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Purification System
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  • Direct-Q® 3 Remote Water Purification System


    All-in-one system: Produces pure (Type 3) water at 3 L/hour and ultrapure (Type 1) water at 0.5L/min, directly from potable tap water. Direct-Q® systems deliver both pure and ultrapure water directly from tap for use with a wide variety of applications in your lab. Direct-Q® systems

  • Smart2Pure Water Purification Systems


    …part number. Packages include the system and start-up consumables. Deliver ultrapure 18.2 megohm water from tap water with consistent quality, outstanding flexibility and great savings. Smart2Pure UV 3LPH Package Includes: the Water Purification System, Built in 6L Reservoir, Built in…

  • Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Systems

    Argos Technologies

    Filters are ideal for separation, purification, and sterilization of biological samples. Membrane material includes SFCA, PVDF, PES, and Nylon. Wide bottle opening for easy access and pouring. Features include: Engraved graduations ensure accuracy Large knurls on reservoir cap for…

  • Milli Q Purification Pack RO Feed

    Evoqua Water Technologies

    …Millipore’s Q-Gard 1 Purification cartridge. Equivalent to Millipore's (QGARD00R1). This cartridge also features a special mix of Ion-Exchange, and activated carbon resins to optimize the system performance based on feed to the Milli-Q point-of-use systems. For use in Milli-Q Range:…

  • HiTrap IgY Purification HP

    GE Healthcare

    system such as ÄKTA design.The top and bottom frits are manufactured from porous polyethyleneConnectors for usage with different chromatography systems and other equipment are includedHiTrap IgY Purification HP is a 5 ml column prepacked with Sepharose High Performance for fast and easy purification

  • WaterPro® BT™ Water Purification System


    WaterPro® BT System produces both RO-purified and Type I water packaged in a compact all-inone benchtop design For laboratories needing 1-10 liters per day, the WaterPro BT System, delivers ultrapure Type I*, up to 18.2 megohm-cm at a typical rate of >0.5 liter per minute** at inlet…

  • arium® mini Ultrapure Water System


    …With its intuitive operator guidance, closed bag system and the practical arium® aqua stop, the unit is ideal for a daily consumption of up to 10 liters of ultrapure water. Moreover, this compact laboratory-grade water purification system stands out by virtue of its superior reliability and…

  • arium® pro UV Ultrapure Water System


    Like arium® pro DI, the arium® pro UV features three-stage purification technology. Yet it additionally uses photooxidation to remove organic components. With two different wavelengths, the horizontally positioned UV lamp (185 254 mm) prevents microbial growth and reliably reduces…

  • WaterPro Water Purification System


    WaterPro RO Station delivers RO water. May be connected to laboratory glassware washer or polishing system. Water is dispensed manually or through optional gun. Features 17L storage tank and Type 304 stainless steel front panel. Wall mountable. Prefilter/Carbon Filter Kit 9067201 & Reverse Osmosis…

  • Renewable Gas Purification System

    Agilent Technologies

    …Gas Purification System from Agilent not only traps large quantities of contaminants and lasts a long time, but it is also recyclable. With average use, you’ll only have to purchase a replacement cartridge once per year or after approximately 20 cylinders’ worth of purification. When…

  • B-Pure™ Water Purification System


    … Half-Size Holder: Produces up to 2L/min Easily attaches to full-size B-Pure systems Small size for flexibility in mounting location Single Module: Simple system without draw-off valve or purity indicator Produces up to 4L/min Double Module: …

  • MicroPure Water Purification Systems


    …the system. MicroPure UV Package* Includes: the water purification system, ultrapure polishing cartridge, sterile 0.2 micron final filter, uv lamp, and all necessary tubing to connect incoming feed water supply MicroPure UV-ST Package* Includes: the water purification system,

  • Uhq Water Purification Systems

    US Filter

    …-cm for monitoring water quality Easy to use USFilter UHQ™ System produce 18 MΩ -cm quality water in a compact, economical and low-volume unit. Providing flow rates up to 0.75 lpm, these systems deliver Type I water for a wide range of demanding lab applications. Ideal for…

  • GenPure™ xCAD Plus Water Purification System Packages

    Thermo Scientific

    …packages that include the system and start-up consumables! OVER $2,000 SAVINGS INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGE! Get more with your lab water system! Pure and simple. Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ GenPure™ xCAD Plus water purification systems with start-up consumables deliver…

  • Amersham ECL Direct Labeling and Detection System

    GE Healthcare

    …Direct Labeling and Detection System ECL Direct Nucleic Acid Labeling and Detection Systems are based on the direct labeling of DNA or RNA probes with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) in a simple 20 min chemical reaction. The resulting probe can be used without purification. Detection is achieved by…

  • MPure-12™ Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System

    MP Biomedicals

    …scalability, ease-of-use and convenience Closed system that offers increased safety and efficiency The MPure-12 System employs an advanced magnetic bead separation technology that enables rapid and efficient purification of nucleic acids. This process includes four main steps:…

  • EASYpure® Water Purification System and Cartridges


    …(31.1 x 47.6 x 46.0 cm) Pretreatment for end use reagent grade systems such as EASYpure® Flow Rate: 10 L/hour; up to 100 L/day 95% reduction of ions 99% reduction of bacteria and organics (>300 mw) Unit features a system rejection monitor, extruded carbon pretreatment, low pressure pump…

  • Replacement Cartridges for Laboratory Water Purification Systems

    Evoqua Water Technologies

    Cartridges provide ultra-high-purity water for use with Barnstead® water systems. The wide selection of cartridge styles and types allow custom-configuration of your laboratory water system to meet a variety of application needs. Standard Features and Benefits Higher ion exchange capacity…

  • SmartPak Purification Pack for RiOs-DI System


    Technology Activated Carbon Reverse Osmosis Ion-Exchange  

  • Protein Prep Syringe Filters for AKTA Systems

    GE Healthcare

    …filter containing the regenerated cellulose membrane is the optimal choice for filtration prior to chromatography with AKTA systems. High yield protein purification and accurate protein analysis both depend on a quality sample being introduced to the chromatography column. The Protein Prep…

  • SIGMA FLAG® M Purification Kit For Mammalian expression systems.


    Synonym(s): Anti-ddddk; Anti-dykddddk Storage: −20°C

  • Tri-Isolate RNA Purification Kits

    IBI Scientific

    IBI Tri-Isolate is a phenol and guanidine isothiocyanate plus spin column system for convenient purification of high quality total RNA from a variety of samples including cultured cells, tissue, body fluids, bacteria, and plant tissue. Initially, samples are homogenized in IBI Isolate Reagent…

  • cOmplete™ His-Tag Purification Column


    … cOmplete His-Tag Purification Columns are fully compatible with standard purification systems such as ÄKTA Systems (GE Healthcare). Use the buffer conditions best suited to your protein Keep your protein comfortable and let it, not your purification resin, determine whether…

  • Ion-X-Changer Water Purification Cartridges


    …safe hookup to any laboratory tap water system. Cartridge resins turn amber to indicate when cartridges need to be changed. All cartridges must be used with mounting brackets (order separately). Purify water up to 15 MΩ-cm Design your system with any combination of four different…

  • Q-Gard® T2 Purification Cartridge


    For Milli-Q® systems connected to DI water feed.

  • SimpliPak® 1 Purification Cartridge


    For Simplicity® systems with Elix® / RO / distilled water feed.

  • Q-Gard® 1 Purification Cartridge


    For Milli-Q® systems connected to Elix® / RO / distilled water feed.

  • Purepack™ Water Purification Cartridges


    Replacement cartridges for Millipore® Water Systems High quality resins Guaranteed performance Economically priced Why buy expensive cartridges when these high quality, inexpensive alternatives are available! PUREpack™ cartridges are guaranteed to provide ultrapure water to meet your…

  • GST-Tagged Protein Purif Buffer


    …Protein Purification Buffer Kit consists of a set of all buffers necessary for OnePass™ GST-Tagged Recombinant Protein Purification System (Glutathione-Separopore ® conveniently prepacked spin columns for gravity flow chromatography) or bath purification using Glutathione…

  • Superdex 30 prep grade (PG) in HiLoad column

    GE Healthcare

    …– easily scale-up separations to production levels. Integrated workflows – 1/16” fittings for convenient connection with ÄKTA protein purification systems. High-resolution separation – with short run times and good recovery. High capacity – at high flow rates. Prepacked – for convenient…

  • HyClone™ Water for Injection (WFI) Quality Water

    GE Healthcare

    …use throughout the scale-up process. Manufactured in cGMP (21 CFR 820) compliant and ISO9001 certified facilities using a validated water purification system that meets or exceeds USP or EP requirements. Quality: Meets stringent USP Certificate of Analysis included with product and…

  • GSTrap HP Columns

    GE Healthcare

    …one-step purifications of glutathione S-Transferase (GST) tagged proteins. High resolution purification of GST-tagged proteins. Mild elution conditions preserving protein antigenicity and function. Fast, one-step purification. Easy to use with syringe, pump or a chromatography system. High…

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