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Rod Clamp
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  • Rod "Muff" Clamps


    These Rod Clamps are otherwise known as the "muff" portion only and can be used to create custom clamps to satisfy a wide range clamping applications.

  • Clamp and Support Rod


    Highly versatile, the rod height can be locked into any position by a simple thumbscrew located on the outer edge of the clamp. The clamp features a sturdy handle for tightening the unit on the edge of a table top up to 1-1/2" (38mm) thick. The plated, solid steel rod is 1/2" (13mm) in diameter by…

  • Table Clamp


    The Table Clamp is designed to support meter sticks and other round or square rods, either vertically or horizontally up to 1" (25mm) thick. The Vee's are milled at right angles and the clamp can be mounted on table edges up to 1-3/4" (45mm) thick. Each jaw can be adjusted separately. Heavy cast…

  • Support Clamp for Laboratory Frame Rods


    Compatable with BriskHeat Metal Housed Heating Mantles. Accommodates up to a 13mm diameter rod.

  • Ultra Clamps


    Strong Aluminum Alloy Fitted with Over-sized knobs Rods supported on 4 inch long surface to avoid vibration and wobble

  • Pendulum Clamp


    This unit clamps to any horizontal or vertical support rod up to 3/4" (19mm) in diameter. The clamp is designed to hold three pendulums spaced 2-1/8" (54mm) apart with points for suspending cords on the same horizontal line, each individually adjustable. The overall length is 10-1/2" (267mm) by 3/4"…

  • Clamp 90-Degree Heavy-Duty


    …these lab clamps are ideal for many applications on the bench or latticework. Heavy-duty 90 degree clamp designed to be more user friendly Larger knobs make hand tightening easier and provide sufficient pressure to hold rods securely Can be used on conventional round support rods from…

  • Large Rod "Muff" Clamps


    These Rod Clamps are otherwise known as the "muff" portion only and can be used to create custom clamps to satisfy a wide range clamping applications.

  • Right Angle Clamp Holder

    GSC International, Inc.

    Cast iron construction with nickel plated thumb screws. Will accept rods up to 5/8" in diameter.

  • EMEA Heating Mantles For Soxhlet Extraction

    Electrothermal (Cole-Parmer)

    …units as required by routine extraction tests. Each position has an indicator light to show when power and heaters are on. Each mantle is supplied with three support rods 12.7 mm ( 1/2") in diameter. Clamps are built into each unit and a PTFE coated stirring bar is provided for each position.

  • Clamp Holders

    United Scientific Supplies

    Clamp holders for rods up to 19mm (0.75") in diameter. Available in Cast Iron or Brass.

  • Swivel Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    Chrome plated steel double clamp. Accepts rods up to 0.75" (19mm) in diameter. One clamp can be rotated 360° about long axis and clamped in any position.

  • Universal Clamp

    GSC International, Inc.

    Both sides of the clamp have screw type fitting that allow you to lock release or tighten as needed. The boss head clamp can be used on a stand rod up to 1.9 cm in diameter.

  • SYNTHWARE Clamp Bosshead

    Kemtech America

    Clamp Bosshead, Synthware, For rods up to 15mm diameter, chrome plated finishwith plastic headed screws.

  • Clamp and Support Rods


    Designed to allow users to mount rod vertically or horizontally. The clamp is cast iron with a black enamel finish. Supplied complete with a 3/8" x 20" (10mm x 508mm) rod (H-21350) or a 1/2" x 24" (13mm x 610mm) rod (H-21360).

  • Corning® 18 x 5/16" Stainless Steel Support Rod


    Corning offers a stainless steel, two piece, 18" (45.7cm) support rod with a 5/16" (0.8cm) diameter that consists of two 9" rods that screw together. It screws into the base of Corning hot plate and stirrer models PC-400/410/420, PC-400D/410D/420D and PC-600D/610D/620D.

  • Clamping Systems

    Arrow Engineering

    …Universal Clamps (8583L36 and L40) Designed with large knobs for powerful gripping plus an adjustable stop for speed and safety in set up and operation Made with precision machined aluminum rod for strength and durability Used for most applications Will hold any stirrer with mounting rod from…

  • Support Stand Clamps


    … Accommodates 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch diameter shaft of Talboys motor support and rod of 8596B10 support stand Stainless Steel Construction Strong aluminum alloy with a brushed finish and large knobs facilitate easy tightening Rods supported on 4 inch long surface to avoid vibration and wobble

  • Extension Clamps

    United Scientific Supplies

    3 pronged extension clamp is 10" long and has rubber tubing covering the prongs Extention Clamp with cork covered jaws, 8" total length 3 Pronged clamp with aluminum rod, 10" long

  • Converter Clamp

    Sonics & Materials

    The light duty converter clamp securely supports 2½" (64 mm) diameter converters onto stands with ½" (13 mm) diameter support rod. Chemical-resistant reinforced plastic.

  • Swivel Clamp Holder


    For attaching extension clamps to supports Aluminum construction Has swivel for rods up to 5/8” diameter

  • Labjaws Connectors and Mounting Brackets


    Rod End Connector (2824E29) Holds rods firmly at 90°. Use when semi-permanent installations are required. Comes with two set screws and is precision bored for close fit. S-Connector (2824E33) Clamps lab frame rods at 90° angle. Twin angled screws allow independent rod

  • Labjaws Thermometer Swivel Clamp


    Holds glass tubes or thermometers from 6 to 13 mm diamter. Swivel lock adjusts from any angle through 360°. Distance from thermometer to support rod in 99 mm. Overall length is 122 mm. Integral post holders for easy connections.

  • Cast Iron Support Stands with Rods

    United Scientific Supplies

    These support stands feature a heavy cast iron base with black enamel finish. Each base includes a removable zinc plated rod.

  • Radleys Starfish Monifolds, Clamps and Support Rods


    …The detachable Velcro straps allow the clamping of a wide range of glassware from 20 mm to 60 mm in diameter. Users have a choice of two support rods, both 12 mm in diameter: the 650 mm one-piece rod and the two-piece 650 mm split rod. The split rod has a threaded joint halfway along its body,…

  • Magnetic Stirrers Accessories

    IKA Works

    rod H 38 to the support rod H 16 V. Clamping range - stand: 10 - 11 mm Clamping range - extension arm: 11 mm Material: cast aluminium Thomas No. 1207N21 For fastening the T 10 basic to the stand ST 104 (included with delivery of T 10 basic). Thomas No. 8588A34 Clamping range…

  • Labjaws Aluminum Frame Rods


    Centerless ground for precision fit and chamfered ends for easy assembly. Hard tempered surface is corrosion resistant and has a melting point of 1100 °F. 13 mm diameter rods are available up to 244 cm long.

  • Clamp, Lattice

    Harvard Apparatus

    Of glass-filled nylon Has two open sides which take (and lock in place, at right angles) rods up to 1/2” (13mm) diameter Locking screws are M5 (5 mm) thread Allen set screws 1/2” (13 mm) long; without rod

  • Threaded Base Plates


    …to a tabletop or inverted into a recessed hole for flush mounting. Models are available with either a threaded hole completely through the center or with an unthreaded thru-hole. These die-cast units are supplied without rod. Other sizes are available on request with threaded or straight holes.

  • Burette Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    This clamp features plastic coverd spring jaws. Accepts burettes up to 35mm OD, and support rods up to 0.5" OD. Available as a single or double burette clamp.

  • Conical Flange Vessel Clamp

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    This clamp is designed for reaction vessels/kettles with a conical flange. The top clamp is easily removed without disturbing the cover or body of reaction flask. Disassemble by loosening nuts. Includes extension rod for clamping to a laboratory stand. NOTE: Use with LG-8010 to LG-8050 vessels…

  • Universal U-Shaped Support Base And Rod


    …No. 7560 - 3/4" dia x 34" L 2 section nickel-plated steel support is mounted in iron base Base has 5 threaded holes for convenient rod placement Breaks down into compact unit Package size 18-1/2" x 4" x 2" Larger bases available, call for details Units…

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