Red Litmus Paper

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Red Litmus Paper
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  • Whatman Acid-Alkali pH Indicators

    GE Healthcare

    red litmus paper or phenophthalein stripsColor change in pH solutions ranging from approximately 5 to 8Blue and red litmus paper and phenophthalein strips are mixed-indicator tests designed for fast, accurate, and reliable pH solution testing. Universal indicators GE’s acid-alkali litmus paper is…

  • Litmus Paper, Red, Reagent, ACS

    Spectrum Chemical

    Grade: Reagent, ACS

  • Litmus Papers

    Advantec MFS

    Litmus Paper provides a general detection for whether a solution is acidic (blue) or alkaline (red). Dip the indicator test strip in solution. A color change is confirmation. Please Note: ALL Advantec items have a maximum 48 hour cancellation window. Any cancellations AFTER the 48 hour window…

  • Deluxe Chemistry Hardware Assortment

    United Scientific Supplies

    …Stand, 6 inch (1), Stirring Rod, Glass, pk/12 (1), Support Stand, with 18" Rod (1), Support Ring, 3" O.D. with clamp (3), Test Paper, Litmus, Blue (1), Test Paper, Litmus, Red (1), Test Paper, Cobalt Chloride (1), Tubing, Glass, Assorted, one pound (1), Wire Gauze, 5" square (1)

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