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Ptfe Sleeve
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  • Scienceware® PTFE Sleeve Gaskets

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    For standard taper joints Knurled gripping-ring at top, which allows quick, simple removal from joint Easily cleaned For use with full or medium joints Three gaskets per package. Joint size given in listings below.

  • PTFE Sleeve 19/38 Cs6

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

  • PTFE Sleeves, Fluro-Kem®


    A .002in thick PTFE sleeve for standard taper joints provides a grease-free seal. Sold in packages of 3 each.

  • PTFE Sleeves, Ribbed


    Reusable PTFE sleeve with knurled, reinforced gripping ring for easy removal. Sleeve has reinforcement ribs on the outer surface that provide a vacuum tight seal to 1 mbar and also prevent the sleeve from sticking. Sleeve is .008in thick.

  • PTFE Sleeves, .38mm

    Ace Glass

    …slight mismatch. Treated on inner surface so that it may be cemented to glass with ACE 7560 epoxy adhesive. Sleeves may also be used uncemented to replace lubricant at low pressure differentials. ACE PTFE sleeves are accurately shaped to 1:10 taper; rugged approximately .38mm (.015") wall thickness.

  • PTFE Sleeves for Spherical Joints, .38mm

    Ace Glass

    Used in place of lubricant for average laboratory use not intended for high vacuum use unless cemented to glass with ACE 7560 epoxy adhesive. Rugged approximately .38mm (.015") wall thickness.

  • SYNTHWARE PTFE Joint Sleeves

    Kemtech America

    Joint Sleeve, PTFE, Ribbed with gripping ring, Synthware, Sizes available to fit various joint sizes.

  • PTFE Sealing Sleeves

    Across International

    Across International PTFE sealing sleeve for air tight vacuum operation. Designed with higher and lower bumps to enhance sealing. No-lip top allows you to put on your keck clip securely. This sleeve will increase vacuum level on your glassware setup, allowing you to achieve better results.

  • Sleeves, PTFE


    Reusable .005in thick PTFE sleeve for standard taper joints provides a grease-free seal.

  • PTFE Autosampler Vial Sleeve


    Sleeve 12 x 32mm Open Base Clear Glass Support Sleeve; used to offer microsampling capability in a standard 2mL vial carousel or robotic autosampler. Sleeve will only accept 200µL and 300µL vials

  • Universal Chem-Vac™ PTFE Stirrer Bearings


    …and Pressure (~3 PSI) Polymer Blend Sleeve Provides Excellent Wear Resistance For Use with Polished Glass, PTFE or Stainless Steel Stirrer Shafts Universal Chem-Vac™ PTFE stirrer bearing provides a VACUUM TIGHT FLAKE-FREE SEAL on GLASS, PTFE or S.S. stir shafts. Upper portion of…

  • Scienceware® Flu-Kem® Sleeves

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Micro-thin sleeves made of virgin PTFE fit snugly on fulllength ground glass joints to keep them from seizing, leaking or galling. Used without lubricants or adhesives, they are chemically inert, preclude contamination, and withstand temperatures from -100°C (148°F) to 250°C (482°F). The sleeves

  • Joints, Ball Member, Spherical

    Ace Glass

    For use with PTFE sleeves; ground slightly undersize so that with 7556 sleeves in place, joint conforms to standard dimensions.

  • Epoxy Adhesive

    Ace Glass

    A two-component system; cures to a film highly resistant to chemicals which tightly bonds the PTFE sleeve to glass. If sleeve is damaged, the epoxy may be removed with boiling formic acid and a new sleeve may be attached. Supplied in 30mL jars with activator in separate container. 30mL will cement…

  • DGi113-SC Plug & Play Combined Glass pH Electrode

    Mettler Toledo

    … Features and Benefits Sensor Chip A41 glass membrane providing improved chemical resistance Movable PTFE sleeve junction Integrated glass sleeve for secure fixation in the titration head ARGENTHAL™/LiCl reference system Refillable reference electrolyte (1…

  • 1702TPLT 25ul SYR,,SLEEVE TYPE


    …   Barrel Outer Diameter 0.305 inches (7.75 mm)   Fluid Path SST, Borosilicate glass, PTFE   Gas Sterilized Yes   Gauge No Needle Included   …

  • Jumbo Extraction Apparatus


    …extractor has a top outer joint and a Duran flange which attaches to the extractor body with a CG-141 stainless steel clamp. Complete apparatus consists of a condenser, extractor, round bottom flask, adapter, PTFE covered o-ring and clamp. PTFE sleeves and heating mantles must be ordered separately.

  • Solvent Still, Repurifier

    Ace Glass

    Distills, refluxes, stores and delivers. Unit is totally grease free when used with PTFE sleeves on joints. Septum access located on side of still reservoir, supplied with septum. Two PTFE stopcocks, below reservoir, allow recycling solvent to boiling flask, takeoff to receiver flask, or if both are…

  • Stirrer Accessories

    Arrow Engineering

    …to 10 mm o.d. Couplings Flexible coupling with PTFE sleeve for use with glass stirring shaft The 4" length allows angular and parallel misalignment of shaft without danger of breakage. The rubber sleeve body absorbs shock and provides quiet running vibration-free and…

  • Sleeves, Polytetrafluoroethylene


    Standard taper size reusable Teflon joint sleeves. Unique manufacturing process permits superior quality Teflon ® joint sleeves at unbelievably low prices. Price permits disposability! Elongated cones of micro-thin virgin PTFE film tapered to fit snugly around glass joints.…

  • Condenser West B Ware

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …connections are required. Heavy wall weight of .005” helps to eliminate wrinkling and creasing Precisely fabricated from high density PTFE, which provides better vacuum and elasticity Original sleeve shape is retained after repeated use Fits Standard Taper Joint: 19/38

  • Stirrer Bearing, PTFE, Chem-Stir™


    …shaft whip on larger vessels. The bearing consists of a PTFE standard taper body, Glass filled polypropylene screw cap, PEEK® Compression spring, PEEK®/PTFE sleeve and a glass filled polypropylene loosening nut. The polymer blend sleeve provides a long lasting seal for use up to 500 RPM.…

  • Adjustable Torch Body Assembly for Avio 200


    This assembly includes: Ajustable Torch Mount Assembly, Qty. 1 (N0790214) Viton O-Ring 20.29 mm I.D. Qty. 2 (09902223) PTFE-Coated O-Ring 2.57 mm I.D., Qty. 2 (N0791334) Torch Nut, Qty. 1 (N0776027) Torch Washer, Qty. 1 (N0776028) Torch Sleeve, Qty. 1 (N0791125)

  • MD Series Magnetic Drive Pumps

    Franklin Electric

    … Fluids contact glass-filled polypropylene, PTFE, stainless steel, barium ferrite and Buna-N Requires manual priming unless mounted below liquid level Not a “stand alone” unit Non-submersible Open, shaded-pole motor has sleeve bearings and is impedance protected Motor…

  • EPA VOA Premium Pack Vials

    EP Scientific Products

    … Closed top vials are assembled with polypropylene caps with 0.125" PTFE /silicone septa Included polyethylene dust covers protect injection surface from contamination prior to use Vials are packaged in foam sleeves for added protection during transport 9 vial packs allow are convenient for…

  • Consumables Kit for Agilent 7700x/e and 8000 Series ICP-MS

    Agilent Technologies

    …(G3280-80053) Long-life shield plate (G1833-65419) Bonnet for shield torch (G1833-65421) 2 plasma/auxiliary gas tubing with inner sleeve (G3280-67023) Gas line connector (G1820-65027) RF coil (G3280-60638) 3 graphite gaskets for sampling cone (G3280-67009) 2 Ni sampling…

  • Joints, Socket Member, Polished, Spherical

    Ace Glass

    Recommended for use with PTFE-Clad ball member. Polished surface does not wear PTFE, assures more precise fit than the standard ground surface.

  • DURAN® TILT Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Duran)

    …steilisation of cell culture media. Manufactured from inert PTFE; can be autoclaved and depyrogenised at 30. TILT Light Shield The DURAN® TILT Light Shield is a white silicone sleeve that covers 94% of the bottle surface. The sleeve has a number of protective functions: it blocks…

  • Socorex Calibrex™ 520 Bottle-Top Dispensers

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …permanently fixed stops make volume selection quick and repeatable. The wetted components are chemically inert. Made from borosilicate glass, PTFE, ETFE, PFA, ceramic and platinum-iridium, these bottle-top dispensers have a high chemical resistance. Rotating the selector ring while viewing…

  • Condensers, 'C' Assembly, Constant Feed, for Rotary Evaporators, Plastic Coated


    …solvents. Condenser is supplied complete with all fittings necessary to connect the continuous feed feature, along with our new style PTFE centering ring which makes a vacuum tight seal between the inner cold finger and the plastic coated outer sleeve. Also supplied with a UHMW lid with knob.

  • Uno Samplers


    …such as sealing sleeves, Quali-Paper, cleaning brushes, emptying devices and close-it control seals. The zone samplers are available in different models for different sampling tasks. Outer tube stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404), sample chambers made of PTFE With colour coding…

  • Jumbo Samplers


    …With an open inner tube and large sampling volume, for all-layer samples through all layers of the sample or with sample chambers separated by PTFE separators for multi point sampling from several predetermined sampling depths. Bürkle zone samplers are used for taking samples of bulk goods…

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