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  • Reagent Reservoirs

    Globe Scientific

    These reagent reservoirs are suitable for virtually all of your lab's sample preparation and aliquoting needs. Design enhancements include pour spouts at each corner, a rigid sidewall design and graduations for easy volume reference. Sterile variants are irradiated to guarantee a sterility…

  • …feature makes separation of bulk packed reservoirs easy 25ml divided reservoirs are divided into 3 separate 5ml channels; great for low volume pipetting. Sterile and certified version are certified RNase and DNase-free and non-pyrogenic. Bulk packed reservoirs come in packs of 5 reservoirs.

  • Our Reservoir Plates are perfect for storing volumes of samples to be pipetted into other microplates for further applications. Both plate formats - open format and 12 column format - are compatible with standard 12 and 96 well channel pipettes, and are suitable for automated systems, for instance…

  • BRAND reagent reservoirs are made from heavy-duty polypropylene to withstand repeated autoclaving. Lids are included to help protect against sample contamination. For use with all multichannel pipettes.

  • Reservoir Trough Plates

    J.G. Finneran

    1mL to 7mL capacity per channel 56mL Total Capacity Made from high impact white polystyrene or clear PETG Clear Cover available for reservoir

  • 96 Deep Well Reservoir for Automated Liquid Handling Systems Unique New Design provides High Recovery with a Low Dead Volume which is acheived by using a Low Binding Virgin Polypropylene. With the highest fill volume in the market, the Extra Large Capacity allows for more plate filling from a…

  • Phenix Reagent Reservoirs

    Phenix Research Products

    Non-Sterile & Sterile options 3 sizes Choice of different packaging options Sterile reserviors are RNase/DNase and Pyrogen Free

  • Reagent Reservoirs

    Heathrow Scientific

    Reagent Reservoirs offer a fresh and modern design with enhanced features to streamline pipetting procedures. Graduation Markings on the top edge and inner walls allows measurements of liquid to be easily identified and reduces waste of expensive reagents. Pour-off Spouts design on all…

  • Reagent Reservoir

    United Scientific Supplies

    For use with micropipettes. Total capacity of 75 mL. Includes graduation marks at 10, 30 and 60 mL levels. Autoclavable.

  • Porvair Sciences reservoir trays are designed for use with any robotic liquid handling system. These reservoirs offer options for a single liquid or a partitioned space for serveral liquids. Most working configurations are accounted for as well as varying liquid volumes. Made to take a range of…

  • Reagent Reservoirs

    Argos Technologies

    Pipetting Reservoir Basins featuring Snap & Tear™ easy opening bags Designed with angled sides and a narrow V-shaped bottom to ensure that every last drop of costly reagents can be aspirated White polystyrene basins are offered in 25, 50 and 100mL volumes Thick-wall…

  • Universal Reagent Reservoirs

    Globe Scientific

    One reservoir to work with single, eight, and twelve channel pipettors Three different reservoir sections to meet the needs of most laboratory operations: - One 50mL single reagent reservoir - One reservoir with 8 individual 5mL reagent channels - One reservoir with 12 individual 5mL…

  • BRAND reagent reservoirs are made from heavy-duty polypropylene to withstand repeated autoclaving. Lids are included to help protect against sample contamination For use with all multichannel pipettes

  • …channel "V" bottoms minimize waste Four sizes of solution reservoirs are available to accommodate various sample volumes. All sizes are wide enough for 8 or 12 channel pipettes. The extra large (175ml) reservoirs cut down on frequent refilling and are available with a removable hinged…

  • reservoirs are designed for use with multi-channel pipetting applications and can accommodate 8- and 12-channel pipettors. Angled sides and a V-shaped bottom allow maximum recovery of reagents. All reservoirs feature internal graduated volume lines and pour-spouts on the corners. These reservoirs

  • Speed pipetting Convenient Sterile Modified polystyrene Disposable reagent reservoirs, for use with multichannel pipettors, are available in 50 or 100 mL sizes. Individually wrapped or bags of five.

  • Reagent Reservoirs

    Agilent Microplates

    Agilent polypropylene reservoir microplates are available for a wide range of automated liquid handlers and handheld pipettors. These reservoir microplates are molded using high-quality, chemical-resistant polymers to ANSI/SLAS standard footprints, with optimized base geometries to minimize dead…

  • Reagent Reservoirs

    Celltreat Scientific

    Reagent reservoirs are designed to assist in repetitive liquid transfer. White color enhances solution visibility. Angled design promotes funneling of liquid to maximize retrieval, and works with multiple channel pipettes. Now available in 25 and 100mL sizes in addition to 50 and 55mL for …

  • 12 Channel Reagent Reservoirs

    Lee Plastic Company

    The 12-channel Reagent Reservoir is designed for use with a multi-channel or single tip pipette. Product Detail: Each numbered channel holds 5 ml of solution Design of the v-shaped channel allows for complete sample withdrawal Reservoir has tabs on the bottom to ensure secure…

  • Robotic Reservoirs

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Robotic Reservoirs 300 mL capacity Sterile or non-sterile Uniquely designed, polypropylene reservoirs have a 300 mL capacity and are in accordance with the proposed SBS Microplate standards. Disposable robotic reservoirs make automating many assays easy. Two styles of reservoir

  • Reagent Reservoir Coolers

    Diversified Biotech

    ‘KEEP YOUR COOL’ - Reagents are kept at ~5°C for approximately 3 hours NO MESS - No more messy ice baths, frozen nontoxic gel is contained in a sealed molded cavity. EXTRA TIME - Extends safe working time temperature sensitive reagents

  • 600mL Reservoir

    Zymo Research Corporation

    …capacity is perfect for large-scale purification such as plasmid Gigapreps (e.g. ZymoPURE™ Gigaprep). The reservoir is designed to ensure no liquid is left behind during processing. The reservoir features durable polypropylene construction. The volume capacity of the reservoir is 600 ml.

  • Polypropylene Reagent Reservoirs

    Celltreat Scientific

    Made from Polyproplylene Reservoirs are designed to assist in repetitive or robotic liquid transfer Pyramid and Trough Bottom designs promote funneling of liquid to maximize reagent recovery by pipet tips Low profile is ideal for small volume robotic tips 229561 & 229562:…

  • 8 Channel, 96 or 384 well format Shallow well: 75mL Deep well: 275mL Available in Natural and White Virgin Polystyrene Reusable SBS Footprint Holder

  • Reservoir Chillers

    Heathrow Scientific

    The Reservoir Chiller is an ice-free, non-toxic way to extend working period and preserve integrity for temperature sensitive reagents.

  • Texan™ Reagent Reservoir

    Excel Scientific

    …polypropylene construction. Hinged lid allows unused reagent storage and prevents airborne contamination when closed. The large capacity means fewer refills. Allows for 8 and 12-channel pipetting with minimal waste. Multiple reservoirs can be stacked for improved space efficiency.

  • Multi-Channel Half Height Reservoirs

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    …our reagent reservoirs can stand-up to autoclaving, exposure to temperature extremes, and chemicals.  Made from polypropylene these reservoirs offer a stable base that makes them suitable for manual procedures as-well-as automation. These fully automation compatible reservoirs feature an SBS…

  • Reversible Reagent Reservoir

    United Scientific Supplies

    …polypropylene reservoir is useful for single and multichannel micropipettes. Positioned one way. It provides a 50 mL reservoir for use with a single channel micropipette. Flipped over, it provides a numbered reservoir with eight separate 5 mL reagent channels, and a numbered reservoir with twelve…

  • Polypropylene reagent vessels Reservoirs are made of clear virgin polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance Features an SBS footprint Various formats for any application

  • Buffer reservoir for easy equilibration Fast, affordable, high-recovery desalting and buffer exchange, as well as removal of low-molecular weight compounds packed with Sephadex G-25 Medium. LabMate Buffer Reservoir makes it easier and more convenient to equilibrate PD-10 columns. Easy to use…

  • Reagent Reservoirs

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Particularly well suited for single and multi-channel pipetting. Various shape, material and capacity provides ideal solutions for many applications.

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