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Repeating Syringe
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  • Corning® Step-R™ Repeating Pipettor and Syringe Tips


    …precise multiple dispensing: Up to 48 pipetting doses without refilling the tip syring Wide range of polypropylene syringe tips: 8 different sizes, sterile and non-sterile versions available Positive displacement syringe tips: Dedicated to work with high density liquids or vapor pressure such…

  • Pipette, RV-Pette Repeat Volume

    Globe Scientific

    …with the required volume using the sliding fill lever. To dispense, depress the plunger. For convenience, a chart showing the volume dispensed for each tip size and dial position is located on the body of the pipette tip. The RV-Pette performs best when used with Globe's dispenser syringe tips.

  • Dispenser Syringe Tips for Repeater Pipettes

    Globe Scientific

    Dispenser Tips are refillable sample reservoirs designed for use with Globe's RV-PETTE™ Repeat volume pipettor, Eppendorf® Repeater® pipettor and other repeater brands. They are available in eight sizes including 0.05mL, 0.5mL, 1.25mL, 2.5mL, 5.0mL, 12.5mL, 25mL, and 50mL.…

  • Repeating Dispenser, 25 to 2,500 mL


    The PB-600-1 Repeating Dispensers consistently dispense sample up to 50 times with the push of a button. Dispense volumes are between 0.2 µL - 50 µL Works with Microliter or Gastight syringes from 10 µL to 2.5 mL Use the repeating dispenser with cemented needles…

  • RV-Pette PRO™ Repeat Volume Pipettor

    Globe Scientific

    …and syringe tips offer 120 dispensing volume options to meet the demands, protocols and practices for nearly all users. The light weight ergonomic design makes the RV-Pette Pro™ Repeat Volume Pipettor the right choice for efficient and comfortable pipetting during repeat dispensing…

  • DISTRIMAN® Positive Displacement Repetitive Pipettor


    …1250 µL and Maxi 12.5 mL syringes cover the entire volume range (from 1 µL to 1.25 mL). DistriTip syringes are the only syringes capable of dispensing up to 125 aliquots Can be used with viscous and volatile solutions Selection of packaging Each DistriTip syringe model is available in…

  • Repeating Adapter Syringes


    Accuracy and reproducibility ±1% Equipped with repeating adapters Repeating adapters allow the user to preset any desired volume and help prevent plunger blowout at elevated pressures. Also used as a plunger support for low volume syringes.

  • HisTrap HP

    GE Healthcare

    …with a syringe, pump, or chromatography system such as ÄKTA design High binding capacity, at least 40 mg/ml chromatography medium.Compatible with a wide range of reducing agents, detergents, denaturants, and other additives.Negligible Ni 2+ leakageSimple manual operation with a syringe, pump, or…

  • Adjustable Repeating Pipettes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Exceptional ergonomics Soft plunger activation Versatile feeding through bottle, tubing or syringe No need for consumables Swift-set in-lab calibration Autoclavable fully assembled at 121°C/250°F

  • HandyStep® Electronic Repeating Pipette


    …automatically identifies Brand PD-Tip™ encoded syringe tips (available on special order) and displays the volume of the tip as it is inserted into the unit. Also works with other leading brands of repeating syringe tips - simply scroll to the correct tip size and hit “enter.”…

  • Microlab 600 Dispensers and Diluters


    … Single Syringe Dispenser The Single Syringe Dispenser is ideal for dedicated dispensing applications requiring a single syringe drive. Improve accuracy, throughput, and consistency when compared to traditional laboratory equipment like serological and repeating pipettes. Dual Syringe

  • Adapter for 37.5mL Syringe

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Designed for use with the Wheaton Stepper™ 411 Repeater Pipette Accepts red color-coded, 37.5mL Ecostep™ Syringes 5/Case

  • RAX Repeating Adaptor


    The SGE RAX repeating adaptor improves precision and reproducibility when repeatedly dispensing the same volume manually. The RAX is suitable for syringes with capacities from 500 nL through to 500 μL. The one RAX adaptor can be used on both 6.5mm OD and 8mm OD syringe barrels. It has easy…

  • RV-Pette PRO™ Dispenser Syringe Tips

    Globe Scientific

    …under strict quality controls ensures that RV-Pette PRO™ Dispenser Syringe Tips deliver excellent results when used with Diamond RVPette PRO™ Repeat Volume Pipettors and most popular brands of repeat volume pipettors. RV-Pette PRO™ tips are available in 12 sizes for dispensing…

  • Chromatography Syringes


    …displacement syringe for use with liquids. A tungsten plunger wire travels inside the needle, eliminating dead volume. Knurled hubs are used exclusively on the 7000 Series syringes allowing 6000 psig maximum injection pressures. These hubs also allow the attachment of a spacer for repeatable

  • SCILOGEX EZ - Syringe Tips


    0.5ml to 50ml Made from virgin polypropylene Non-sterile or sterile EZ Syringe Tips fit all repeating pipettes using standard sized syringe tips, such as the StepMate™, HandyStep® and the Eppendorf® RepeaterTM. EZ-Tips are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and high-density polyethylene…

  • Fastepper™ Syringe Tips, 50ml*, sterile, Qty: 100


    DNase and RNase free Pyrogen and endotoxin free These syringes are refillable sample reservoirs made from polypropylene with a polyethylene plunger. Each may be used to dispense 5 different repetitive sample volumes. Autoclaving not recommended. Packed 100 syringes per box.

  • Roxy M™ Repeating Pipettor and Universal Fit Roxy M™ Repeating Pipettor Tips

    Bel-Art Products

    Repeating Pipettor, along with its full range of universal fit pipettor tips, provides reliable, repeat dispensing from 1 - 5000uL. Made in Germany and lightweight, it offers reliability, accuracy and precision, and comfortable long term use without hand strain. Roxy M™ Repeating

  • Merlin MicroShot Injector


    …injector is calibrated to NIST reference standards to assure accurate and traceable displacement. Precise repeated injections of the preset volume can be made using a standard autosampler syringe with less variation than when injecting by hand. The trigger mechanism provides rapid sample delivery,…

  • HandyStep® S Repeating Pipette


    The BRAND HandyStep® S repeating pipette provides unprecedented versatility in a purely mechanical repeating pipette. In conjunction with BRAND PD-Tip™ syringe tips— available in two new sizes, the HandyStep® S offers nearly sixty different volume settings with accuracy,…

  • The Stepper™ 411 Repeating Pipette


    …with 4-fingers instead of thumb Setting knobs bear clear indication of volumes and number of aliquots Only three positive displacement syringes, color-coded Self-locking mechanism Highly comfortable pipette intended for reliable dispensing and high performance results. Unique…

  • 700 Series Microliter Syringes


    …is ±1% with repeatability of dispensed volumes within ±1% Fitted syringe plungers and barrels are not interchangeable. Attempting to use the plunger from one syringe in the barrel of another will result in a misfit. For best results, syringe should be cleaned immediately…

  • StepMate Repeater Pipettor


    …or the right hand. Five easy-to-select settings control the dispensing volume, and the syringe is filled by means of a simple sliding button. The repeater dispenser is designed to be used with syringe volumes ranging from 0.5 mL to 50 mL, and is compatible with most manufacturers’…

  • PD-Tip™ syringe tips


    PD-Tip syringe tips can be used with the BRAND HandyStep® and HandyStep® electronic repeating pipettes, the black-handled Eppendorf Repeater, the Rainin AutoRep E and AutoRep M, and most standard repeating pipettes. A precision seal between the piston and cylinder ensures smooth operation,…

  • Labpette™ R Repeating Laboratory Pipette


    The Labpette™ R Repeating Pipette provides accurate and reproducible repetitive pipetting from the single filling of a disposable tip. Use of the Labpette™ R saves time and reduces the fatigue associated with repetitive pipetting using a standard pipette. Looks and feels like a…

  • 800 Series Microliter Syringes With Handle


    …assembly Barrel and plunger are fitted for increased precision. Accuracy and repeatability are ±1%. Heavier metal plunger stem acts as support for the small plunger. Weight of the metal handle gives the syringe a comfortable balance. Metal handle threads onto the glass barrel, providing…

  • AzerPro Repeating Pipettor

    Azer Scientific

    …dosing button & light-weight design allows long dosing series to be dispensed conveniently Specially designed to precisely align with AzerPro Syringe Tips and our Classic Tips Compatible with Eppendorf’s Combitips®, CombitipsPlus®, and Combitips Advanced® Resistant to…

  • Sapphire AzerPro Syringe Tips

    Azer Scientific

    Designed for the AzerPro Repeating Pipettor Compatible with many popular repeating pipettors Provides reliable, and repeatable results for a wide range of liquids including: viscous, infections, and volatile Available in sterile and non-sterile options All sterile tips are individually…

  • Sapphire Classic Syringe Tips

    Azer Scientific

    …StepMate, EasyStep, EasyStep electronic, RepeatOne®, Handrop. Sterile Sapphire Classic Syringe Tips are individually wrapped and certified to be pyrogen, ATP, RNase, and DNase free. These syringe tips are not compatible with: HandyStep®, Repetman® All product names…

  • Fastepper™ Syringe Tips, Sampler pack, 20 each of 0.5, 1.25, 2.5, 5.0 and 12.5ml


    DNase and RNase free Pyrogen and endotoxin free These syringes are refillable sample reservoirs made from polypropylene with a polyethylene plunger. Each may be used to dispense 5 different repetitive sample volumes. Autoclaving not recommended. Packed 100 syringes per box.

  • Septa PTFE Silicone 18-400 Cs144

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Excellent for use with open-top caps to access container contents with a syringe Highly chemically resistant PTFE facing maintains integrity of contents Silicone rubber backing allows repeated puncturing through the seal Resists coring Autoclavable Recommended for use in all…

  • ClickSeal™ Centrifuge Tubes

    National Scientific Supply

    …ensure accurate, reproducible lab results. Target syringe port is easily pierced for spill-free handling of hazardous substances. Withstands temperatures from +121°C to -80°C and an RCF of 17,000 x g. Positive ClickSeal™ design allows repeated cap closures and eliminates pressure induced…

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