Pyrex Glass Stoppers

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Pyrex Glass Stoppers
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  • …Grooves in the sides help prevent slippage. The flat top allows the stopper to stand on its head, which frees the user’s hand and minimizes potential contamination. This stopper is interchangeable with other common flask stoppers and fits all standard labware of comparable standard taper size.

  • Teflon® stopcock plug fits into the micro-finish barrel Plug reduces freezing problems and grease contamination

  • Pennyhead stoppers are generally used in flasks and separatory funnels.

  • PYREX® VISTA volumetric flasks provide precise volume measurement. The necks are tooled for Standard Taper glass stoppers. The graduation line is sharp and permanent and large blue block letters make the inscription easy to read. The 1 mL and 2 mL sizes are test tube shaped.  These Class A…

  • Glass stopcock and glass stopper Stem length of 65 mm

  • Calibrated "to contain" at 20°C Accuracy tolerances approximately twice those specified for Class A

  • These PYREX® globe-shaped separatory funnels are made from specially molded blanks which are tapered toward the stopcock to facilitate the separation of liquids. Their sturdy design makes them excellent for rack work. For replacement glass Standard Taper stoppers, see No. 7650; for stopcock plugs,…

  • (This is the suggested replacement for 6340-4L) These 4L PYREX® pear-shaped separatory funnels have glass No. 8 Standard Taper stopcocks and strong, hollow No. 38 Standard Taper glass stoppers. For replacement glass Standard Taper stoppers, see No. 7650; for stopcock plugs, see No. 7680; for…

  • These PYREX® glass separatory funnels have Rotaflo® stopcocks and strong, hollow Standard Taper glass stoppers. A glass stopper is also included for your convenience. Stem O.D. is 10mm. For replacement glass stoppers, see No. 7650 and for polyethylene stoppers, see No. 7624.

  • …been increased appreciably through machine-blown bodies to which are sealed heavy-tubing necks tooled for No. 13 Standard Taper glass stoppers. For replacement stoppers see No. 7650. These Class A volumetric flasks have been manufactured to Class A tolerances as established by ASTM E- 694 for…

  • These 4L PYREX® pear-shaped glass separatory funnels have Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) No. 8 Product Standard stopcocks and strong, hollow No. 38 Standard Taper glass stoppers. The PTFE plug fits into the micro-finish barrel. The plug also reduces freezing problems and grease contamination. For…

  • These 125mL PYREX® cylindrical separatory funnels are graduated to show approximate capacity, The PTFE plug fits into the micro-finish barrel. The plug also reduces freezing problems and grease contamination.

  • Full length stoppers, closed at bottom, with penny head Conform to ASTM Standard E 675

  • …the glass is of prime importance. Serum bottles are also suitable for storing distilled water and standard solutions. PYREX bottles have the strength to withstand hot air (dry) or steam (wet) sterilization. Necks are tooled to increase mechanical strength and provide uniform stopper fit.…

  • On hexagonal base, with barrel-shaped, hollow glass Standard Taper stopper Zero at bottom Calibrated "to contain" Each cylinder features PYREX® stopper and durable, white enamel graduations. Useful as a mixing cylinder.

  • …white PYREX® stoppers are made from linear high-density polyethylene and have closed bottoms to conform to Standard Taper stopper dimensions. The three rings on the plug provide an efficient seal. This improved design fully protects the neck in the event of accidental tipping. These stoppers may be…

  • Narrow mouth PYREX® with glass stopper With ground neck With ground glass stoppers 125 mL and 250 mL bottles are furnished with a number 19 Standard Taper stopper; 500 mL bottles are furnished with a number 24 Standard Taper stopper; 1,000 mL and 2,000 mL bottles are…

  • These Class A PYREX volumetric flasks are made from red low actinic stained glass to provide protection for materials sensitive to light. The protective color is an integral part of the flask, which retains its mechanical strength, chemical stability and thermal resistance. The graduation line is…

  • …conditions Normal working temperatures for PYREX brand boiling flasks is 230°C Precisely tooled for uniform stopper fit Reinforced rim increases mechanical strength These flasks are used in applications requiring rigid stoppering and as wash bottles in routine lab washing Designed…

  • Stopper 29/35


    These hollow PYREX® 29/35 Standard Taper joint and bottle stoppers are closed at the bottom. They are interchangeable with standard taper joints and bottle stoppers of the same size. These hollow stoppers are light in weight, yet very strong to reduce chi

  • Teflon® stopcock plug and Standard Taper polyethylene stopper Stem length of 65 mm PYREX® borosilicate glass body

  • Permanent graduation line Machine-blown bodies Heavy-beaded, heavy-tubing necks are tooled for polyethylene stopper Stopper is made with a closed bottom and is of linear, high-density polyethylene to conform to Standard Taper stopper dimensions

  • PYREX® Brand Drechsel Standard Taper stopper incorporates a plain dip tube as the distributor Large hexagonal base for stability Standard Taper stopper size 29/42

  • …contamination by solubility or pH change With dropping bulb and pipet, Standard Taperground-glass stopper Stopper for 30 mL size is not standard Standard Taper. IMPORTANT: stopper is not covered by Standard Taperspecifications, but ground to an interchangeable 1:10 taper.

  • Suitable for solution and media storage Graduated in 500 mL increments, with accuracy ±5% 1729C95 has carboy form; all take No. 12 stopper

  • Small filtering flasks are recommended for microchemical use All flasks have permanent white-enamel marking spots Takes rubber stopper No. 3; 50 mL size, No. 4; 125 mL size, No. 5

  • Capacity 3 1/2 gallons With 6-mm-bore, Teflon stopcock and overflow tube which takes 1/2” tubing Takes rubber stopper No. 11 1/2 Useful as a delivery/ storage container for solutions. Height 17 3/4”.

  • …to those on all cylinders, has been added. The graduation line is sharp and permanent and the white markings are easy to read.  Flasks with capacities of 1, 2 and 5 mL come with a No. 8 PYREX stopper while 10 and 25 mL capacity versions are supplied with a No. 9 stopper. Reference: ASTM E-237.

  • PYREX® Suitable for storage of distilled water and standard solutions Of borosilicate glass All have heavy, welted neck but vary in size and shape. Bottles take stopper number 12. PYREX bottles are tough and reliable yet designed with safety in mind. PYREX bottles can withstand…

  • Designed for culturing organisms requiring a large surface area to volume ratio Can also be used in serum production Takes stopper size 13 Thomas number 4912L15 features a triple baffle on the bottom outside edges to achieve maximum oxygen transfer to culture medium. NOTE: do…

  • Utilizes PVC-coated borosilicate glass, which helps contain glass and contents should breakage occur Chemically and thermally resistant Excellent optical clarity Mechanically durable Autoclavable or microwaveable at 121°C (250°F)

  • Short length Standard Taper joints Capacities from 35 to 82 mL These PYREX low form weighing bottles have a Standard Taperjoint style opening that accepts a closed bottom, hollow pennyhead style stopper.

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