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  • Single use culture tubes are housed in easy-to-open, easy-to-use packaging. The three small sizes come in a dispenser arrangement while the larger sizes are bulk-packed. Culture tubes are made of borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants that could potentially leach from…

  • With spout and hexagonal base Supplied with shock absorbing bumper guards. Cylinders are calibrated “to deliver” in accordance with ASTM E-1272 and ASTM E-542 or “to contain”. The double scale, numbered up and down, is in durable white enamel.

  • Made of borosilicate glass Contains minimal heavy metals and is practically free from fluorine and alumina Strong, yet soft and pliable Suitable as a filtering medium due to its low alkali content Maximum service temperature 500°C Fiber diameter 0.008 mm

  • …Excellent chemical durability provides contamination-free results and long life under the toughest lab conditions Normal working temperatures for PYREX brand boiling flasks is 230°C Precisely tooled for uniform stopper fit Reinforced rim increases mechanical strength These flasks are…

  • PYREX®10 mL , Stark- Dean For use in the determination of water in petroleum products and bituminous materials Graduated in 1/10 mL divisions from 0 to 1 mL ; in 1/5 mL divisions from 1 to 10 mL With Standard Taper 24/40 joints; meets ASTM Standard E 123

  • …designed for those institutions performing many laboratory procedures PYREX® glass has proven itself to be tough and reliable for over 75 years of demanding use in the laboratory environment. The PYREX® name is associated with high quality, corrosion and heat resistant laboratory…

  • For use in vacuum filtration applications Withstands full vacuum (to 30” Hg) With hose barb for 1/4” I.D. tubing

  • Extra-heavy walls and rim minimize breakage These heavy duty beakers are specifically designed to offer the best mechanical strength under harsh conditions, such as mechanized washing operations. For convenience, the 250 through 4000mL beakers have a double graduated metric scale to indicate their…

  • Heavy-duty rim for longer service Narrow mouth Graduated scale indicates approximate volume The Erlenmeyer design is extremely popular and has been modified for numerous lab applications.

  • Flat, clear dishes will withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry) The edges are beaded to provide greater mechanical strength; the bead also provides a means to equally space the side walls of the bottom and cover, thereby reducing the capillary action of condensed moisture on the sides …

  • Lifetime Red™ Graduated Cylinders Capacity control is the most important specification for graduated cylinders. Class B tolerances. Corning assures accuracy through precision-drawn tubing and precise calibrations. All cylinders are manufactured to ASTM E 1272 which describes standard…

  • With reinforced rims, fire-polished to reduce chipping Will withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry) Ideal for storage and crystallization

  • Dish, Pyrex


  • Short length external Standard Taper joints PYREX low form weighing bottles have an external Standard Taper joint style opening. The closure style cap fits over the externally ground body.

  • PYREX® Suitable for storage of distilled water and standard solutions Of borosilicate glass All have heavy, welted neck but vary in size and shape. Bottles take stopper number 12. PYREX bottles are tough and reliable yet designed with safety in mind. PYREX bottles can withstand…

  • Top edge is grounded flat within 0.25 mm to permit seal with flat cover Of PYREX borosilicate glass Without covers. Capacity and dimensions (L x W x D, mm) are given in listings.

  • Short length Standard Taper joints Capacities from 35 to 82 mL These PYREX low form weighing bottles have a Standard Taperjoint style opening that accepts a closed bottom, hollow pennyhead style stopper.

  • Short length external Standard Taper joints These PYREX standard weighing bottles have an external Standard Taperjoint style opening. The closure style cap fits over the externally ground body.

  • 3 to 6 mm in diameter Diameter tolerance is ±0.75 mm PYREX solid glass beads are useful for packing in distillation columns, mixing beads and boiling stones. Beads are packaged in 0.45 kg (1 lb) boxes, which have a packing volume of approximately 360 cm 3 or 22 cubic inches.

  • …where stability of the glass is of prime importance. Serum bottles are also suitable for storing distilled water and standard solutions. PYREX bottles have the strength to withstand hot air (dry) or steam (wet) sterilization. Necks are tooled to increase mechanical strength and provide…

  • Short length Standard Taper joints Capacities from 7 to 85 mL These PYREX tall form weighing bottles have a Standard Taperjoint style opening that accepts a closed bottom, hollow pennyhead style stopper.

  • Serialized Colored scale Teflon® stopcock plug The capacity tolerance on Class A PYREX burets is established by ASTM E-287 and is calibrated in accordance with ASTM E-542 and D-511. Each buret is individually serialized and supplied with a Certificate of Identification and Capacity, traceable to…

  • Four sizes Borosilicate glass Wet or dry sterilization These PYREX roller bottles are available in four cell growth areas: 840, 1170, 1330 and 1585 cm 2 . Roller bottles are manufactured from borosilicate glass for the strength to withstand repeated wet or dry sterilization as…

  • PYREX® thermometer adapters have a Standard Taper ground joint at one end while the other end is tooled to accommodate a thermometer. The adapter comes with a rubber thermometer holder.

  • …to those on all cylinders, has been added. The graduation line is sharp and permanent and the white markings are easy to read.  Flasks with capacities of 1, 2 and 5 mL come with a No. 8 PYREX stopper while 10 and 25 mL capacity versions are supplied with a No. 9 stopper. Reference: ASTM E-237.

  • Delong style Extra deep baffles These PYREX Delong style shaker culture flasks have three extra deep baffles designed to provide greater agitation of solutions to improve oxygen or gas transfer when used with rotary or reciprocating shakers. The long neck reduces splashing and is designed…

  • Short length external Standard Taper joints PYREX® Parr weighing bottles are designed for use in weighing small samples. The closure style cap fits over the externally ground body.

  • Available with 200 or 300 mm long heavy-wall outer jackets PYREX® West condensers are designed with a heavy-wall outer jacket to provide a sturdy, long-lasting unit, while the inner tube has a thinner wall for efficient heat transfer. The tubulations are on the same side to reduce breakage.…

  • Without stopper, pear shaped 58 mm o.d. x 159 mm long Lower stem graduations: graduated upward from 0 to 1 mL in .05 mL divisions Bulb graduations:  from 1 to 5 mL in 1 mL   from 5 to 50 mL in 5 mL   from 50 to 100 mL in 10 mL divisions

  • Capacity 3 1/2 gallons With 6-mm-bore, Teflon stopcock and overflow tube which takes 1/2” tubing Takes rubber stopper No. 11 1/2 Useful as a delivery/ storage container for solutions. Height 17 3/4”.

  • Includes an efficient Friedrichs condenser An efficient extraction apparatus for general purpose use Consists of an extractor, a special Friedrichs condenser and a flask, all equipped with Standard Taper joints Condenser tubulation o.d. is 10 mm for 3/8 inch i.d. tubing

  • PYREX® Brand Drechsel Standard Taper stopper incorporates a plain dip tube as the distributor Large hexagonal base for stability Standard Taper stopper size 29/42

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