Right Angle Clamp

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Right Angle Clamp
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  • Right Angle Clamp Holder

    GSC International, Inc.

    Cast iron construction with nickel plated thumb screws. Will accept rods up to 5/8" in diameter.

  • Clamp Holder, Right Angle

    United Scientific Supplies

    Cast aluminum clamp holder for use with rods up to 19mm in diameter. For use when clamping at 90° is required. This clamp features a min to max grip range of 0-21mm and a v-grove bearing length of 55mm.

  • Right-angle, side drive gear box. 9-in long aluminum support rod for attaching to a clamp holder or flex-frame. Polished aluminum case. 10mm stainless connecting rods on in/out drive. Can easily be used with ACE 8081 Flex-Shaft and either 8126-10 or 8124 chucks. Using a Flex shaft allows for use…

  • Table Clamp


    The Table Clamp is designed to support meter sticks and other round or square rods, either vertically or horizontally up to 1" (25mm) thick. The Vee's are milled at right angles and the clamp can be mounted on table edges up to 1-3/4" (45mm) thick. Each jaw can be adjusted separately. Heavy cast…

  • Multi Clamp


    Manufactured from heavy die-cast aluminum, this clamp is designed for clamping two pieces of apparatus into any of the three following positions: right angles, parallel, or vertically. The clamp will accommodate attachments up to 1/2"(13mm) in diameter.

  • …a 7/16" (1.1cm) diameter by 6 1/2" (16.5cm) support clamp for Corning Cat. No. 6795PR and 400188 temperature probes. Support has two openings, 1/3" (9mm) and 0.15" (3.75mm), for holding probes. It is designed to be used with a boss head clamp (Corning Cat. No. 440140) or standard right angle clamp.

  • Corning offers a 2" long right angle black anodized aluminum Boss Head clamp that will accept up to 7/16" diameter support rods. It is designed to be used with the Corning Temperature probe support clamp (Cat. No. 440141).

  • …laws more interesting than ever by having students use technology they love, their smart phone. Kit includes: - Atwood machine - Right angle clamp - String - Spring - Visual Scientifics Post    Main Activities: - Exploration of equilibrium, conservation of energy,…

  • …slower speeds for stirring more viscous mixtures. Stirrers include motor, mounting bracket, 3-jaw keyless chuck, paddle, propeller and a right angle clamp. NOTE: Model 8836M34 Lab Stand is recommended to mount GT31 Stirrers. GT24 Stirrers (8585H60 and H64) Cool, quiet-running motors Torque:…


    United Scientific Supplies

    …Burette Clamp, Burner Tripod, 3" ring, 9" legs, Mohr's Pinchcock Clamp, Clamp Holder, Right Angle, Clay Pipe Triangle, 2", Crucible Tongs, Nickel-plated Steel, 9" Ring Support with Clamp, 4", Support Stand with Rod, 5" x 8" / 24" rod, Test Tube Rack, Plastic, holds 6 tubes, Test Tube Clamp, Wire…

  • S-Connector Clamp is ideal for constructing lab-frames or other supports requiring the connection of two perpendicular rods. Clamp connects two 13 mm (0.51") rods at a 90° angle and features separate adjustment screws for each rod location. Lab Frame Foot Stainless steel…

  • “Mary Ann®” Sifter

    Gilson Co. Inc.

    …mounted to open from either the right or left. The SS-25 allows fast and easy conversion to accommodate either 8in (203mm) or 12in (305mm) diameter testing sieves. Testing cycles are controlled to a ±1 second with a 99 minute digital timer. Sieve stack angled at 45 degrees and allows rotation…

  • …positioning of the glassware adjustable immersion angle single-handed manual lift handling, suitable for left and right-handed operators speed range: 5 - 300 min-1 low device voltage (24V) ensures user safety flask clamping mechanism with integrated push-off function for easy exchange…

  • …inside and outside of garment with compatible chemical-resistant material by heat-sealing. Expanded faceshield provides wide 220 degree viewing angle. EX faceshield is three-layer laminate composed of 40 mil PVC/5 mil Teflon® /20 mil PVC Front entry design allows wearer to partially don…

  • …inside and outside of garment with compatible chemical-resistant material by heat-sealing. Expanded faceshield provides wide 220 degree viewing angle. EX faceshield is three-layer laminate composed of 40 mil PVC/5 mil Teflon® /20 mil PVC Rear entry design keeps closure away from direct…

  • …either the vacuum or inert gas side of the manifold and then bent to a 90º angle, forming a strong but very compact assembly. This configuration permits the line to be set up with the trap assembly on either the right or left side. Port spacing is 170mm center to center. The cleanout at the end…

  • Pulley, Stepped with Axel

    GSC International, Inc.

    …rod and roller bearing hub. Step sizes of the pulley are 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” and 4”. It is easily connected to a support stand with a right-angle clamp. PRODUCT WARNINGS WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including styrene and lead, which are known to the State of California…

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