Trap collects all liquids that are aspirated through the SPE tubes, preventing contamination of the vacuum pump. The easily assembled kit contains a polypropylene filtering flask, a one-hole rubber stopper, 4 in. (10 cm) of polypropylene tubing and 5 ft. (1.5 m) of red rubber vacuum

  • Filtration Vacuum Pump Kit

    GSC International, Inc.

    …electric vacuum pump. The pumping rate is 15ml per stroke and will displace up to 725ml of air. The pump is fitted with a valve to release the vacuum. Includes: 1 Borosilicate Filtering Flask, 500ml 1 Vacuum Pump 1 Buchner Funnel 9cm Filter Paper Connection Tubing Rubber Stopper …

  • …compact Replaceable pumping module Vacuum or pressure pump Cooling provided by forced-air blower Gas ballast minimizes condensation of exhaust vapors, purges pump oil. Quick disconnect inlet is 5/8”; requires 1/2” bore tubing. Replaceable internal oil filter removes…

  • Elite Series Vacuum Drying Ovens

    Across International

    vacuum tubing (compare to rubber hose) for better vacuum levels and durability; and build-in secondary over-temp dial for enhanced over temperature protection. These ovens can greatly reduce drying time by maintaining a consistent vacuum level within the chamber. Every one of our vacuum ovens…

  • Vacuum Pick Up System

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …includes: Vacuum Pick-up System complete set: Vacuum Generator, Aluminum Vacuum Pen, Five Vacuum Tips, Set of seven Rubber Vacuum Cups (size ranging: 9/16", ½", 7/16", 3/8", 5/16", 1/4" and 3/16"), an In-line Filter, and 4 ft (122cm) of Vacuum Tubing.

  • …syringe filter(13JP050AN). Units with covers are supplied with gum rubber caps. FPM O-rings are available. Aseptic System with Receiver also includes a receiver cover and the 11mm OD hose adaptor accepts 3/8" tubing. Please Note: ALL Advantec items have a maximum 48 hour cancellation…

  • Widely used to protect vacuum pumps from contamination, these borosilicate glass vacuum traps are a one piece unit with two 3/8" hose connectors. Connectors are 180° apart to ease connection of heavy wall rubber tubing used in basic vacuum set-ups. These traps are frequently used with…

  • 16mm Santoprene Plug Caps

    Globe Scientific

    These pierceable caps are great for recapping vacuum blood tubes and test tubes. They are produced from santoprene (a rubberized material) and can easily be pierced with a syringe.

  • …accessories. An interesting alternative for collection of the eluates is a collection rack, which can be fitted with twelve 8-well strips of polypropylene tubes (each 1 ml). If you have to work on less than 96 samples, you can seal individual rows of the 96-well plate with a PTFE-covered rubber pad.

  • 12/13mm Santoprene Plug Caps

    Globe Scientific

    These pierceable caps are great for recapping vacuum blood tubes and test tubes. They are produced from santoprene (a rubberized material) and can easily be pierced with a syringe.

  • These borosilicate glass vacuum traps have a Standard Taper joint to ease disassembly and allow cleaning/draining. The sidearm 3/8" hose connectors are 180° apart with a bent top stem and provide an easy connection when using rubber tubing. See LG-11020 for body only.

  • Free fall tube

    United Scientific Supplies

    …at the same speed in a vacuum, but in air the air resistance slows down some objects more than others. Features a disc and a feather in a tough, clear, plastic tube, 90 CM long and 4.5 CM diameter, with rubber end caps and hose cock for connection to any standard vacuum pump (not included). Shipping…

  • GVM Series Vortex Mixers

    Globe Scientific

    …various tube types and mixing applications with optional adapters Specially designed vacuum suction feet for stability Robust cast aluminum construction Small footprint Rubber suction feet ensure placement and mitigate vibration Wide variety of accessories for virtually every tube

  • …is then affixed to a filter flask (with vacuum sidearm) and the side tubing is inserted into a washing solvent reservoir. After an inverted sample tube is placed over the PTFE tubing, a vacuum is applied to the flask, sample tube is pressed against the rubber gasket to form an air-tight seal that…

  • …thru AF-0062 vacuum manifolds that permit the manifold to be utilized with a multitude of standard glassware or tubing products. The AF-0070 adapters are to be used with either a Cajon® fitting on the main ports or at the ends of the manifold with heavy wall rubber vacuum tubing. Serrated hose…

  • …from vacuum for cleaning. There is a valved gauging port (J) placed between the main and pre-trap having a 18/9 ball joint. Main trap (K) has a lower body 45mm OD x 210mm in length with a 40mm o-ring joint. Connection to vacuum source (L) is 22mm OD for use with heavy wall rubber vacuum tubing.

  • XX6200035


    Hand Vacuum Pump Dispense liquids into small containers and pressure filter small volumes using a hand vacuum pump. Consists of a Luer outlet polypropylene syringe attached to a 2-way vacuum value, nylon male-to-male Luer adapter and rubber tubing with male Luer inlet. Stainless steel…

  • Cajon® adapters provide the flexibility of rubber tubing and are the ideal replacement for rubber, plastic, or glass tubing in critical vacuum applications. Connections compensate for misalignment, expansion and contraction; they are compressible by at least 20%, and they are extendable by 50%…

  • Vacuum/Pressure Bulb

    Heathrow Scientific

    Heavy-wall bulb has two rubber valves with PVC connections. Bulb capacity is 85 mL. Ideal for gas sampling or for pumping gas through apparatus. Not supplied with tubing.

  • … PYREX® Stopper, (7575-14) Bleed Tube (7815-19) Adapter Tube w/ Thermometer Opening (8821-14) Rubber Thermometer Holder (7715) Vacuum Connecting Tube (8947-14 ) 3-Way Connecting Tube (9050-14) Claisen Connecting Tube (9050-14) Polyethylene Kit Box only (6949E-BO)…

  • …(6413-125) PYREX® Stopper, 7575-19) Bleed Tube (7815-19) Adapter Tube w/ Thermometer Opening (8821-19) Rubber Thermometer Holder (7715) Vacuum Connecting Tube (8947-19) 3-Way Connecting Tube (9000-19) Claisen Connecting Tube (9050-19) Polyethylene Kit Box only (6949E-BO) …

  • Filtering Flask Kit (Vacuum Pump Kit)

    GSC International, Inc.

    The Gas Generating Bottle is useful in the production of gasses and provides a funnel tube and a connecting tube. Includes a 500ml capacity Bottle, 2-hole Rubber Stopper, Thistle Tube and a 90 degree angle connector tube.

  • PFA hose connections with a Viton rubber seal for use with GL-14 or GL-18 glass screw threads. Enables the connection of cooling or vacuum hose by simply screwing either style (straight or bent) onto the glass thread instead of forcing tubing over a serrated glass connector. Connection will…

  • Filtration Assemblies & Flask

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …1/4" (6mm) i.d. tubing for connection to vacuum sources. A second flask should be connected between the filtering flask and the vacuum source to prevent accidental entry of the filtrate into the vacuum line or pump. ULTRA-WARE® Filtering Flask with Rubber Stopper Joint (1173F68)…

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