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  • Tube Rotator

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce's Laboratory Tube Rotator is ideal for Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Clinical applications. Provides gentle or vigorous mixing. Supplied with a carousel for 14 x 50mL tubes. Digital Microprocessor Control Adjustable speed provides gentle or vigorous mixing action …

  • Model 6145 Mid-Range amd 6155 Large Orbital Shaker


    …Variable-Speed Orbital Shaker 6145 is designed for rotary swirling action used extensively in tissue culture work, aeration of fermentations and various other chemical mixing procedures. Like all Eberbach Shakers, the 6145 is simple to use and maintain. This heavy-duty shaker has a maximum load…

  • Orbitron V 3D Orbital Shakers

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Variable speed, 3D motion provides gentle or vigorous mixing. This isn’t your "run of the mill" rotator, the Orbitron V has a unique 3 Dimensional Wave Motion. Adjust your tray angle for a gentle, vigorous or “somewhere in between” agitation Supplied with…

  • Mini Tube Rotators

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …and Clinical applications. A Variable Speed with LCD display Includes Carousel for 36 x 1.5/2.0mL tubes Provides complete 360° Rotation An adjustable 0-90° Mixing Angle Interchangeable carousels for all common laboratory tubes Cold Room and Incubator compatible AC…

  • Rotating Mixer


    The Benchmark Rotating Mixer provides gentle to vigorous mixing of laboratory samples up to 50ml. With adjustable speed control and tilt angle, the Rotating Mixer is ideal for a variety of applications, from mixing blood samples to the preparation of homogenous dispersions. Three rotisserie…

  • GTR Series Digital Tube Rotators

    Globe Scientific

    The GTR-HD Tube Rotator provides slow to vigorous mixing of your biological samples and solutions with advanced features you expect. Adjusting the speed and time are easily performed using the parameter adjustment knob on the front panel. A metal chassis and rotisserie-style tube holders…

  • 3d Floor Shaker


    …shakes large funnels Capacity is 80 lbs. The 3D floor shaker eliminates the time consuming and tiring manual shaking of large vessels. The 3D motion circulates liquids up, down, sideways and around making this shaker useful for hemolyzing blood, water pollution analysis or drug analysis.…

  • Variable Speed Mini Orbitron™ Nutating Mixers

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Provides gentle continuous mixing of specimens in a variety of blood tubes, centrifuge tubes, glass vials or plates. Variable speed from 4-24 rpm's Low profile and small footprint minimizes bench space Extremely quiet Provides gentle, continuous mixing of specimens …

  • Sky Line Digital Rocking Shakers


    …amplitude of platform rotation for intensive mixing Advanced stepper motor control system Digital timer High-precision, rotational speed controls Sound notification when mixing completes Onboard memory for storing settings Optimal amplitude of platform rotation for intensive mixing…

  • PSU-20i Orbital Multi-Platform Shaker

    Grant Instruments

    …Reciprocal rotation: 30 to 360º turning angle Vibration: 0 to 5º turning angle, programmable in a burst of 0 to 5 seconds S old exclusive of platform The Grant bio PSU-20i is a powerful and efficient microprocessor controlled multi-functional orbital shaker providing…

  • GTR Series Industrial Tube Rotators

    Globe Scientific

    The GTR-ID Tube Rotator efficiently mixes your biological samples and solutions using the included 50mL tube holder disk or the optional 1.5 / 2.0mL and 15mL disks. An industrial style metal housing with tilt adjustment ensures a lifetime of worry-free operation. Consistent tilt adjustment is…

  • Orbitron Rotators


    …platform) Load limit: 2.25 lbs. Orbitron Rotator Model I Used in a variety of applications including mixing blood samples, coupling chromatography media and DNA extractions 23° fixed tilt angle Fixed speed: 20 orbits per minute Orbitron Rotator Model II Used in labs that require…

  • WS180 Shaker


    shaker simulates manual shaking by rotating through 180° of arc. It can shake two flasks simultaneously, either screw-cap top or side arm flasks. Its two large finger clamps securely hold glassware up to 3 1/2” in diameter and 10 long. Shakers shaft bearing design allows this versatile shaker

  • Holder, Separatory Funnel


    …funnels size 60 to 250 mL Funnel stoppers are held in place by elastic bands. Three adjustable, rubber-covered yokes are used to secure funnels in holder. Spring- loaded release mechanism permits holder to be rotated about shank in 30° increments without removing shank from clamping head.

  • RotoBot™ Programmable Rotating Mixers


    …the "PP" mode to turn the rotator into a platform rocker. Features Advanced programming with a wide variety of rotational modes Set for full 360° rotation, or interrupt rotations with pausing & mixing intervals Slow rotating to vigorous mixing Cold room and…

  • Cel-Gro Tissue Culture Rotator

    Thermo Scientific

    …optimum culture results with the gentle rotating motion of the Thermo Scientific™ Cel-Gro Tissue Culture Rotator, featuring a no-maintenance brushless motor. The single drum has an adjustable rotating angle and speed. Features: Rotator operates in standard incubators for…

  • Rotary Shakers

    IKA Works

    Circular shaking motion Slow speeds are well maintained Designed for continuous operation VXR basic Vibrax shaker is an optoelectronically-controlled shaker with a very wide speed range. Units feature a new design and improved drive system. Attachments are interchangeable. Maximum…

  • RM-2S Intelli-mixer, Small, Includes Mix Rack


    …science. V-spin harnesses the energy of an unequaled stepper motor, allowing for a wide variety of mixing, vibrating, and rotating cycles. This multipurpose unit is a rotator, vortex mixer, and blotter all in one. Cold room safe with an unprecedented 34 modes of operation, this versatile piece is…

  • Model 6130 Benchtop Orbital Shaker


    30-350 rotations per minute Variable speed with digital tachometer and countdown timer Handle loads between 0 to 25 lbs Eberbach’s bench top variable speed orbital shaker is designed to occupy a minimum table top space yet allow for the versatility offered by larger units with…

  • Piggy™ Tube Rotator

    ACTGene, Inc.

    Digitally controlled variable speed and oscillating modes Oscillating mode features 40° rotation, pause, then back and forth five times before another 40° to repeat the process. Accommodating 0.5-50ml tubes Digital key pad for easy speed adjustment 10-40 rpm Small footprint,…

  • PTR-60 360° Multi-Function Rotator

    Grant Instruments

    … Capacity of up to 48 microtubes and a maximum rotating speed of up to 100 rpm Optional accessory platform for accommodating tubes of different diameters Reliable and extremely quiet motor produces regulated and reproducible rotation throughout the speed range Compact with a low profile…

  • Tubetickler Tube Mixer


    Suspends firmly sedimented or sticky pellets in seconds One-handed operation Unit holds microtube against a specially designed rotating agitator head. The unique action of the agitator head vibrates and swirls the tube contents. The unit is activated by light pressure applied to the top…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Tube Rotator


    …immune precipitations, prevention of blood coagulation, latex diagnostics etc. Features: Compact bench saving design Circular rotating action, gives gentle but effective mixing Adjustable speed range of 0 to 80rpm Comes with disk and 12ea 1.5/15/50ml centrifuge tube clamps…

  • GTR Series Analog Tube Rotators

    Globe Scientific

    The GTR-HA Tube Rotator provides slow to vigorous mixing of your biological samples and solutions in a simple, lightweight and easy to use design. Simply turn on the power and adjust the speed using the analog dial for your desired level of mixing. The unit includes a rotisserie-style stainless…

  • RotoFlex Plus Tube Rotator

    Argos Technologies

    …in an oscillating mode. In oscillation mode the rotisseries rotate 40°, pause, then oscillate back and forth five times before rotating another 40° to repeat the process. After oscillating for 360°, the rotisserie rotates a complete turn before reverting back to the oscillation cycle.…

  • Platelet Rotators

    LW Scientific

    Widely used in blood banks Durable construction Whisper-quiet, heavy-duty motor Variable speed control from 0 to 9 rpms Stainless steel basket rotates 360° smoothly Easy loading and unloading Built-in tachometer allows users to monitor speed easily

  • Incubator-Genie™ — Benchtop Shaking / Rotating Incubator

    Scientific Industries

    …Incubator-Genie™ is designed to Incubate, Rotate, Rock, and Shake all in ONE compact unit. Precise temperature control and uniformity – range from 28°C to 75°C Magnetic stainless steel platform may be easily set to rock or rotate almost any container Containers can be easily…

  • Rotator Genie

    Scientific Industries

    The Rotator Genie is a compact but rugged lab rotator available in two INTERCHANGEABLE platform configurations providing the ability to hold virtually any kind of container. Choose from Standard Platform with Retaining Bands or Magnetic Platform Magnetic stainless steel platform and clip…

  • Mini Tube Rotator


    Variable Speed: 4-18 rpm LCD display Includes 260751 Carousel for thirty-six 1.5/2.0ml tubes Provides complete 360° Rotation An adustable 0-90° Mixing Angle Small footprint for your bench — we know you need all the space you can get! Interchangeable carousels for…

  • Mini LabRoller™ Dual Format Rotator


    …the Mini LabRoller Rotator has applications in a variety of areas. Product Specifications Dimensions (WxDxH) 8.4 x 4.0 x 5.0 in / 21.3 x 10.2 x 12.6cm Operating conditions +4 to 65°C, up to 85% RH non-condensing Speed 24 rpm Motion Rotating, rocking & tumbling…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Rotisserie Tube Rotator


    …immune precipitations, prevention of blood coagulation, latex diagnostics etc. Features: Compact bench saving design Rotisserie rotating action, gives gentle but effective mixing Adjustable speed range of 0 to 80rpm Comes with rotisserie and 12ea 1.5/15/50ml centrifuge tube…

  • PTR-25 360° Vertical Mini Rotator

    Grant Instruments

    … 360°C vertical rotation. Vertical rotation speed range: 5 to 30 rpm. Timer with audible alarm and automatic switch-off. Very easy to operate with simple controls and easy to view LED screen. Reliable and extremely quiet motor produces regulated rotation throughout the speed range.…

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